Man Health

August 19, 2020


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1 INTRODUCTION the study that will be presented intends to show to the importance of the implantation and implementation of the National Politics of Integral Attention to the Health of the Man. Studies show that during the history of the adoecimento process and death between the sexos natural processes were established as, considering its biological differences, show that the first references in what say health of the man were come back toward carriers of HIV/Aids and gays and were cited in literatures feminists and 1990 had only started to promote events on health of the man, however always come back toward ertil disfuno, where the performance prevailed of doctors and the pharmaceutical industry and the treatment of the illness aimed at the man in collective way and not of individual form, they did not consider that the problem of the ertil disfuno could have origin of psychological character and they always dealt with medication, generating profits for the involved professionals (AQUINO 2005). The actions directed enter toward health process, studies show that it has a great difference in practical of attention the health of the woman, who is carried through with more persistence and firmness in relation the health of the man, with this the masculine public is absent of the system of health services, looking for assistance only when some pathology affects its sexuality or when the same already it possesss an established illness. (CARRARA and collaborators 2009). Considering the facts above it is that Portaria was instituted in the scope of the Only System of Sade (SUS) n 1,944, of 27 of August of 2009, with intention to diminish the high index of morbimortalidade of the masculine population thus leaving of being a problem of public health. This would carry was created to guarantee well-taken care of integrals for the masculine population, supporting, facilitating and extending the access to the services of health on the part of this population..