Socialist Jose Maria Barreda

December 11, 2017


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In the new chapter of culebrn which it is becoming the veracity of the accounts of Castilla-La Mancha today has arrived the hour to indicate guilty. Leandro Esteban, spokesman of the regional Government who presides over the Secretary General of the PP, Dolores de Cospedal, has demanded the PSOE that disqualifies the previous president of the community, the Socialist Jose Maria Barreda, by to have caused the political ruin of Castilla-La Mancha. In the middle of the crossing of accusations, economic vice-president Elena Salgado has talked about the declarations of the vice-secretary of communication of the PP, Esteban Gonzlez Pons, that had assured that the central Government hid invoices and that the deficit of the State could be greater to the official. " I believe that there are people who must have disappeared of the political life does aos" , he has indicated Salgado. The vice-president also has said that the words of Gonzlez Pons do not have " no type of fundamento" and that is " irresponsible, mainly in these days of financial turbulences; they could do much damage to Espaa". Source of the news: : Cospedal asks to the PSOE that disqualifies Barreda ex-president. You may want to visit Susan G. Swenson to increase your knowledge.