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September 15, 2019


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Secondly we will enroll in job markets. The employment exchanges are databases, usually specialized for professional sectors or professions, which are offered in companies that have the need to fill jobs. These bags can be found at vocational schools vocational training centers or university Unions Business Associations Local Employment Services a As a third step, visit employment agencies or staffing firms. These companies experts in finding jobs but not all jobs are of quality. And, of course, jobs sites on the Internet. Currently, 73% of companies choose to use portals as the primary screening system. Therefore, register at the various job portals should be a priority. In addition, the best is that we activate the search agents to send us daily vacancies in the sectors that most interest us in our email.

The job search workshop, they should also teach us to write letters. Maybe you've always thought it was bullshit, but for certain jobs can be a decisive factor. Obviously, the posts will be given responsibility for those who will be more conditioned to this requirement. The letter precedes the curriculum vitae and the opportunity to highlight the skills that distinguish us from other candidates. We recommend writing a general letter of introduction and then modify it to each company we're going to send it.

Another factor that can excel in any job shop is the image. It seems silly and many find it hard to believe but there is nothing more true that a picture is worth a thousand words (in the first contact). A good picture does not mean going well groomed, be handsome, or go to the top makeup. The good image is linked to several things: physical appearance often has to do with cleanliness and order and the other aspect is the educational, correct and courteous behavior will always give us points. The last step in a job search workshop will be the personal interview. The interview should be prepared to perfection. The company's goal will be evaluated to see if we qualified candidates, see if we fit with the company for the style, temperament, etc.. and know and see that what is written in our CV corresponds with reality. On the other hand our aim should be to show that we are the best candidates and get the job you want. Prepare the interview involves analysis of the possible questions may ask. In the job search workshops teach us what they are and how we should respond. The questions will be around a few specific areas: our personality, our training, previous work, the company and the position. They can also ask about our private life, not usually like but they do. Want to find out what socio-economic and cultural we move. Try to be honest but without excess. Calculate what you want and give it. Although you always have seemed absurd employment workshops, you see, not so much. They help you know how to react, to know where to look, to know how to introduce yourself and what to do or must not commit errors. Employment Workshops guarantee an early entry into the labor market. a – BA in Journalism – Master in International Relations – Graduate protocol and ceremonial – Currently, web content editor MASTERD – I love traveling, history, internet and, of course, journalism