April 26, 2020


Comments Off on Prescriptions

The leaders of the zone Euro have scorned today the proposals of the secretary of the Treasure of the United States, Tim Geithner, directed to stimulate the declining European economy. In a special trip without precedents the economic person in charge of the United States met yesterday with the leaders of the zone Euro in order to animate to them to adopt measures to reactivate his economy. For the president of the Eurogroup, Jean Claude Juncker, " the Governments do not see manoeuvre margin in the zone Euro that could allow new estmulos". Europe follows by its way to prioritize " the fiscal consolidation and the reforms estructurales" , in spite of the last data of downturn in the economy, strategy in which agreed Juncker and the commissioner of Economy Olli Rehn. Source of the news: : Europe and the USA hit in their prescriptions to do against the crisis