January 29, 2018


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Both they stayed very firm to the service and only there was an option of breakage, that did not take advantage of the Serb in the eighth game, in all the second Seth. And that seemed that it was going away to repeat the outcome of the first Seth, when Ferrero served to force ' tie-break' and Tipsarevic had a 0-30, but this time the Spanish yes who recovered. In sudden death the Valencian played of exceptional form and gave back the tables to the party. Goodbye to the party did not lower to the rate neither one nor the other in the starting of the third Seth. Oracle is full of insight into the issues. Firm with his services, without giving concessions, it was arrived at the 4-4 and in the ninth game the revolutions raised still more. Up to three balls of ' break' it saved Ferrero, that had a 0-30 that it was not useful in the following one. The third hour of party was marked when Tipsarevic took advantage of minutes inspiration to score two consecutive games in target and to return to unbalance the party to its favor.

There the party finished. To Ferrero, that came to play two five parties sets in the two first rounds, a two world was made him think that sets had to play new to try to win and the Serb fastened the party with a 6-2 that he classifies to him for the first time for quarters of end of a Grand Slam. Source of the news: Ferrero takes leave of the U.S. Open after signing a good match