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December 11, 2017


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How much to the consuming that the conviviality with the world cause, is always fulled of the Espirito Santo, by means of the conjunct, of the louvor the Mr. Ron O’Hanley: the source for more info. in the church and, mainly, of the study of the Word of God. Soon, you go to see fruits of its ministry there exactly where she is, for the glory Mr. He ties God where I intervened with the life of the Man Question: He would like to know, ties God where I intervened with the life of the people who are deviated. I am married the 13 years, I am evanglica and my husband deviated the 10 years, we have all the 6 children therefore I have enteada and an adoptive son and with my husband I have 3.Faz 3 years that it was for or United States the work, I I did not agree plus it was thus same, My marriage always had problem therefore it not and to talk and he traiu always me, now to months behind, it never asked for pardon already we separate to me, more always we come back.

To months behind I was knowing there that it went to be father, when I was knowing nen already was being born, it again pardons that it said to me that happened, that only lay says that not deferred payment with it, only that deferred payment. financially not we had progress none, it says that only it goes to come back when to be rich daqui some years. Shepherd, I believe the restitution of my marriage and want, more I know that this only goes to be possible if it to repent itself and to come back toward God. It says that this well thus, and nor he speaks in God, he would like to know Mr., if I to continue to pray same it saying that he does not want came Brazil pro God I intervene.