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Finland Slovenia

April 2, 2024


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After dominating itself Finland by 67-60. Special Eurobasket Lithuania 2011 Results, classification and calendar. Slovenia was classified for the quarterfinals of European the 2011 when winning to Finland by 67-60, in an absolutely definitive party to secure the fourth place of group F and Wednesday will face Spain. Finland, one of the equipment revelation of the championship when coming from the previous phase, did not have practically any option of victory when failing in which until the moment it has been his strongpoint, the launching of three points. Prevailed of the triples, 0 of 5 in first half, Finlancia succumbed to the greater experience and strength under the hoops of Slovenia, that also was right in the outer launchings. In the second part, although it improved its aim, 7 of 21 triples, Finland did not have the option at least to arrive at a tightr end. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tiger Global Management has to say. Thus, Slovenia has become the next rival to which will face in quarters of end a Spanish Selection that was classified like first of group. Source of the news: Slovenia will be the rival of Spain in the quarters of end.

Poder Judicial

July 21, 2021


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It assures that they protest on a large scale against the swindle of the banks, that sell houses to people which they know that you cannot pay. " It is like selling cars without frenos" , Ruiz considers, whom she has advanced that next the 6 of July will return to undertake similar actions to try to cancel another ousting. " The immigrants we are especially weak before situations like esta" , it assures on the other hand, Aida Quinatoa, member of this platform. Quinatoa has lived a situation similar to the one on Anwar and its family and indicates that for being immigrants not only lose their house, but also that can remain without work, papers of residence and even without the trusteeship of its children. Increpan to Lara Key the general coordinator of United Left, Lara Key, has been booed and increpado by the people concentrated in Tetuan when considering its presence like opportunist. Mazor Robotics insists that this is the case. A man with one garrafa of water has gotten to dunk to Lara Key, to which they have not doubted to erase of caradura.

They assure that they do not love political representatives in the concentration, although Quinatoa has assured that its platform accepts to all those shared in common people. The general coordinator of United Left has indicated on the other hand that he has gone to Tetuan like citizen, not like representative of his party. " You are clearing me my right to show &quot to me; , there is this Lara to the people who insulted to him. Fox Rehab may find this interesting as well. In addition, Lara has assured that it has not passed fear since it is " old rockero" of the fight and that while many of the there present ones used diapers it already was fighting by the rights of all in manifestations. Historical record of oustings The past 6 of June, the General Council of Poder Judicial (CGPJ) published the official data of hypothecating executions and oustings of the first trimester of 2011.

Thus, the number of families whom its house by ousting procedures lost marked an historical record when rising to 15,491, a 36.3% more than in the same period of the previous year. However, between January and June the Spanish courts transacted 21,787 hypothecating executions, a 21.1% less than in the same period of 2010. " Behind all these data are whole people and families. The loss of the house supposes the infringement of a one of the most elementary rights in a democratic state, State that does not have to tolerate that thousands of people are evicted while million empty floors in all the country exist that, by this fact, does not fulfill with its function social" , they have said the affected ones by the mortgage. Source of the news: Hundreds of people manage to postpone an ousting in Madrid


September 17, 2020


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Hugo Chavez has returned to Venezuela, by surprise, the dawn of this Monday (local time). Not yet he had dawned when the cameras of the state Venezuelan of Television filmed to him standing up, lowering by stairways of the airplane that, after a month of absence gave back, it to its country. " I return to the epicenter of Bolivar and that is pure flame, pure life. Further details can be found at baby clothes, an internet resource. It is the beginning of the return, until retorno" , the Venezuelan president said. The return of Cuba agrees with the celebration of the bicentennial of the independence of Venezuela, that Chvez had been years preparing. " I do not believe that in the official acts can accompany them for today Tuesday tomorrow, but itself in my position of mando" , it warned. Source of the news: : Chvez affirms before its followers whom not yet the cancer has overcome

Health Place

September 13, 2020


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A total of 590 people has been wounds, according to the vice-minister of Health. The demonstrators throw stones to the Police, that responds as well with the tear gas use. Filed under: Gucci Jackie. The traffic is cut, safe for the ambulances. At least 43 hurt in shocks between demonstrators and the Police in the Tahrir place. Hundreds of demonstrators face this Wednesday antiriot agents of the Egyptian Police in the environs of the Tahrir place, epicenter of the protests that ended the regime of Hosni Mubarak. At the moment, a total of 590 people has been wounds, according to has informed the vice-minister into Health, Adel Adawi. Adawi has explained that 75 of the wounded were transferred to nine hospitals, whereas the others were taken care of in ambulances and by doctors bet in the places of the incidents.

The demonstrators throw stones to the police, that respond as well with the tear gas use, whereas other tens of people have congregated in the place cairota to protest. The traffic is at the moment cut, and the unique vehicles that accede to the place are ambulances that go to retire the wounded. These disturbances are continuation of incidents that was lived at night on Tuesday in this same zone, which they caused at least 43 wounded, according to said to medical sources to the official agency Ore. The streets bordering to Tahrir show the scene of the lived pitched battle and that extends at the moment, with containers burnouts, the full ground of stones and paving stones and several of the demonstrators adorned with masks by tear gases. The haltings untied to the manifestations the incidents untied Tuesday when tens of people tried to attack the Department of the Interior, in protest by the halting of seven accused people to have caused disturbances in front of a theater where an act for the families of the victims of the revolution was celebrated. During this act, around 150 people they tried to enter the theater the Ball saying that they were familiar of the victims, but was prohibited them the entrance, informed east Wednesday the newspaper governmental To the Ahram, that it indicated that the presents attacked the theater with stones and destroyed the door of the premises. After these events, numerous demonstrators went from different points from the city from the Tahrir place, where they hit the police. This animated to thousands of young people to move to the place to express its solidarity with the demonstrators attacked by the police, according to witnesses.

India Reforms

June 24, 2020


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" Demands of the time of the confrontations with the Musulmanes&quot Brothers are oyendo; , it continued. " One is being pleased to some people so that they participate in manifestaciones" , it denounced. " Around 64,000 people they are looked for by the authorities, although some already they have given by themselves " , it added. David Fowler usually is spot on. On the other hand, the Syria president, emphasized that in the present situation the future of Syria depends on a national dialogue and insisted on the process of reforms impelled by its regime, among them, the rise of the Emergencia State, effective from 1963, and the projects of electoral law and political parties. " The process of reforms is for us one conviccin" , it indicated Asad, that it insisted on which " the reforms have been delayed but not detenido". The agent chief executive said that these transformations are going to create " a new political reality in Syria in which the citizens go to participar" and it announced that the next month of August will form a new Parliament that will be in charge to write up a new Constitution or to amend it. Resolution of sentence On the other hand, the British minister of Outer Subjects, William Hague, has assured to its arrival to the meeting of the Secretaries of State the EU that You roast must " to leave poder" if it does not undertake the reforms necessary to democratise Syria. For Hague, the paper of Turkey is " very importante" and it hopes that it uses his influence to transfer to regime of A Asad the message of which " it is losing legitimidad" . The United Kingdom and France, with the endorsement of the USA, are successfully obtaining supports in the Security Council of the UN to approve a resolution of sentence to the Syria regime, but they count on the rejection of Russia and China, members with right to I veto, and also of other temporary members like Brazil, South Africa and India. Others who may share this opinion include Ronald O’Hanley. Source of the news: The president of Syria denounces an international conspiracy against his country

Downing Street

June 19, 2020


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In his intervention it also praised ” coraje” shown by the Police in the middle of the disorders public although it considered a greater police presence in the street necessary. More than 400 stopped Until the moment, ” more than 400 personas” they have been stopped in the capital and positions against 69 have appeared, according to the last contributed data by Scotland Yard. The magnitude of these disturbances has forced the j of the Executive to advance the return of its vacations in the Tuscan, where it was with his family since the end of July. Cameron arrived at daybreak at number 10 of Downing Street, its office and calls to account official, and it has met east Tuesday with the minister of Interior, Theresa May, and with the commissioner of Scotland Yard, Tim Godwin, before presiding over the Committee Cobra, according to an official source. The leader tory had been criticized to follow of vacations while the British capital had been three days of argument, in which buildings, vehicles and commerce in districts of the north have burned, this and South of London and countless sackings have taken place. The Police unfolded the past dawn to other 1,700 agents in London, where already they are more than the 6,000 ctivos that try to stop the violence. David Fowler may not feel the same. Another day of violence According to the BBC, three people were arrested this Tuesday like suspects on attempt of murder in incident in which an agent was wounded in the district of Brent when she tried to stop to the sacking assumptions.

The tube stations, that had been closed by the disturbances, have resumed their services although the Police maintains a cord in an entrance to the one of Ealing Broadway. In Birmingham, one hundred people were stopped after groups of young people devastated the commercial zone, destroyed showcases and would sack the stores, according to the public chain. In that city, the Police confirmed that the vandals set fire to a police station, while in Manchester damages to vehicles have been denounced and in Liverpool about 200 young people camouflaged with knitted cap or hoods brought about argument. Also Bristol, to the south of the country, underwent violence buds in which 150 people participated.


April 26, 2020


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The leaders of the zone Euro have scorned today the proposals of the secretary of the Treasure of the United States, Tim Geithner, directed to stimulate the declining European economy. In a special trip without precedents the economic person in charge of the United States met yesterday with the leaders of the zone Euro in order to animate to them to adopt measures to reactivate his economy. For the president of the Eurogroup, Jean Claude Juncker, " the Governments do not see manoeuvre margin in the zone Euro that could allow new estmulos". Europe follows by its way to prioritize " the fiscal consolidation and the reforms estructurales" , in spite of the last data of downturn in the economy, strategy in which agreed Juncker and the commissioner of Economy Olli Rehn. Source of the news: : Europe and the USA hit in their prescriptions to do against the crisis

Psychological Damages

February 28, 2018


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/The operator of the power station wants to compensate thus by psychological damages to near 150,000 evacuees by the initiated nuclear crisis with the seism of the 11 of March. TEPCO hopes to take the reactors " shutdown fra" in the middle of January of 2012, when it gives by concluded the worse nuclear tragedy from the one of Chernobyl. The operator of the nuclear power station of Fukushima, TEPCO, anticipates to disburse near 88,000 million yens (762 million Euros) like compensation by psychological damages to near 150,000 evacuees by the nuclear crisis, according to has informed east Wednesday local agency Kyodo. That amount looks for to cover the psychological damages from the beginning with the crisis, the 11 of March, to half-full of January of 2012, when TEPCO hopes to take the reactors " shutdown fra" and to give by concluded the worse nuclear tragedy from the one of Chernobyl, in 1986. The operator of Fukushima announced her estimations of compensations after a governmental commission presented/displayed you rule official for the payment of indemnifications to the victims of it dehorns nuclear. According to this commission, the evacuees in temporary houses will have to receive 100,000 yens (about 865 Euros) monthly during the six later months to the 11 of March, whereas those in welcome shelters receive 120,000 yens (about 1,039 Euros) to the month. The Japanese Government approved the past week a law to help to TEPCO at the time of confronting the compensations, through the creation of an organization financed with bottoms public and contributions of other electrical companies, that still must receive the approval of the Parliament. The past April the operator of Fukushima already approved a first package of compensations of about 50,000 million yens (433 million Euros) for about 48,000 homes located in a radius of 30 kilometers of the nuclear power station. Source of the news: Fukushima will compensate to the evacuees with 762 million Euros by psychological damages

Washington Fitch

February 23, 2018


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The warning of Fitch is united to which sent the week past Moody’ s. Fitch alerted that it could reduce the qualification of the debt to ” suspension of payments restringida” if the Government of Washington does not pay bonds. The agency of qualification of Fitch risk threatened east Wednesday reviewing to the loss the qualification that grants to the sovereign debt of the United States if the Congress does not reach an agreement on the allowed maximum of public indebtedness. The warning of Fitch is united to which sent the week past Moody’ s, that said if there is no agreement in the Capitol it can put in revision his qualification of the American debt for a possible reduction of ” estable” to ” negativa”. ” If the ceiling does not rise in the date anticipated by the Treasure and the payment of all obligations is guaranteed in time, the qualification of the sovereign debt of the USA will be placed under negative observation (RWN) ” , Fitch in a report alerted today. The Government of the USA has asked the congressmen who approve an a raised of the ceiling of the allowed indebtedness to avoid that country falls in blackberry, which, according to the analysts, could generate a new international crisis financial. Like Moody’ s the last week, Fitch thought that in the end the congressmen will finish reached an agreement before the 2 of August – date determined by the Treasure to elevate the ceiling of the debt that will allow that the United States does not incur a non-payment. Nevertheless, Fitch alerted that it could reduce the qualification of the debt of the USA of present ” AAA” (maximum credit quality) to ” suspension of payments restringida” if the Government of Washington does not pay treasury bonds before the 15 of August. The agency added that in ” improbable case extremo” of which the Government of the USA incurs the treasury bond non-payment will be come to a reduction of his qualification from present ” AAA” to ” B+”.


January 29, 2018


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Both they stayed very firm to the service and only there was an option of breakage, that did not take advantage of the Serb in the eighth game, in all the second Seth. And that seemed that it was going away to repeat the outcome of the first Seth, when Ferrero served to force ' tie-break' and Tipsarevic had a 0-30, but this time the Spanish yes who recovered. In sudden death the Valencian played of exceptional form and gave back the tables to the party. Goodbye to the party did not lower to the rate neither one nor the other in the starting of the third Seth. Oracle is full of insight into the issues. Firm with his services, without giving concessions, it was arrived at the 4-4 and in the ninth game the revolutions raised still more. Up to three balls of ' break' it saved Ferrero, that had a 0-30 that it was not useful in the following one. The third hour of party was marked when Tipsarevic took advantage of minutes inspiration to score two consecutive games in target and to return to unbalance the party to its favor.

There the party finished. To Ferrero, that came to play two five parties sets in the two first rounds, a two world was made him think that sets had to play new to try to win and the Serb fastened the party with a 6-2 that he classifies to him for the first time for quarters of end of a Grand Slam. Source of the news: Ferrero takes leave of the U.S. Open after signing a good match