The Bank Euros

December 18, 2017


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And they put like example " new and modern elevators in the central branch of the place of Cibeles". In July of 2010 one adjudged by 127,000 Euros the installation of the audio-visual equipment and public address system in the Hall the 40, also in Cibeles. And in October 203,000 Euros by the rehabilitation of 2 were pleased terraces and the substitution of the railing of soothes of Tarragona. The unions remember that, from May, the Bank of Spain has happened to have 22 to 15 branches, after the closing of 7 centers. " Among them, Melilla, where the conditioned air renewed in these years. And soon cerr". And, while the efforts that asked To delay the age of retirement: " He would be positive, because it would contribute of significant form to the financial balance of the public system of pensiones". The reduction in price of the dismissal: " The costs of the labor rescissions in Spain, between highest of the EU and to position exclusively of the deprived sector, discourage the new hiring of employees and creation of empresas".

Cuts of public cost: " It is essential to undertake deep structural reforms in each one of the games of gasto". Ascent of taxes: " The ascent of indirect taxes (that burden the consumption, as the IVA) is necessary to correct the deficit of the coffers pblicas". Moderation fixes wages for l: " It is necessary to win competitiveness. Salarial&quot is necessary to study the definitive disappearance of the revision clauses;. Wage slope to the civil servants: " It is consequence of a country that has lived over its needs and, therefore, is something that is going to have positive ctos on the competitiveness and empleo". Source of the news: The Bank of Spain is spent in three years of crisis 8 million work Euros