Sanitary Monitoring

April 26, 2020


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Amongst this statistics, of preoccupying character, the residues of the health services meet, that represent, in turn, 1% of the total residue, that is, 2,300 tons/day. In accordance with given of IBGE, 74% of the Brazilian cities they deposit ' ' garbage hospitalar' ' the opened sky, 57% separate the dejections in the hospitals and only 14% of the city halls adequately deal with the residues the health services (GARCI’A; BRANCHES, 2004). With excellent relevancy to the subject, the subject Environment was boarded in Constituio Federal (CF) of Brazil of 1988, whose article n 23 and n 200, determines that it competes to the public power formulating, controlling, fiscalizing and executing activities come back to the protection of the environment, executing action of basic sanitation, beyond other attributions (TAKADA, 2003). The CONAMA (National Advice of Environment), agency of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), approved, in 1993, the resolution n 05 that it foresaw some aspects important, as the conceptualization of the solid residues and the classification of the residues of the health services, attributing itself it responsibility of the management, since its generation until the final disposal, when presenting a plan of management of residues of health service. Beyond the Ministry of the Environment, with the creation of the ANVISA (National Agency of Sanitary Monitoring) for law 9782/99, the Ministry of Sade (MS), it starts to be part of the regulating system of the residues generated in the health services (ANVISA, 2006). 8 In 2003 was published the Resolution Direction Student body – RDC? ANVISA N, whose approach were the internal handling of the residues, resulting in the 33 classification and definition of rules in the handling of the residues of the health services. However, it did not have harmony enters the orientaes of the ambient area represented by the resolution of the CONAMA n 283/2001. It was perceived, therefore, the necessity of if harmonizing the federal, definite norms for the Ministry of the Environment, represented for the CONAMA and the rules defined for the Health department, played for the ANVISA in relation to the residues of the health services.