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Site Promotion Service

May 14, 2020


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I want you to site promotion service, which offers not only to promote a site, but at the same time and earn decent. The cost of registering your site is 300 rubles. After payment you will receive an affiliate link and advertising its receive for each, come in here Vyshey – 100R. Thus bringing 3 new members you get your money back. The system has 6 levels. For the project came in on the links of your referrals you receive 20R. Registering with the service you get a triple benefit.

Benefit 1. Automatic registration of site in 600 white catalogs. After completion of registration you will receive a report from our service c indicating the addresses of all the directories where was recorded on your site. Auto-registration the catalogs will be available after paying ads. Our service will help you promote your site in search engines, as well as help attract the target audience to your website. Benefit 2. You are guaranteed to get visitors to your site. When you register to the service your site will be automatically registered in our own catalog.

At the same time you get your own page with their an ad in position 1. Advertising your link, you will attract new partners. When you register they will have to look at your site. New users get their page with your ad in position 1. Your ad goes to the second position. Registered on your link, users are beginning to advertise your link and also provide displays on your site. Visit baby clothes for more clarity on the issue. Your web-site will show up as long as it is on any 6-positions. Benefit 3. You get a source of stable income. Advertising your link, you will attract new partners. For each registration you get $ 100. If you have registered with us is not a site but a few, then your commission can reach up to 200 rubles for a registration. You will also receive interest on the registration of your partners. Here’s what you get: 1. Announcement on first position – $ 100 2. Announcement on the 2nd position – 20 USD 3. Announcement on the 3rd position – 20 USD 4. Announcement on the 4th position – 20 USD 5. Announcement on the 5th position – 20 USD 6. Announcement on the 2nd position – 20 USD Total: 200 rub. (That is, if you choose to register their sites 6, all six items on your page will be filled with your ads. This means that the registration of each new partner for his link, you get 200 rubles). How much can you earn on it? Here is an example: Suppose you have registered just one site. Next on your link were 5 users, they also drew five partners, who in turn also invited five new members, etc. In this calculation the amount of your earnings will be 391000r. A lot of it, five partners? If you treat your advertising links Seriously, you can attract a greater number of people per day. After hundreds of are paid systems and promote their sites here, an additional and earnings. Is it possible to earn without having their site? Yes you can. You can register any site, such as So one conclusion: checking in for registration is on my site Good luck.


April 15, 2020


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Click on it twice with the mouse. This opens the main window. Getting started. Open-to-last tab 'Options'. Figure 2. Setting up FTP-access push the button 'Settings FTP' button and we enter our access settings (the second line in the figure). Quite simply, no explanation required. If you work through a proxy, an example I refer to the first line.

The first column is written IP-address of your proxy server, then login and file sharing across a dog, a password (not shown) and the maximum file size in megabytes you are ready to fill in for Filehoster.ru. That is, if you put the 100 MB limit, and your backup weighs 120MB, then it will be filled on file sharing. Be sure to test the connection click on 'Test'. If successful, the test start create a backup task itself. Open the first tab 'Tasks'. Figure 3.

The main window is two times to click on the name TEST and rename it to something more meaningful, like 'My backup'. On button 'Next' move to the second tab 'Folders and Files' Figure 4. Bookmark 'Folders and Files' Here we tick the documents that we want to put in the backup (backup). First install a minimum set of documents. For example, only the 'Favorites' – your bookmarks. Vdalneyshem, you can always return to this tab and expand the list. Sources of information listed, go to the next tab – 'Vault'. Figure 5. Bookmark 'Store' Required to specify where to store the backups. For the rapid restoration of the documents needed to back up your lie somewhere close at hand.

Internet Earnings

April 15, 2020


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Let me describe to you my personal experience, where and how I was able to earn and how much per year on the Internet. Take the condition that I'm still a schoolboy. Nearly a thousand dollars could make money on filling specific sites interesting articles. Ie found in interesting articles online, and then retold them in a text editor in your own words – a unique new article is ready. Put them in various online magazines.

Article requirements are the same everywhere, for example, the scope and relevance, so if you do not take on one site, placed on another. Paid for each publication, and everywhere in different ways between 1 and 10 dollars. I can say that the work of the author of articles rather promising employment, especially for beginners. Naturally student to earn only $ 1,000 per year is very small, so I'm still working on some fronts. Very profitable, I turned to affiliate programs. It's all very simple – a registered partner program of a store, and then placed their links anywhere.

Everyone who went to the link given was considered by me and my shop unfasten interest. Very well I came up with the sale of the telescopes. Author Links are literally in one forum (the students some astronomers) and for the year was able to sell only 10 telescopes. My bonus was about 50 thousand. Very not bad for a student! But this does not happen often, and money are always needed (I had a dream to buy a scooter). And I dream came true, as could earn more in one case (in this case could earn any school at all). I began to earn money for referrals. The bottom line is that you sign up for affiliate programs and webmasters get your referral link. Then run the ad anywhere on your affiliate program and a link there. Everyone who signs up through your link becomes your referral (as a vampire) and his income or expenses you get a percentage. Joke here is that with 100 people can be almost nothing to fuck, and you can accidentally stumble upon the rich and then one person provide you with money. In short, I enrolled in a five-year programs and has attracted about 50 people. And so it happened. Of 100 percent of my income somewhere brings 95 percent of one person but rather a campaign (I found) which is itself advertise in one program. Now I have a steady income of about 3,000 a month from just one referral. I think such a question – where can a man my age should disappear. I gave you a proven good ideas, you need to only try to realize them. Somewhere still get money. If the material is small, can read more of my articles on the menu. Perhaps because of these articles, you will earn your first thousands of dollars on the Internet.

Online Earnings

April 14, 2020


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Twelve students earn almost impossible (unless the bottle or to collect garbage in the streets). But, thanks to the Internet, have such an opportunity. Of course, in order to work and earn money online Need certain knowledge, but since there is a job that is suitable for students 12 years old. Go to baby clothes for more information. Here is how to pay. 1.Razmeschenie files exchangers. You will pay money for something that your files will be someone to download. From you requires two steps – download the file and place a link to it anywhere.

Money you pay for downloads. The amount is not big like 10-30 cents, but you need to take into account the fact that the day may download and 1000 and 5000 thousands of times. And this is a hundred rubles. That downloaded as needed to comply with two conditions – a very interesting upload a file (such as a fresh program, or the latest movie) and place a link to such sites, where many visitors will see it. In principle, make on the files are even real.

2.Zarabotok on links. All you have to do is sign up for an affiliate program (for example, xxs). The principle of operation is – you find an interesting page on the Internet, take the link to it and add to it a special code to your affiliate program. Then place a customized link somewhere on the forums (of course, to the topic) and all. You will be paid for each referral link. You can generally work well – found in the online issue of a user and quickly searched in response to Yandex. Add a link to your response code and place the new link. You for it even say thank you. Recommend working directly on the 10-15 forums. You can easily earning 50-100 rubles a day (he checked). The most important thing – you can earn online without a website. Remember, all payments on the Internet occur in the virtual money – webmoney or Yandex-money. Prior to the work should be to have purses. It will take 1-2 minutes. After that we can work with. Withdraw the money in cash is very easy. For example, top up your phone to your friends, getting them for that cash. Payment on the phone are sent out your purse in the second. Consider, take 1000-2000 rubles per month is very real. If suddenly you have earned more, you can use them to pay for internet or satellite dish, or you can simply transfer them to the bank card parents. If you have enough information in this article, you can read about the work for pupils of all ages in my articles in the site menu, and then later choose the best option for you income. The rule is simple – work on the Internet is not particularly dependent on age, can earn and 12 year olds.

Requiring Advertising

April 12, 2020


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Work from home. Let me introduce you to an internet resource of earnings at the highest level. Here you will find exciting opportunities that were not previously used by other similar sites. In addition, our support is always ready to listen to your ideas on optimization and addition of other opportunities for the most comfortable and interesting using of our site. Our users, we offer: referral bonus level 1 – $ 0.05 – Requiring payment deliveries by a cost from $ 0.0025.

– Requiring payment clicks by a cost from $ 0.0025. – 4 currencies is available for payments: U.S. dollars, rubles, euros and hryvnia! – CASUAL PAYMENTS for all users. – COMPETITIONS referals, advertisers, active users. – Surfing of sites. – Letters are paid similarly with the news of our site! – Exchange referrals. – Exchange accounts. – Exchange of credits.

– Games. – Payout $ 0.5. – Referral 3 – level 10% – 5% – 2% -. For advertisers, the most advantageous offer: – To order the advertisement does not require registration. – Most various types of advertising: deliveries, clicks, surfing, text links, banners, HTML advertising. – All letters are sent automatically. – Ability to view statistics of your advertising in graphical mode. – Now you do not need to wait for days booked advertising. Your advertising takes a place automatically! – Ability full control of the booked advertising feature in real time. – Detailed tuning at forming of advertising. – No need to pay more. Unused money return for advertising. Please do not Pozhela! – Surfing of sites. – Letters are paid similarly with the news of our site! – Exchange referrals. – Exchange accounts. – Exchange of credits. – Games. – Minimum to payment $ 0.5. – Referral 3 – level 10% – 5% – 2% -. For advertisers, the most advantageous offer: – To order the advertisement does not Registration required. – Most various types of advertising: deliveries, clicks, surfing, text links, banners, HTML advertising. – All letters are sent automatically. – Ability to view statistics of your advertising in a graphical mode. – Now you do not need to wait for days booked advertising. Your advertising takes a place automatically! – Complete checking of the booked advertising feature in real time. – Detailed tuning at forming advertising. – No need to pay more. Unused money return for advertising.

Make Money With Affiliate Programs

November 29, 2019


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Affiliate program – it's earnings on the Internet by bringing in other users and receive remuneration in the form of interest income from the system. Interest accrues on your account even after reaching your minimum payments for You get money for webmoney, for example. Affiliate there is a store, stock exchanges, ordinary sites. But they are quite different from each other. You will have an easy task which is based on the selection of high quality, profitable affiliate.

In this article I'll provide some rekomndatsy that will help you in choosing and working with affiliate programs. Tip 1 – First and most important – the presence of high-quality reporting in the affiliate program. That is, Dost to statistical data on your partners: how much is, how much have earned interest, etc. Some systems offer a leash Monthly reports in the form of letters Electrical – unsubscribe from such costs. You should see the complete statistics do you attract and pay. Tip 2 – Do not fall under the 'scam'! Many affiliate programs before sotrudnichat, notify the fact that you are required to pay money for a bag of unspecified 'Start earning through the Internet. " In 80 percent of these 100 affiliate leash are frauds. Avoid these ads.

Tip 3 – Look at what product offers your chosen affiliate program. That is, the product which will buy you attract users. Product or service must be requested on the market tsyfrovom Internet. If the goods do not demand that the income from affiliate programs will be minimal, and the time spent on the implementation of the strategy to attract referrals are great. Do not cover eyes on the price. It must be real and not go beyond. Tip 4 – Look at how many sites are involved in the chosen affiliate. Learn about the available methods of spam in the program. If it occurs – avoid the program. Tip 5 – Be sure to specify the source of your income with affiliate programs. That they would be? Pay per click or per sale? After that, decide what you will be more convenient or more efficient and profitable. Tip 6 – Analyze prrotses transition referrals directly to the site affiliate programs. Namely, whether the visitor can freely go back to your site? Tip 7 – Look at the nuances in the affiliate program. For example, place of residence (some U.S. only), the minimum sum withdrawals maximum, etc. Tip 8 – Strukturiziruyte affiliate in which you uchavstvuete in one table to the PC. This will help you quickly and bezpripyatstvenno view statistics systems. Tip 9 – Remember – 'SEO' your site with affiliate – the basis of your earnings. Promote the site. And the more traffic the more verotnost earnings. Tip 10 – Do not direct link to Use. Tie references to specific words in the text. Tip 11 – Subject to affiliate sootvedstvovat target audience. To broaden your perception, visit Larry Ellison. Tip 12 – Analysis of Income affiliate. Slabodohodnye strike out. At this all seems. In addition to earning affiliate programs I offer you a stable income with the help of freelancing, auctions. Additional income through Clicks sponsors. And also search for jobs using our website: manager, marketer, promoter, programmer, engineer, etc. If you decide to build a website – we will help in this. Read our blog about earnings and be in touch with the foundations of their own online business. Go to the forum about earnings and ask your question.

Earning Money Online

November 23, 2019


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Remote operation via Internet (freelance), is becoming more and more popular. (Similarly see: Southwest Airlines). Work on the Internet has now become accessible to everyone who has access to online and interested in her. Interested in how to make a Internet, then this site is for you If we consider growth in the number of network users to be successful is not so difficult. Just need a little patience and persistence, especially at the initial stage of development of the boundless space network. This section is intended for those who have not faced with wages on the Internet. Most people expect the Internet works great and very quick money, because many sites claim that you can earn from 500 to $ 5000 a month of work.

I must say that the amount of cash the size of the order of $ 500-1000 is available immediately, but only about a year working on the Internet. The typical amount of earnings in the first month on the Internet about small. But as you know, "Rome was not built." So, there are several ways to earn online: Postal sponsors, sponsors Clicks you register with a sponsor and start working. It is read promotional emails with the opening of the advertiser's site, click on the banner and postings on Web sites of advertisers. The work is not complicated, but for more or less noticeable profits You will need active referrals. CAP (Computer-hype) Do you fast, unlimited internet access and plenty of free time? Then this type of income is simply created for you! The technology is very simple – you view sites and systems you for it, charges credits, which can then be sold.


November 21, 2019


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Products in the English language but because now there is context and on-line translators, you can easily with the whole deal. Gary Kelly is likely to agree. Also, seeing the system of payments and little prior experience in MLM technology, it makes sense to create a small family “golden triangle”. Ie open just three business places, which comes first free, because an instant $ 21 payments and then, with the appearance of the sponsor of a new partner (or their partners the same), brings another $ 1 (instead of 0.5), because this volume has been on two “purse.” There are three places of business at the price of two! Think of other projects: CellWireless, Mageric etc. Total: $ 45 investment in “cash machine”! WHO CAN OFFER BETTER?? But it is for the “haves” and the ambitious … Now about the project details: Project work and officially licensed.

What you get benefits of this project? You invest in a business of $ 22 and get the store digital goods worth $ 5000 + to participate in the business. Fees from participants under the connections you are credited directly to your E-gold account. No skills! The commission partners for more than 90%! From these figures? Below I will write in detail. Disadvantage – the site of the project and products in the English language. This is certainly bad, but there is something actually read something. And the figures and images without you English see and understand. But there is a translation into German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, Estonian, Spanish – and this is an opportunity to advertise the project in other countries!

Hobby Home

November 21, 2019


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Not once have met people who end up with different departments, have college education. But many also having it all, work at home. And theirs activity is associated in most cases, an entirely different profession. That there is not one of which were finishing high school. Esdi be more specifically, working from home 'at myself' you can earn much more. In the Internet can work in a field that you like most. Surely everyone is his hobby. And everyone would be happy to work in the area which, though somehow related to his hobbies.

And if in real life is not always possible, in the digital marketplace working from home and still in his native direction – always have. We do not talking about the job search on the Internet. We talk exclusively about work at home and earning through the internet, for example you love to read a lot poezii. How to implement this hobby on the Internet? Actually very simple. Create your own page. This can be done free of charge. Fill it with your thoughts and ideas about books you have been read. Keep your blog on the network.

And the money you can receive by selling links, advertisements, write promotional articles and much more. Do you enjoy tinkering with the car? You love to learn technology upgrade car? No problem. Working with the machine in real life describe their actions online and earn money thereby sitting at home. A You can doctor or business advisor? No problem. Create your own website and consult people online. And while your family house budget will be increased several times by using the Internet. Zaroabatyvayte on the Internet. Not let go of this opportunity.

Content Management Systems

April 24, 2019


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The company "Armeks", released a new version of software "Content Management System ABO.CMS 5.1", which became much more functional and more convenient for users and developers. One major change in product has improved user interface, web site. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Larry Ellison. All modules in the administrative panel are divided into thematic units, and management of the site with the front part of the site has become more convenient due to the appearance of modes with the site. In the system, new modules: Module "Dating" will allow you to create a dating sites, where users can start their own profiles, upload photos, find each other and communicate. Module "Work" will open you new opportunities to place on the site and resume jobs, as well as thematic information related to career and personnel management.

Module "Map Google save you from the infinite creation of screenshots showing all your many offices in the city. Now you can quickly and easily, using the map on your website Google, check all your offices and put them on the basic information. Module "Scripts" will provide you with a convenient mechanism to manage their own scripts on your website. Also in the new version of the functional changes have occurred in almost all modules of the system, significantly enriched capabilities. As noted by Sergei Timokhin, director of design and development ABO.CMS – "In terms of features the system has exceeded ABO.CMS most similar solutions.

We hope that it will win the respect of the users and developers, and will become an indispensable tool for the development of any business "At the advent of new product versions and new editions appeared. A total of 5.1 ABO.CMS product has 6 versions. This diversity allows for more accurately select the required editors for solving the problems of the site. Product Editions ABO.CMS: Start – designed to create a site with minimal financial investment. Promo – allows to create a site for advertising companies to promote products and services on the Internet. Community – allows you to create rich information portals and online communities. Corporative – used to create corporate sites. Shop – needed to create online shops at any level of complexity. Business – is designed to provide comprehensive commercial and social activity on the Internet. The emergence of a new version of the product Company "Armeks" holds a special seminar to be revealed all the features of the product, but also consider the implementation of custom projects. To learn more about the seminar and to register on it please visit: