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Smoking And Health

August 19, 2020


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Having wrong when the patient has risk factor of smoking. Keywords: Myocardial Infarction, Tobacco, Influence. 1.INTRODUO the tobaccoism affects millions of individuals in the whole world, therefore if they become a problem each more evident time for the World-wide Organization of the Health, other world-wide entities that act in its prevention and its combat (HISS et al; 2008). The tobacco has been associated to an increase in mortality for aterosclertica coronary illness, what it was proven in diverse studies. Go to toddler clothing for more information. This results of the association of some harmful effect of the tobaccoism on the mechanisms of aterognese and trombose (NOZAWA et al; 2003). The study of infarto acute of the myocardium (THEY WENT) it is basic for the high prevalence, mortality and morbidade of the illness. Studies epidemiologists disclose taxes of general mortality for 30% return, being that half of the deaths occurs in first the two hours and 14% die before receiving attendance medical. However, the patients who precociously receive services from emergency had been the ones that had more had benefit of the therapeutical advances of the last decades (PESARO and SERRANO, 2004).

The problematic one of research if of the one for the great appearance of infarto acute of the myocardium, and as the tobaccoism can influence in the illness. It presents as objective it influences to describe it of the tobaccoism predisposition to infarto acute of the myocardium. 2.REVISO OF LITERATURE 2,1 Carrie DEFINITION (2007) presents infarto as the reduction of the sanguineous flow of coronary arteries, resulting in isquemia and necrosis of the myocardium. Mortality is great if the treatment will be delayed, and almost half of the sudden deaths for infarto acute of the myocardium, occurs before hospitalization, for return of the first hour after the beginning of the symptoms. The prognostic improves with strong treatment, initiate immediately. According to Smeltzer and Bare (2005), infarto acute of the myocardium is caused by the sanguineous flow diminuido of a coronary artery due to rupture of aterosclertica plate and to subsequente occlusion of the artery for one trombo.

Man Health

August 19, 2020


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1 INTRODUCTION the study that will be presented intends to show to the importance of the implantation and implementation of the National Politics of Integral Attention to the Health of the Man. Studies show that during the history of the adoecimento process and death between the sexos natural processes were established as, considering its biological differences, show that the first references in what say health of the man were come back toward carriers of HIV/Aids and gays and were cited in literatures feminists and 1990 had only started to promote events on health of the man, however always come back toward ertil disfuno, where the performance prevailed of doctors and the pharmaceutical industry and the treatment of the illness aimed at the man in collective way and not of individual form, they did not consider that the problem of the ertil disfuno could have origin of psychological character and they always dealt with medication, generating profits for the involved professionals (AQUINO 2005). The actions directed enter toward health process, studies show that it has a great difference in practical of attention the health of the woman, who is carried through with more persistence and firmness in relation the health of the man, with this the masculine public is absent of the system of health services, looking for assistance only when some pathology affects its sexuality or when the same already it possesss an established illness. (CARRARA and collaborators 2009). Considering the facts above it is that Portaria was instituted in the scope of the Only System of Sade (SUS) n 1,944, of 27 of August of 2009, with intention to diminish the high index of morbimortalidade of the masculine population thus leaving of being a problem of public health. This would carry was created to guarantee well-taken care of integrals for the masculine population, supporting, facilitating and extending the access to the services of health on the part of this population..


August 17, 2020


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Studies epidemiologists around disclose taxes of general mortality of 30%, being that half of the deaths occurs in first the two hours of the event and 14% die before receiving attendance medical (8-9). However, the patients admitted in the emergency services had precociously been the ones that had been more benefited of the therapeutical advances of the last decades. Delaware Department of Labor will not settle for partial explanations. Exactly thus, the prognostic of these patients depends basically on the agility in reaching a medical service and on nursing and in the efficiency of this service to get possible fastest the coronariana reperfuso. The term infarto of the myocardium means the death of cardiomicitos basically caused by drawn out isquemia. In general, this isquemia is caused by trombose and/or vasoespasmos on aterosclertica plate.

The process migra of the subendocrdica layer for the subepicrdio. Most of the events is caused by sudden rupture formation of trombo on vulnerable, inflamed, rich plates in lipdios and with thin fibrosa layer. A lesser portion is associated with the erosion of the aterosclertica plate. Inside from a specter of possibilities related with the evolution time, the myocardium suffers gradual aggression represented for the isquemia areas, injury and necrosis successively. In the first one, electrolytic riots predominate, in second, reversible morphologic alterations and in the last one, definitive damages.

In the same way, these stages if correlate with the diversity of clinical presentations that vary of the unstable angina and infarto without supplies until infarto with supraunevenness of segment ST (10-11). It is therefore that the handling of infarto is based on the fast diagnosis, in the immediate removel of hindrance of the coronary culprit, maintenance of the gotten flow, Prophylaxis of the distal embolizao and reversion of its potentially fatal complications (arrhythmias, cardiac bankruptcy mechanical riots). The attainment of a history detailed on the characteristics of pain and previous story of ischemic cardiopathy assists the diagnosis, but it does not have clinical acurcia adjusted to move away or to confirm a picture of acute isquemia of the myocardium, therefore for the concretion of this diagnosis, beyond the sintomatologia presented for the patient who is pain precordial in squeeze to the left, radiated for the left superior member, of great intensity and drawn out (bigger of what 20 minutes), that it does not improve or only has partial relief with rest or sublinguais nitrates; the irradiation for jaw, right superior member, back, shoulders and epigstrio also can be possible, being able to happen pains in the coasts and the stomach, nauseas, cutaneous pallor, fatigue, sudorese, agitation, fcies of pain, cianose of extremities, including respiratory difficulty (apnea and lack of pulse = cardiorrespiratria stop? PCR) and the story of the history of cardiopathy in the family, with or without medicine use, must be made use of other disgnostic methods as the eletrocardiograma (ECG), of practical and agile accomplishment for the detention of other DCV (12).


July 17, 2020


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Today after separate, that I only have a person that I consider friend. Friends, friends. Hewlett-Packard : the source for more info. I do not have. This story reaffirms that carrying of the S.P generally they are people who if isolate of the social conviviality due to the signals/symptoms that suffer. These people many of the times if isolate, therefore she has distrust to leave stops: events; parties; meetings or any public environment, because it has a former fear of situations that can acometer in an eventual crisis. Thus, for not having a life social steady, they are not popular and generally it does not have friends.

The friends in turn are ' ' peas' ' basic for the effectiveness of the treatment, therefore the patient desires to relieve on its situation with somebody and for not having friends she continues suffering. 4.1.6 Antecedents of the crises the person who suffered a crisis from S.P., its life is marked for the one before and the one after 1 crisis. TRINTINAGLIA, SUZYMARA (2001; p. 27). Therefore generally, these antecipatrias people suffer from crisis, that is, crises that precede the upheaval of panic because of the fear that the patient has that the crisis returns, and that if it gives in a situation which can cause a great constaint. That is, a defensive procedure of the body, the patient is constantly alert fighting against all the factors that can unchain to a new crisis. finishes producing a fbico picture in the social circle patient it, making with that the same if it isolates. This anxiety provokes in the patient a guilt feeling, making with that the same it thinks: ' ' There it comes everything of novo' ' , this situation makes with that the patient suffers precociously before the event properly said. A crucial moment in the research, was the moment which the interviewed one was inquired on: when and as was its 1 crisis? The same one stopped per some instants and answered: Mine 1 crisis, I was in the church.

Military Policia

June 30, 2020


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The used doses are of 100mg of the hexaidrato of piperazida, 104mg of fosfato, 120mg of adipato, 125mg of citrate. This medicine is contraindicated in patients with renais, hepticas and neurological injuries. It can cause reactions as motor incoordenao, vertigo, muscular atony. (REY et al., 2008). 3.1.Epidemiologia the epidemiologia is an independence of human factors, ambient and on to the biology of helminto. In relation to the human factors it can be affirmed that ascaridiose is an illness done or kept by the proper species total dependent of us, therefore in countries where the conditions of basic sanitation are adjusted, incidence of the illness reduced drastically. Already in regions where it lacks sewer service or we pssimos habits of basic hygiene make of the peridomicilio a perfect focus closing the cycle: parasito environment to the host. (SNOWS et al., 2008).

The world-wide prevalence this around 30% to put in very different way. In Brazil the general prevalence is of 36,7% showing decline in the successive years. In the Amaznia the taxes had been superior 60%, north-eastern they oscillate between 35% and 50% and in the south of the country the taxes are inferior 30%. (REY et al., 2008). 3.2.Profilaxia specific the prophylactic measures can be generalities. The specific measures are treatment in mass of the positive population, during three years consecutive. Already the general measures present a more including and more effective result of what the use of the cited measures.

These, in turn, are based on the following aspects: Sanitary education in mass of the communities; Incentive for the participation of the people in brainstorming for problems of the community; Search of new economic chances for the community; installation of treatment of water and sewer with correct destination of the effluent sanitary.

Sanitary Monitoring

April 26, 2020


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Amongst this statistics, of preoccupying character, the residues of the health services meet, that represent, in turn, 1% of the total residue, that is, 2,300 tons/day. In accordance with given of IBGE, 74% of the Brazilian cities they deposit ' ' garbage hospitalar' ' the opened sky, 57% separate the dejections in the hospitals and only 14% of the city halls adequately deal with the residues the health services (GARCI’A; BRANCHES, 2004). With excellent relevancy to the subject, the subject Environment was boarded in Constituio Federal (CF) of Brazil of 1988, whose article n 23 and n 200, determines that it competes to the public power formulating, controlling, fiscalizing and executing activities come back to the protection of the environment, executing action of basic sanitation, beyond other attributions (TAKADA, 2003). The CONAMA (National Advice of Environment), agency of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), approved, in 1993, the resolution n 05 that it foresaw some aspects important, as the conceptualization of the solid residues and the classification of the residues of the health services, attributing itself it responsibility of the management, since its generation until the final disposal, when presenting a plan of management of residues of health service. Beyond the Ministry of the Environment, with the creation of the ANVISA (National Agency of Sanitary Monitoring) for law 9782/99, the Ministry of Sade (MS), it starts to be part of the regulating system of the residues generated in the health services (ANVISA, 2006). 8 In 2003 was published the Resolution Direction Student body – RDC? ANVISA N, whose approach were the internal handling of the residues, resulting in the 33 classification and definition of rules in the handling of the residues of the health services. However, it did not have harmony enters the orientaes of the ambient area represented by the resolution of the CONAMA n 283/2001. It was perceived, therefore, the necessity of if harmonizing the federal, definite norms for the Ministry of the Environment, represented for the CONAMA and the rules defined for the Health department, played for the ANVISA in relation to the residues of the health services.

Chinese Traditional Medicine

April 25, 2020


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The Program Pass through the POLOEDUC (Polar region Education, Training and Management LTD) in partnership with ADFEGO (Association of the Physically Handicapped of the State of Gois), aims you prevent and treat diseases or functional disorders promoting the improvement of health and quality of life of people, who of not present financial conditions afford the treatment. Methods- We conducted descriptive study, dates were collected in PoloEduc ADFEGO in partnership with the period from March you May 2011. We checked profiles of 15 patients enrolled in PASS, you be evaluated and treated according you the PICs (and Complementary Practices) needed. Results- We found that 73% of patients were female and 27% male, main pathologies associated with muscle pain, joint pain, headache, insomnia, stress, back pain and impatience. Clinical Most of the patients had improvement of 80%.

Conclusion- From the dates presented in this research it is to clear that the profile of patients enrolled in the PASS is mostly women, unmarried, between 31 and 50 years, with the pathology of osteoarthritis is the most prevalent and degree of improvement in about 80%. Key words: ADFEGO, PASS, PIC. Introduction In accordance with Apostila de Basic Teorias of the MTC Acupuntura Bioenergtica (2009), exists innumerable theories regarding as the Chinese Traditional Medicine was developed. One gives credit that in the development of tools, ancestor had been able to notice that by chance certain parts of the body were cured of its pains while others were pricked by farpas of bones or rocks. It appeared then the treatment for needles of rock and bone and practical its, throughout the years, resulted in the therapy for acupuntura that arrives today until us. In the fulfilment of its attributions of coordination of the Only System of Sade (SUS) and establishment of politics to guarantee the completeness in the attention to the health, the Health department presents Practical the National Politics of Integrativas and Complementares (PNPIC) in the SUS, whose implementation involves nature justifications politics, technique, economic, social and cultural.

INCA Clinical

February 22, 2018


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It is presented then a series of attributes to evidence this change, that perishes to also remain in the subsequent years. Only in 2006, a significant change of this segmentation occurs. Studies are presented that pass then inside make reference to reference the problems most common of the specter of performance of the nurse in oncologia, what it must always be led in consideration, even though as form of if minimizing efforts, financiers until, in question not in such a way incident, what never it discards the fact to work a qualified assistance, inside of the practical oncolgica clinic. This approach in if working practical of studies the physician-oncolgicos are alicerada in 2007, where it had the biggest published article concentration, evidenced for the presented statistics, where 14% of the patients with cancer had participated of clinical studies, what it characterizes the importance of if working the oncolgica epidemiologia. It is presented then the attributions of the nurses coordinators of clinical studies in the international scene and the practical one of the coordinating nurses of clinical studies of the INCA, where the abilities destined to the coordination of clinical studies are common to all the coordinators, as much international how much the ones that exert practical its in the INCA.

These abilities can and must result in publications, including subjects, challenges, barriers, solutions and advantages for its execution, as well as the relevance for the conduction of the protocol. It is evident then, although to have itself considerably in recent years evolved how much of the performance of nurses in this practical, that h a scarcity of published national and international works with approach of the activities of the nurse as coordinating of clinical studies, as well as a gap in referring publications to the participation of this profession in this modality, characterizing the necessity of bigger quarrel and reflection how much to these activities and its formation. Thus, valley to stand out how much of the importance of the use of this practical for the professional nurses, what it results directly in bigger technician-scientific knowledge for the nurse, greater the interchange of Patient Professional relation x, bigger personal and professional prominence for the involved one and the category, beyond offering a much more qualified assistance to the user..