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April 7, 2016


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The artists social welfare fund is a wonderful thing, save lots of money at health and pension insurance. The artists social welfare fund is a wonderful thing for actors and artists of any kind at the start in self-employment, you save lots of money at health and pension insurance. For the client on the other hand, the KSK is not so great. Must run off 3.9% of the amounts paid to artists who are in the KSK, the KSK. Should artists however at some point but once really good make, contributions to the KSK go up accordingly. Artists are often poor, above all however to irregularly paid. They are often forced to take something else to the livelihood in addition to their actual artistic activity.

This is harmless to the whereabouts in the KSK, if revenue remain this year under 400,-monthly or 4800,-. The KSK as well the IRS is profit and not the sales revenue. A permanent position, about a mini-job to 400,-per month poses no problem. Should be a permanent, so the KSK must be communicated always, continue the artistic activity is exercised. In addition, more money must be earned with art than with this permanent position.

If this is not the case, at least parts must be borne by KV and RV itself. Under certain circumstances, the artist must leave quite the KSK. FEWS advises therefore always to try to convert an offered permanent employment for the self-employed. The employer saves social security contributions, leave and payments in the event of illness. This can be increased then a little fee. But he will do little by itself, an artist must negotiate hard on the matter. Who can’t do this, you must learn it. Maybe in FEWS, the specialists for start-ups in the artistic field. Contact: consultancy Margitta Hamdan Uhlandstrasse 127, 10717 Berlin FON 030-88 66 77 74

Once Recharge Money, Please!

April 6, 2016


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Nationwide Bank advertising at service stations, more than 123 million contacts on 142.800 advertising media at 6,800 petrol stations should be also the last car drivers. According to Federal motor transport authority more than 40 million vehicle owners, which regularly control the gas stations in Germany, are the focus of the campaign, with the Federal Association of the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken (BVR) from 15 January nationwide on nozzles is present. A total of four weeks of BVR occupies the FillBoard exclusive package”the Hamburger Alvern Mediagroup and advertises on almost all petrol stations in the Alvern network for the dense BankCard service network of the cooperative banking group. On the advertising Tower Alvern’s patented for the nozzle are the Volks – and Raiffeisen banks on the nationwide 18,600 ways to soak up money”back. The appearance at the petrol stations will be accompanied by national radio spots. With the campaign of BVR aimed at people, who are on the road a lot and need money even at short notice”, declared by the competent media agency Sandra Dobernecker Advertising Center in Bonn. We target these mobile audience to 100 percent of the gas stations.

Because who is mobile, has usually a car, and refuel everyone needs sometime eventually.” “In addition: at the gas station, the ad in a virtually trouble-free environment is: who is waiting until the tank is full, is grateful for any distraction”, explained Sven Wucher Gadaria, Managing Director of Alvern media. “Otherwise than at television visitors about the commercial breaks look forward ‘ and deal with the Embassy.” In particular, if the look quite inevitably must fall, as in the FillBoard. The advertising attachment onto the nozzle made up to five view contacts per refuelling procedure, so an analysis of Alvern. How much are the awareness and acceptance of fuel stations media in the population, cables, inter alia the ambient media analysis II: therefore, 85 percent of those interviewed know the FillBoards. While 95 per cent find that the dispensing gun advertising not or ever bothers”.For a “Cooperative Bank, there is yet another argument for the advertising environment gas station: especially in rural and small-town areas under 100,000 inhabitants, where the majority of Germans lives and where also the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken are strongly represented, the car is the most important means of transportation”, so Sven Wucher Zahid. The classic outdoor advertising is here often only conditionally available. With gas stations media but has the ability to penetrate everywhere.” Vera Gunther, pr-by-call

The Immobilienbewerter Comes Online

April 5, 2016


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METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online easily assess who needs a real estate valuation Court, is typically dependent on an expert. Since such circumstances are rarely available, the search is difficult after a technician or a nurse occasionally and the procedure in dealing with the experts for the customer is unfamiliar and strange. As known, however, should apply, that expert on-site representations and analysis object view to take. After obtaining and views required documents, withdraws the expert and compiles and calculates.

Whether property, income, or reference value, the subject of the assessment a evaluates according to the recognized rules of evaluation art. Expertise in the meantime are some days or weeks elapsed until the real estate expert opinion reaches the customer. The often extensive expertise explains the principal and explains how it comes to the calculated value of the real estate. Fees usually affected parties, it can go for the considerable assets, is essentially the real estate value of the identified interests. For the preparation of the opinion was settled until several months ago, according to the fee schedule for architects and engineers. Depending on the value of the object, a four-digit euro amount can be placed by the expert in accounting.

Extrajudicial use concerns in determining real estate value, for example, the price at time of purchase or sale, assets, family conflict or estate planning, an online real estate assessment can provide a current guideline. As a second opinion she, real estate valuation, generated via the Internet is also suitable. Time a valuation online is quickly created. The users are guided through a catalog with understandable questions about the object. Some criteria are already stored in selection boxes and must be ticked only. After the acquisition of essential data, exact location database values are combined with the user information. The combination of the object of the user and the values from the database an individual becomes immediately Real estate valuation generated and made available to the customer. Money the detailed assessment of real estate over the Internet is possible for Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, and the Switzerland. Location values are all stored and available at any time immediately. For an individual property value discovery over the Internet, the fee is 39 euros. Differently than usual at the real estate appraisals, there a money-back guarantee in the real estate assessment according to the method of Dr. Barzel. Should the user guide or the assessment method the customer be dissatisfied, he regains the evaluation fee. Competitive speed is a competitive advantage, if in a real estate transaction to react quickly and safely. Time and place play no role in the online real estate valuation. The high degree of flexibility and evaluation accuracy make the online valuation to a commonly used tool. More information can be found under:

New Publisher: Edition Balch

April 5, 2016


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New services for authors around the publication of the book. What is an author who has a manuscript in the drawer and find a Publisher. Often, he ends up on his search for fraudulent literary agents and/or subsidy publishers who get dizzying advances and provide little or nothing in return. The Gelackmeierten are the authors who are rid of their money while but stayed sitting on their manuscript. Around 90,000 books appear on the German book market. A higher number does not appear at least not serious, because the authors find no publisher. Because only large publishers can go in advance, bear the full cost of pressure and even an advance pay the author.

This situation is exploited by literary agents and subsidy publishers, which certainly have a raison d ‘ etre, but often with exorbitant costs investments across the table authors. Costs, which amounted to several thousand euros quickly and probably never recoup if at all books sold be. These facts and personal and unpleasant experiences with fraudulent literary agencies and grant publishers have motivated the living on Lake Ammersee author of Renate Balch, to set up his own publishing house. Edition Balch”means the young company and is a mixture of traditional publishers and a service provider for authors around the book publishing. Editing, editing, book design, envelope design, illustration, image editing, letterpress, advice and active support in public relations and advertising up to the authors homepage. This service package offers Edition Balch”on with experienced and reliable freelancers as a partner. There is detailed information and references on the weblog of Edition Balch.

TV Menu Service

April 2, 2016


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SERVICE MENU Hello dear visitors! Once you're here, so either you – technician in search of entry into the service menu, TV, or the overly curious Internet users. If this is the second case, I do not recommend would you seize control with the intent to correct all the better for your favorite box. Most likely, you will spoil if not entirely ruin the TV, and on some modern TV, you can choose the type of control so that more from your TV remote control will not be controlled. Therefore, calm yourself with the thought that an experienced technician makes a service menu for you, and better is not. * And now: What is the service menu in the current TV all major adjustment, both operational and factory are made through remote control by the CPU.

The electrical circuit of the control unit consists of a central microcontroller (CPU), remote control (remote control receiver infrared remote control), the keyboard control unit, display unit and an external memory chip. The main control unit serves as a central microcontroller, whose task is to receive signals and data, process them and send to the slave control unit. Subordinate units may be different specialized LSI (controller scan, sound, video controller, etc.). The relationship between the main processor and the slave units is done through a single digital bus control. External commands go to a central controller with a remote control, and they first deciphered in the receiver-decoder control, or with the television (TV keyboard). Display unit is used to indicate different modes of operation of the device, providing control of these modes in its adjustment. An indicator is a digital indicator or acts directly on the display device (OSD – On Screen Display, the display is on screen).

In a memory chip to record some adjusting constants (data). In addition, some data are unchanged and fixed with setting up the factory. These data are needed for normal TV and they are not visible to the consumer, because the loss of these data will lead to loss of control of the machine. Access to the memory cells of such data is possible only in the so-called factory or service operation. An example of such data may be data on the geometric dimensions of the raster, the white balance, the frequency of rejection, status, and duration gating pulses, etc. Other data record various functions of the device (the choice of standard, hotel mode, teletext language, a "lock" for children, etc.) and stored in the memory cell, called the optional bytes.


April 1, 2016


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Trivial emerging cases of domestic repair in case of breakage and replacement bulbs, replacement plafonds or ammunition in the room. For a more serious situation arising from electrical wiring, electrical demand with special crust is very necessary. Nonprofessional work with electrical wiring, operating under power, is a threat to health. When installing electricians should know exactly what capacity and amperage, to be able to handle electricity, own knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the ac, electrical cables, the properties of cables and their insulation, electrical wiring diagram. Electrical Services – a long time not only one fine repair of household appliances in a home that costs only a challenge to repair faults.

Various types of work electricians are required to complete interior and exterior work on the wiring, Installation of switchboards, including magnetic triggers, connecting or any electrical appliances in the home, at work or an industrial premise. Contact information is here: cloud computing. Blight power cords often leads to deplorable outcome in a house in the best case – property damage. Any material of electrical wire is short-lived, unfortunately nothing lasts forever. In the ramshackle homes happen to meet the electrical wires of aluminum, while the use of which may be depleted very quickly due to incorrect load balancing. Too high a load on the aluminum wire directly used priborovbyvaet result of the accident.

To exclude critical situations should be replaced by aluminum wire to copper, to adequately select protective automation. In addition, call an electrician is needed to troubleshoot home or office electrical equipment, or for combine and organize work at the same time several electrical appliances. For suburban mansions sometimes necessary to perform installation of garden lighting to extend the power cable beneath the turf, to protect against lightning for this stage of the work needed to create a device beyond Earth. The apartments and offices spread out device surveillance system device ethernet connection. And this is not the final list of options when should be encouraged to help electricians. Specialists on electricity during the execution of volume of repair work to harness the power cable must indicate the arrangement, with the presence of labeling cables inside or outside the premises, which will protect against accidental damage elektrichetvom a result of further repair.

Freight Services

March 29, 2016


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Any company, large or small, faces the problems of delivery of goods. The raw materials necessary to deliver a distance, the finished product must also be transported to warehouses or directly to buyers. Problem freight rises, perhaps, almost in front of everyone, whether a large enterprise or small company. Searching the Internet, newspapers and magazines, those who can be entrusted with the carriage of goods, will find that these offers quite a lot. The verification is such a joy is premature: most companies – small companies that offer services at inflated prices, or 'local action', that is, they work, for example, only in the same region.

Prices of large and small companies hardly differ, but between the quality of services provided – a large pit. Large transport companies are willing to offer a truly competitive conditions of carriage goods in the market units. Usually, offers the following services: Air freight delivery Rail (including container) Trucking freight delivery Air freight is fast, but it is enough expensive, plus not all airports have yet even close, it should be considered. Container shipping all good, but, as well as airports, train stations is not available in all localities, and trains run every day is not all directions. Motor transportation of cargo – more mobile way: send a car at any time of day, to ensure optimal conditions for even the most specific goods in the cellar. Each way freight has its advantages and disadvantages. Which means of transport to choose depends on the particular order and the company, but in any case, if you turned in a good company you can count on the fact that the new Partner: – will be forwarding scheme – will freight forwarding services – will help select the technology for transportation – give advice on the selection of specific transportation and conditions of carriage – Prepare necessary documents – will cargo insurance – Provides for the necessary additional conditions of carriage of goods Anyway, the market for transportation now allow virtually any customer to find the optimal for him the conditions of carriage.

Service Treatment

March 29, 2016


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Energy Service (EMS), which employed the victim, is self-autonomy of the structural unit of the plant and reports directly to the principal engineer of Nome. The main objective EMC – to maintain the existing park techno-ray, power equipment and power systems in good working order by timely high-quality repair of mechanical and Ser-, Park maintenance equipment in working order at the required level of accuracy. Workers are organizing periodic medical check-ups on graphic-ku, drawn up in CG and E Partyzansky a Minsk every 2 years. Regular medical check-up will be held in September 2007, according to the list of contingents, near-containing periodic medical examinations from 30.11.2006 36-7.5/794. During the distribution route is established that according to the magazine appeals to the health center MZTMK Gais VI 07/16/2004, and 05/13/2005 was passed out at work due to health condition. In the first case, according to the order 225 from 08.11.2004 to, he was translated into the den as a cleaner area (on the advice of the WCC 122 from 03.11.2004 U.S. "15 City Polyclinic ") during the second case, according to the order 106 from 04.07.2005 to city – was dismissed in accordance with the decision of the court of the Moscow district of Minsk (case 22-1466-2005) in connection with the direction Gaisa VI compulsory treatment in LTP, a period of 12 months. Upon completion of medical treatment in an LTS, in February 2006, Gais, VI, passing a preliminary medical examination was examined by God and Addiction, taking into account the positive outcome of treatment according to Help of 13.02.2006, the b / n issued by the health facility, "15th Minsk city polyclinic 'found fit to work in the profession electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment.

Lifting Services

March 28, 2016


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To find out, what kinds of lifting operations there, you need to begin to understand the concept of lifting work. Lifting work – all kinds of handling large-scale and bulky cargo. The main clients of firms providing rigging services are factories and enterprises that use at production oversized equipment (lathes, presses, cranes, etc.). Nature lifting work is varied and often depends on the amount and type of the transported object. In addition, the scaffold should possess universal knowledge in this area. All variety of rigging services can be divided divided into the following groups: – The apartment or cottage to move. As a rule, this type of rigging crew riggers fairly small (4-5 people) and a maximum of two or three trucks. – Office relocation.

Number of scaffold depends on the volume of transported equipment. Most often require the use of additional material handling equipment and one or more escort vehicles. – Industrial rigging. Most time-consuming and traumatic type of rigging. To implement it involved only qualified riggers and special powerful handling equipment. In addition, there is a division rigging of the type Shipping: – Rigging granular materials in the construction category. For these use the standard rigging capacity, attached to the rope of the crane. – Rigging granular materials category in the industry.

These rigging work is performed using electromagnetic clamps, which are so tightly fixed to the load lifting techniques that reduce the risk of damage to zero. – Rigging bags, boxes, barrels and other containers. Carried out by fixing the cargo Clamp, which protect it from tipping over or some sort of damage. – Rigging containers. With this type of rigging the container are fixed by vacuum or automatic capture systems. Given all the above, it becomes clear that for rigging services to best handle a special organizations that have an appropriate level of professional, able to deliver your cargo to its destination.

National Messenger Service

March 27, 2016


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Express delivery services are used by many companies. Convenience Express delivery is obvious. One advantage is the fact that the carriage as soon as possible. In contrast to the transportation services that provided transportation companies, delivery services involve the delivery deadlines. Companies operating in this segment, using all possible means of transportation.

This air freight, trucking transportation by rail, etc. Cloud computing contributes greatly to this topic. using all possible means of transportation, helps reduce costs and delivery times. National Courier Service, a company providing services in the Russian market. The company specializes in providing services for express shipping to Russia, CIS countries and the World. Developed regional network allows companies not to rely on intermediaries. Thus the service provided by the National Courier Service is one of the best.

Services provided by the company allow customers to not worry about the fate of departure. All express the administration of documents, letters, correspondence, printed matter, parcels and freight are delivered quality and on time. Large selection of calling plans allow our customers to choose the most optimal way of transport. Additional services provided by the company, allows customers not to worry about packing insurance or cargo. On request, we can pick up or deliver a rapid departure at the weekend or at night. Our company specializes in the delivery of letters, documents, gifts, letters, parcels and small loads. We also offer our clients a service for the delivery of advertising, greeting and Christmas lists. The company has branches in many cities of Russia, which allows companies to provide services intercity delivery in these cities. Optimization of transportation allows us to reduce costs and shorten delivery times. National Courier Service Rates much lower compared to prices of competitors. Megkaya price policy, coupled with high-quality services enables the company to develop its customer base and thereby expand its presence in the market. The company's clients receive the highest level of service, low prices and shortest delivery to any city in the world. Our company offers its customers a credit method of payment and an individual approach to each client. For each client, we develop individual terms of delivery, given the client requests and the specific shipment. For more information on available services, please visit the company's website. Regards National Messenger Service.