November 21, 2019


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Products in the English language but because now there is context and on-line translators, you can easily with the whole deal. Gary Kelly is likely to agree. Also, seeing the system of payments and little prior experience in MLM technology, it makes sense to create a small family “golden triangle”. Ie open just three business places, which comes first free, because an instant $ 21 payments and then, with the appearance of the sponsor of a new partner (or their partners the same), brings another $ 1 (instead of 0.5), because this volume has been on two “purse.” There are three places of business at the price of two! Think of other projects: CellWireless, Mageric etc. Total: $ 45 investment in “cash machine”! WHO CAN OFFER BETTER?? But it is for the “haves” and the ambitious … Now about the project details: Project work and officially licensed.

What you get benefits of this project? You invest in a business of $ 22 and get the store digital goods worth $ 5000 + to participate in the business. Fees from participants under the connections you are credited directly to your E-gold account. No skills! The commission partners for more than 90%! From these figures? Below I will write in detail. Disadvantage – the site of the project and products in the English language. This is certainly bad, but there is something actually read something. And the figures and images without you English see and understand. But there is a translation into German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, Estonian, Spanish – and this is an opportunity to advertise the project in other countries!