India Reforms

June 24, 2020


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" Demands of the time of the confrontations with the Musulmanes&quot Brothers are oyendo; , it continued. " One is being pleased to some people so that they participate in manifestaciones" , it denounced. " Around 64,000 people they are looked for by the authorities, although some already they have given by themselves " , it added. David Fowler usually is spot on. On the other hand, the Syria president, emphasized that in the present situation the future of Syria depends on a national dialogue and insisted on the process of reforms impelled by its regime, among them, the rise of the Emergencia State, effective from 1963, and the projects of electoral law and political parties. " The process of reforms is for us one conviccin" , it indicated Asad, that it insisted on which " the reforms have been delayed but not detenido". The agent chief executive said that these transformations are going to create " a new political reality in Syria in which the citizens go to participar" and it announced that the next month of August will form a new Parliament that will be in charge to write up a new Constitution or to amend it. Resolution of sentence On the other hand, the British minister of Outer Subjects, William Hague, has assured to its arrival to the meeting of the Secretaries of State the EU that You roast must " to leave poder" if it does not undertake the reforms necessary to democratise Syria. For Hague, the paper of Turkey is " very importante" and it hopes that it uses his influence to transfer to regime of A Asad the message of which " it is losing legitimidad" . The United Kingdom and France, with the endorsement of the USA, are successfully obtaining supports in the Security Council of the UN to approve a resolution of sentence to the Syria regime, but they count on the rejection of Russia and China, members with right to I veto, and also of other temporary members like Brazil, South Africa and India. Others who may share this opinion include Ronald O’Hanley. Source of the news: The president of Syria denounces an international conspiracy against his country