July 17, 2020


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Today after separate, that I only have a person that I consider friend. Friends, friends. Hewlett-Packard : the source for more info. I do not have. This story reaffirms that carrying of the S.P generally they are people who if isolate of the social conviviality due to the signals/symptoms that suffer. These people many of the times if isolate, therefore she has distrust to leave stops: events; parties; meetings or any public environment, because it has a former fear of situations that can acometer in an eventual crisis. Thus, for not having a life social steady, they are not popular and generally it does not have friends.

The friends in turn are ' ' peas' ' basic for the effectiveness of the treatment, therefore the patient desires to relieve on its situation with somebody and for not having friends she continues suffering. 4.1.6 Antecedents of the crises the person who suffered a crisis from S.P., its life is marked for the one before and the one after 1 crisis. TRINTINAGLIA, SUZYMARA (2001; p. 27). Therefore generally, these antecipatrias people suffer from crisis, that is, crises that precede the upheaval of panic because of the fear that the patient has that the crisis returns, and that if it gives in a situation which can cause a great constaint. That is, a defensive procedure of the body, the patient is constantly alert fighting against all the factors that can unchain to a new crisis. finishes producing a fbico picture in the social circle patient it, making with that the same if it isolates. This anxiety provokes in the patient a guilt feeling, making with that the same it thinks: ' ' There it comes everything of novo' ' , this situation makes with that the patient suffers precociously before the event properly said. A crucial moment in the research, was the moment which the interviewed one was inquired on: when and as was its 1 crisis? The same one stopped per some instants and answered: Mine 1 crisis, I was in the church.