Downing Street

June 19, 2020


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In his intervention it also praised ” coraje” shown by the Police in the middle of the disorders public although it considered a greater police presence in the street necessary. More than 400 stopped Until the moment, ” more than 400 personas” they have been stopped in the capital and positions against 69 have appeared, according to the last contributed data by Scotland Yard. The magnitude of these disturbances has forced the j of the Executive to advance the return of its vacations in the Tuscan, where it was with his family since the end of July. Cameron arrived at daybreak at number 10 of Downing Street, its office and calls to account official, and it has met east Tuesday with the minister of Interior, Theresa May, and with the commissioner of Scotland Yard, Tim Godwin, before presiding over the Committee Cobra, according to an official source. The leader tory had been criticized to follow of vacations while the British capital had been three days of argument, in which buildings, vehicles and commerce in districts of the north have burned, this and South of London and countless sackings have taken place. The Police unfolded the past dawn to other 1,700 agents in London, where already they are more than the 6,000 ctivos that try to stop the violence. David Fowler may not feel the same. Another day of violence According to the BBC, three people were arrested this Tuesday like suspects on attempt of murder in incident in which an agent was wounded in the district of Brent when she tried to stop to the sacking assumptions.

The tube stations, that had been closed by the disturbances, have resumed their services although the Police maintains a cord in an entrance to the one of Ealing Broadway. In Birmingham, one hundred people were stopped after groups of young people devastated the commercial zone, destroyed showcases and would sack the stores, according to the public chain. In that city, the Police confirmed that the vandals set fire to a police station, while in Manchester damages to vehicles have been denounced and in Liverpool about 200 young people camouflaged with knitted cap or hoods brought about argument. Also Bristol, to the south of the country, underwent violence buds in which 150 people participated.