September 14, 2019


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Perhaps another thorn that is more painful is the importation of animals from countries of Eastern Europe, I think at this point is few people know the great cruelty of this practice, the conditions in which they travel, the large number of puppies that die in transit or after to be sold in Spain and diseases were controlled. the cost of a puppy in a puppymill eastern Europe is around 50 euros, these puppies are sold in stores 800/1500 figures in Euros, (estimated to fall an average of 15,000 puppies a year) the business of the century for stores but one of the most cruel and deplorably activity that (in my opinion) I’ve seen in my life in the world of animals. this activity moves millions, maybe that’s why everyone looks the other way but I certainly comes first I would do if I was in my hand, total ban on the importation of animals pupymills East. In the end it seems that the solution would be in the society, the regulation of breeding and imports, is a good step (provided it is done with a minimum criterion) but is not the solution, much less the abandonment, the solution was that our society evolves, is in education and the value of our moral, if society and evolving consciousness, if we end up learning from most countries where there is neglect and where everyone sterilize their dogs, then we will see the solution, but for that veterinarians should work together well informed, in addition to agreeing a reasonable price for sterilization, is also a good idea that the government withdraw the subsidy to employers bull and his gang (The total annual aid to taurine in public money, is around 550 million euros, almost 100,000 (one hundred thousand) million pesetas.Cada Spanish family (standard unit with 4 members), is providing about 47 euros annually to support and promote the activity taurine) and step Spanish cinema (approximately 55millones euros per year) and dedicated to subsidize the sterilization and efficient campaigns.