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February 22, 2018


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It is presented then a series of attributes to evidence this change, that perishes to also remain in the subsequent years. Only in 2006, a significant change of this segmentation occurs. Studies are presented that pass then inside make reference to reference the problems most common of the specter of performance of the nurse in oncologia, what it must always be led in consideration, even though as form of if minimizing efforts, financiers until, in question not in such a way incident, what never it discards the fact to work a qualified assistance, inside of the practical oncolgica clinic. This approach in if working practical of studies the physician-oncolgicos are alicerada in 2007, where it had the biggest published article concentration, evidenced for the presented statistics, where 14% of the patients with cancer had participated of clinical studies, what it characterizes the importance of if working the oncolgica epidemiologia. It is presented then the attributions of the nurses coordinators of clinical studies in the international scene and the practical one of the coordinating nurses of clinical studies of the INCA, where the abilities destined to the coordination of clinical studies are common to all the coordinators, as much international how much the ones that exert practical its in the INCA.

These abilities can and must result in publications, including subjects, challenges, barriers, solutions and advantages for its execution, as well as the relevance for the conduction of the protocol. It is evident then, although to have itself considerably in recent years evolved how much of the performance of nurses in this practical, that h a scarcity of published national and international works with approach of the activities of the nurse as coordinating of clinical studies, as well as a gap in referring publications to the participation of this profession in this modality, characterizing the necessity of bigger quarrel and reflection how much to these activities and its formation. Thus, valley to stand out how much of the importance of the use of this practical for the professional nurses, what it results directly in bigger technician-scientific knowledge for the nurse, greater the interchange of Patient Professional relation x, bigger personal and professional prominence for the involved one and the category, beyond offering a much more qualified assistance to the user..