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April 14, 2020


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Twelve students earn almost impossible (unless the bottle or to collect garbage in the streets). But, thanks to the Internet, have such an opportunity. Of course, in order to work and earn money online Need certain knowledge, but since there is a job that is suitable for students 12 years old. Go to baby clothes for more information. Here is how to pay. 1.Razmeschenie files exchangers. You will pay money for something that your files will be someone to download. From you requires two steps – download the file and place a link to it anywhere.

Money you pay for downloads. The amount is not big like 10-30 cents, but you need to take into account the fact that the day may download and 1000 and 5000 thousands of times. And this is a hundred rubles. That downloaded as needed to comply with two conditions – a very interesting upload a file (such as a fresh program, or the latest movie) and place a link to such sites, where many visitors will see it. In principle, make on the files are even real.

2.Zarabotok on links. All you have to do is sign up for an affiliate program (for example, xxs). The principle of operation is – you find an interesting page on the Internet, take the link to it and add to it a special code to your affiliate program. Then place a customized link somewhere on the forums (of course, to the topic) and all. You will be paid for each referral link. You can generally work well – found in the online issue of a user and quickly searched in response to Yandex. Add a link to your response code and place the new link. You for it even say thank you. Recommend working directly on the 10-15 forums. You can easily earning 50-100 rubles a day (he checked). The most important thing – you can earn online without a website. Remember, all payments on the Internet occur in the virtual money – webmoney or Yandex-money. Prior to the work should be to have purses. It will take 1-2 minutes. After that we can work with. Withdraw the money in cash is very easy. For example, top up your phone to your friends, getting them for that cash. Payment on the phone are sent out your purse in the second. Consider, take 1000-2000 rubles per month is very real. If suddenly you have earned more, you can use them to pay for internet or satellite dish, or you can simply transfer them to the bank card parents. If you have enough information in this article, you can read about the work for pupils of all ages in my articles in the site menu, and then later choose the best option for you income. The rule is simple – work on the Internet is not particularly dependent on age, can earn and 12 year olds.