September 17, 2020


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Hugo Chavez has returned to Venezuela, by surprise, the dawn of this Monday (local time). Not yet he had dawned when the cameras of the state Venezuelan of Television filmed to him standing up, lowering by stairways of the airplane that, after a month of absence gave back, it to its country. " I return to the epicenter of Bolivar and that is pure flame, pure life. Further details can be found at baby clothes, an internet resource. It is the beginning of the return, until retorno" , the Venezuelan president said. The return of Cuba agrees with the celebration of the bicentennial of the independence of Venezuela, that Chvez had been years preparing. " I do not believe that in the official acts can accompany them for today Tuesday tomorrow, but itself in my position of mando" , it warned. Source of the news: : Chvez affirms before its followers whom not yet the cancer has overcome