QMS Certification: Stages

July 11, 2014


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Certification of qms (Quality Management System) is excellent for any business and a proven way to confirm the high status, reliability, and respectability, as well as to create a serious image. qms Certification enhances chances of winning organizations in various competitions and tenders. The organization, which took such a procedure as certification of qms, guaranteed receives the confidence of the investment companies and, therefore, achieve investment support to develop and improve production. In addition, the certification of the qms will enable the company to increase the confidence on the part of law firms to protect their interests in the case occurrence of certain disputes. qms certification involves six main stages. At the first stage, the filing of an application for certification of the organization. After consideration of the application in the certification body in the case a positive decision, the process of signing the contract and payment, as well as providing the organization of all information and documents necessary for the conduct of certification.

In the second phase of certification involves analysis of all documents submitted by the applicant organization. Certification body prepare a conclusion on analysis of documents. In the case of those or any other comments, the applicant organization will now begin their elimination. In the third stage is preparation for the audit on-site. Going to develop a plan review and allocation of responsibilities among members of the Commission for the Certification of the qms. Next, the fourth stage, includes examining, on-site training and act according to the results.

At the fifth stage of the decision on issuing a certificate to the enterprise. In case of refusal, the leadership of the organization is notified of that can re-certification of the qms. If the decision on issuing the certificate is positive, there is a transfer to the enterprise-customer certificate of compliance, as well as registration of the contract to conduct the inspection control. At the final stage, the inspection control of the certified qms.