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December 8, 2017


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Radio4Handicaps interviewed celebrity guests to the issues of disabled sports and barriers Niebull, February 8, 2008 Radio4Handicaps (R4H) guests from sports, to interview business and politics to the issues of disabled sports and barriers took the ball des sports last weekend for the occasion. One of which was by questions put to them what barriers should disappear from people’s minds? \”.\” Prejudices. Learn more at this site: Oracle. Every man should be taken as such as he is. \”, so Sven Ottke in conversation with R4H wheelchair reporter Simona Zeeb. Disabled sports is very fascinating to me, but boxing is not suitable as a kind of sport for the disabled.\” Box mate Vitali Klitschko also shared this opinion.

The disabled sport has found more and more followers and supporters. Its importance in the world of sports has risen sharply since the last two Paralympic Games. Rudolf Scharping, MDS, I knew until now, not that there is a radio station with special wire formats for people with disabilities. I find a great thing and will listen to on occasion once. \”.\” The question, whether he’s going to the Paralympics (6 to 17 September 2008) to Beijing, he denied. Also the schedule of the Hessian Minister President Roland Koch admits no visit. I’m a big proponent and supporter of disabled sports. Unfortunately, the political situation does not allow that I travel to Beijing.

I rely completely on the media coverage.\” Radio4Handicaps as the only German Internet radio station for people with and without disabilities reported daily ature and in 4 languages (german, English, Turkish and Chinese) of the games in Beijing. \”The German Comdeypreis Winner 2007, Barbara Schoneberger, that already accompanies a project with sign-language interpreters, said spontaneously their support of the project I’m deaf and hear Radio4Handicaps\” to. Also Johannes B. Kerner, former Ambassador for the football World Cup of persons with mental retardation, informed in detail about the ongoing projects of Radio4Handicaps.