TCV Million

December 3, 2017


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By a spurt in particular in the last quarter of the year 2007 at the IT outsourcing ended still conciliatory. \”Frankfurt/Main, 08 February 2008 but the total volume of all contracts within a year according to sourcing sank monitor\” of the consulting firm active Sourcing AG by 8 percent to 560 million CHF. For the next three years, but analysts expect a stable high in this market. The Swiss IT outsourcing market has brought the typical cyclical trough behind last year. However, he showed again significant growth since September and became the fourth quarter 2007 the strongest for more than a year. Determine no contracts with extremely large volume but the sourcing could monitor\”, covering all outsourcing contracts with a total contract value (TCV) of over 10 million CHF. But there were numerous accounts in the double-digit million range during this period.

Continues to experience significant growth in new business the highlight of the quarter is the agreement between the Migros Bank and T-systems. In the framework of the change on Finnova, the service provider for the Migros Bank assumes the operation and the application of the new total banking system. In the fourth quarter of 2007 the high proportion of new business in relation to the renewal of the contracts is remarkable\”, judge active sourcing, Managing Director Stefan rain rivet. This continued in the positive development of the previous quarter. Banks dominate the sum of all contracts of the year 2007 with a TCV of tens of millions for the outsourcing contracts or more reached a volume of 560 million CHF. But this means a decline of about 8 percent in comparison to the year 2006. This development is mainly due to the fact that as many as only a degree in the triple-digit million euro range was made last year in the Switzerland. This outweighed the new accounts: first paging 2007 over 60 percent of the total market accounted for, calculated according to the volume of the contract the new contracts reached even three-fourths of the market.