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Millionaire Thought

December 21, 2017


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One of the most important attitudes for the financial success is to think in the long term. The successful people think long about the future, and fit their daily behavior to guarantee that their goals are fulfilled in the long term. Certainly, for me, when I directed myself like independent industralist, the unique thing who wanted was to be millionaire. To be rich, frees and to have all along for my same one. A thing is safe, this is perfectly attainable for any person. But in the reality, you must take a step simultaneously. The key is to establish more specific goals to the short term, will lead that you to the accomplishment of your goals to the long term.

One by one, step by step, to fulfill and to surpass each short term goal and you will be able to realise more in the space of a year that what many reach in a life. Here I indicate to you how to do it Vamos to create the Way to the Success: There are many different areas in your life that they must align itself so that I reach everything what you want. Nevertheless, for many people, to know really what they want is a thing difficult to respond (the financial freedom, to be millionaire, etc). Until they do not identify what really they wish, simply they do not have any possibility of obtaining it. Therefore, when completing this exercise I go to mostrarte that you will begin to attract your life people, the tools, the finances, the joy and the happiness that you need to obtain everything what you want. Here we go Step 1: I want to begin by the list of the most important areas of your life. For example, I have categorisen mine in: Family, Health, Spiritual Wealth and. Yours they can be similar, you can add others, like the aspirations of your race.

Venezuelan School

December 20, 2017


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In relation to the school it limits Gerver Towers, in his book a Dream for Venezuela: the Venezuelan parents (worldwide, the cursive ones are mine) we must involve to us thoroughly in the education of our children much more. The participation that we have today very poor and is limited. In some cases one takes place a type of participation of the parents and representatives in the activities of the school, but very centered in tasks of logistical support or financial operative raffles, fairs, verbenas and of cleaning, are the type of activities in which usually we participate to the parents and representatives generally and, this is also the type of contribution that the school demands of us. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Southwest Airlines. The author adds: Our participation – as parents and representatives – he must extend to the pedagogical aspects of the school. We must be informed on the contents, programs and practices of education; to know the methodologies that the teachers and professors use, to involve us in the internal organization of the school. The familiar education and the reality of the Latin American family Given the complexity of the present surroundings (economic, social and political problems), the family needs to raise the level of answer the demands that the surroundings impose, thus to provide an education that, on the one hand, prepares the people to face these realities; and on the other, she preserves the continuity of the democratic systems; right systems, that generate honour culture; progress systems; that it trains citizens under coexistence principles, honour and respect.

Now, in many countries (Latin America example), the family, generally, is not raising the answer level that is required to assume this responsibility, this because the family is in crisis and state of deterioration like institution. Phenomena as the divorce, the abandonment, the domestic violence, etc., have become something common. The degree of familiar disfunctionality of the modern society in our countries is alarming.

The Bank Euros

December 18, 2017


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And they put like example " new and modern elevators in the central branch of the place of Cibeles". In July of 2010 one adjudged by 127,000 Euros the installation of the audio-visual equipment and public address system in the Hall the 40, also in Cibeles. And in October 203,000 Euros by the rehabilitation of 2 were pleased terraces and the substitution of the railing of soothes of Tarragona. The unions remember that, from May, the Bank of Spain has happened to have 22 to 15 branches, after the closing of 7 centers. " Among them, Melilla, where the conditioned air renewed in these years. And soon cerr". And, while the efforts that asked To delay the age of retirement: " He would be positive, because it would contribute of significant form to the financial balance of the public system of pensiones". The reduction in price of the dismissal: " The costs of the labor rescissions in Spain, between highest of the EU and to position exclusively of the deprived sector, discourage the new hiring of employees and creation of empresas".

Cuts of public cost: " It is essential to undertake deep structural reforms in each one of the games of gasto". Ascent of taxes: " The ascent of indirect taxes (that burden the consumption, as the IVA) is necessary to correct the deficit of the coffers pblicas". Moderation fixes wages for l: " It is necessary to win competitiveness. Salarial&quot is necessary to study the definitive disappearance of the revision clauses;. Wage slope to the civil servants: " It is consequence of a country that has lived over its needs and, therefore, is something that is going to have positive ctos on the competitiveness and empleo". Source of the news: The Bank of Spain is spent in three years of crisis 8 million work Euros

Socialist Jose Maria Barreda

December 11, 2017


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In the new chapter of culebrn which it is becoming the veracity of the accounts of Castilla-La Mancha today has arrived the hour to indicate guilty. Leandro Esteban, spokesman of the regional Government who presides over the Secretary General of the PP, Dolores de Cospedal, has demanded the PSOE that disqualifies the previous president of the community, the Socialist Jose Maria Barreda, by to have caused the political ruin of Castilla-La Mancha. In the middle of the crossing of accusations, economic vice-president Elena Salgado has talked about the declarations of the vice-secretary of communication of the PP, Esteban Gonzlez Pons, that had assured that the central Government hid invoices and that the deficit of the State could be greater to the official. " I believe that there are people who must have disappeared of the political life does aos" , he has indicated Salgado. The vice-president also has said that the words of Gonzlez Pons do not have " no type of fundamento" and that is " irresponsible, mainly in these days of financial turbulences; they could do much damage to Espaa". Source of the news: : Cospedal asks to the PSOE that disqualifies Barreda ex-president. You may want to visit Susan G. Swenson to increase your knowledge.

United States

December 11, 2017


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How much to the consuming that the conviviality with the world cause, is always fulled of the Espirito Santo, by means of the conjunct, of the louvor the Mr. Ron O’Hanley: the source for more info. in the church and, mainly, of the study of the Word of God. Soon, you go to see fruits of its ministry there exactly where she is, for the glory Mr. He ties God where I intervened with the life of the Man Question: He would like to know, ties God where I intervened with the life of the people who are deviated. I am married the 13 years, I am evanglica and my husband deviated the 10 years, we have all the 6 children therefore I have enteada and an adoptive son and with my husband I have 3.Faz 3 years that it was for or United States the work, I I did not agree plus it was thus same, My marriage always had problem therefore it not and to talk and he traiu always me, now to months behind, it never asked for pardon already we separate to me, more always we come back.

To months behind I was knowing there that it went to be father, when I was knowing nen already was being born, it again pardons that it said to me that happened, that only lay says that not deferred payment with it, only that deferred payment. financially not we had progress none, it says that only it goes to come back when to be rich daqui some years. Shepherd, I believe the restitution of my marriage and want, more I know that this only goes to be possible if it to repent itself and to come back toward God. It says that this well thus, and nor he speaks in God, he would like to know Mr., if I to continue to pray same it saying that he does not want came Brazil pro God I intervene.

Labor Qualification

December 11, 2017


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The traditional universities obvious are against behind their nineteenth-century walls, with his classic and encyclopedic vision of the university formation, where the efficiency in the administration of the resources or subjects of deficit, is not of particular interest of anybody except of the minister of Property. Delta airlines often addresses the matter in his writings. My professional work is to advise companies in particular matters good as they are RR HH, Labor Qualification, Education for the Work. We cannot think about a reform of this nature without doing the same question to us that became the North Americans one decade ago with respect to if they serian able to pay safe of on experience to people who live in average but on 100 years. We must be asked where they will be those students trained in the new jibarizado model curricularly in one decade but. Good, it is necessary to ask those who give the use him in this country, the companies. It is obvious that it is a been worth opinion, as interests the futurologa to me, fodder that at the moment exists an increasing breach between the needs of professionals who need the companies and the withdrawn ones that are giving the universities.

That is to say, the product does not satisfy demand. On the other hand the supply is superior to the demand and added the fact that exists one on qualification of this supply that is recruited by the company and that does not fulfill the efficiency expectations, because the industralists are mistaken when contracting a Civil Engineer when for a work the optimum thing is one of execution. I complete approach to contribute to the debate. The industralists spend great sums in enabling their employees, the major I number of post degrees are financed by the companies, that they prefer to take a young professional, to form it and to specialize it according to his needs.

Managing Director

December 10, 2017


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Key work strengthens its sales team Karlsruhe, February 11, 2008 key-work Consulting GmbH of Karlsruhe, a specialist in business intelligence and PLM solutions, has a new sales director since February 2008 with Gabrielle Gunay (44). In this position, Mr. Gunay is expanding the existing sales activities and promote the development of new customers. The Economist has almost 15 years marketing and sales experience in the fields of trade, agency and IT and worked as head of marketing / key account at a listed company for software trade. Mr. Gunay began his professional career at D & G direct marketing Gerardi, the first great pioneer in Germany in the field of direct marketing, first in controlling and then in database marketing. Then he began Field Gruppe as project manager at the walter marketing in the area of sales promotion (sales promotion).

Then, the change in the IT industry as marketing Manger, head of marketing and head was key account. We have a with Anand Gadre professional enhancement in the areas of sales and marketing for our company won”Tobin Wotring, Managing Director at key work forward. Through its in-depth experience from the commercial and IT he brings all prerequisites, to significantly advance the sales activities of key work.”straight in times of more stringent requirements for the companies in the area of business intelligence and for users of direct marketing solutions is the market particularly interesting, but hard fought over. I’m looking forward to the challenge to expand the sales activities of key-work Consulting GmbH together with a strong team and successfully to make”, looks forward to Goksu Gunay of his new task. More information on ems see ems about key work Consulting GmbH key-work Consulting GmbH was founded in 1999 and has grown into an internationally renowned software and service companies. Software solutions and consulting services around the topics offered marketing directly Management, business intelligence, and product lifecycle management. Key work has its headquarters in Karlsruhe. More information/company contact: key-work Consulting GmbH, Jurgen of Stallbommer war str. 100, 76133 Karlsruhe Tel: + 49 (0) 721 78203-267 fax: + 49 (0) 721 78203 – 10 E-Mail: Internet:

Chinese Handicaps

December 8, 2017


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Radio4Handicaps interviewed celebrity guests to the issues of disabled sports and barriers Niebull, February 8, 2008 Radio4Handicaps (R4H) guests from sports, to interview business and politics to the issues of disabled sports and barriers took the ball des sports last weekend for the occasion. One of which was by questions put to them what barriers should disappear from people’s minds? \”.\” Prejudices. Learn more at this site: Oracle. Every man should be taken as such as he is. \”, so Sven Ottke in conversation with R4H wheelchair reporter Simona Zeeb. Disabled sports is very fascinating to me, but boxing is not suitable as a kind of sport for the disabled.\” Box mate Vitali Klitschko also shared this opinion.

The disabled sport has found more and more followers and supporters. Its importance in the world of sports has risen sharply since the last two Paralympic Games. Rudolf Scharping, MDS, I knew until now, not that there is a radio station with special wire formats for people with disabilities. I find a great thing and will listen to on occasion once. \”.\” The question, whether he’s going to the Paralympics (6 to 17 September 2008) to Beijing, he denied. Also the schedule of the Hessian Minister President Roland Koch admits no visit. I’m a big proponent and supporter of disabled sports. Unfortunately, the political situation does not allow that I travel to Beijing.

I rely completely on the media coverage.\” Radio4Handicaps as the only German Internet radio station for people with and without disabilities reported daily ature and in 4 languages (german, English, Turkish and Chinese) of the games in Beijing. \”The German Comdeypreis Winner 2007, Barbara Schoneberger, that already accompanies a project with sign-language interpreters, said spontaneously their support of the project I’m deaf and hear Radio4Handicaps\” to. Also Johannes B. Kerner, former Ambassador for the football World Cup of persons with mental retardation, informed in detail about the ongoing projects of Radio4Handicaps.

Managing Director Outsourcing

December 6, 2017


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The development was carried in the IT-outsourcing market due to the banks. You captured a clear leadership position in 2007 and now nearly dominate the half of the market (46 percent). In contrast, the insurance in the current rolling year lost the connection, while the pharmaceutical / chemical industry ranked second is advanced. Midrange Services 2007 took the leading position with regard to the outsourced services. They control 40 percent of the contracts with a TCV of more than ten million Swiss francs.

The outsourcing of desktop services follows in second place. Alone these two service sectors dominate now about two-thirds of the Swiss market. The last place of positioned mainframe services SAP and application management services, as well as dieauf divided the rest among themselves. Switzerland a billion dollar market for 2008 and the two following years expected active sourcing in the next few years, that the market volume will rise again over one billion Swiss francs. For it speaks monitor”the business forecast of the sourcing. Around a dozen great determine up to very large outsourcing contracts the volume of the Swiss IT outsourcing market”, explains rain rivet. “Since only a few of them were due 2007, most of the contracts for the next three years are”, founded the active sourcing, Managing Director the positive expectations. Information of sources of source these and other results is the sourcing monitor Switzerland Q4 2007 of active sourcing.

The statistics report appears quarterly and gives information on the total contract values (TCV) of contracts in the Swiss IT outsourcing market. Dedicated evaluations to the SME sector as well as business forecast and pipeline can be found in the purchasable version. The Zurich consulting firm takes into account only deals with a contract volume of at least ten million francs. The covered services include infrastructure outsourcing (mainframe, midrange, desktop), as well as application outsourcing (SAP based operation, application management). Contracts abroad, which Swiss sales affect, are not included in the sourcing monitor. The media information may attached graphics used in the reporting. Further information are online available at: Active sourcing active sourcing is an independent consulting firm that specializes in IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing and insourcing. Services include among others IT assessment, sourcing strategy consulting and sourcing support Review.Die project manager, active sourcing companies and organizations with headquarters in Germany and of Switzerland in the evaluation of an outsourcing partner outsourcing transition, the implementation of a shared services center as well as in the development of sustainable sourcing management. You have langjahrigepraktische experience, use tried and tested models, as well as checklists and familiar with the latest trends on the market. Media contact: meetBIZ & think tank GmbH Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-75, fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71 E-Mail: Web:

TCV Million

December 3, 2017


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By a spurt in particular in the last quarter of the year 2007 at the IT outsourcing ended still conciliatory. \”Frankfurt/Main, 08 February 2008 but the total volume of all contracts within a year according to sourcing sank monitor\” of the consulting firm active Sourcing AG by 8 percent to 560 million CHF. For the next three years, but analysts expect a stable high in this market. The Swiss IT outsourcing market has brought the typical cyclical trough behind last year. However, he showed again significant growth since September and became the fourth quarter 2007 the strongest for more than a year. Determine no contracts with extremely large volume but the sourcing could monitor\”, covering all outsourcing contracts with a total contract value (TCV) of over 10 million CHF. But there were numerous accounts in the double-digit million range during this period.

Continues to experience significant growth in new business the highlight of the quarter is the agreement between the Migros Bank and T-systems. In the framework of the change on Finnova, the service provider for the Migros Bank assumes the operation and the application of the new total banking system. In the fourth quarter of 2007 the high proportion of new business in relation to the renewal of the contracts is remarkable\”, judge active sourcing, Managing Director Stefan rain rivet. This continued in the positive development of the previous quarter. Banks dominate the sum of all contracts of the year 2007 with a TCV of tens of millions for the outsourcing contracts or more reached a volume of 560 million CHF. But this means a decline of about 8 percent in comparison to the year 2006. This development is mainly due to the fact that as many as only a degree in the triple-digit million euro range was made last year in the Switzerland. This outweighed the new accounts: first paging 2007 over 60 percent of the total market accounted for, calculated according to the volume of the contract the new contracts reached even three-fourths of the market.