Internet Earnings

April 15, 2020


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Let me describe to you my personal experience, where and how I was able to earn and how much per year on the Internet. Take the condition that I'm still a schoolboy. Nearly a thousand dollars could make money on filling specific sites interesting articles. Ie found in interesting articles online, and then retold them in a text editor in your own words – a unique new article is ready. Put them in various online magazines.

Article requirements are the same everywhere, for example, the scope and relevance, so if you do not take on one site, placed on another. Paid for each publication, and everywhere in different ways between 1 and 10 dollars. I can say that the work of the author of articles rather promising employment, especially for beginners. Naturally student to earn only $ 1,000 per year is very small, so I'm still working on some fronts. Very profitable, I turned to affiliate programs. It's all very simple – a registered partner program of a store, and then placed their links anywhere.

Everyone who went to the link given was considered by me and my shop unfasten interest. Very well I came up with the sale of the telescopes. Author Links are literally in one forum (the students some astronomers) and for the year was able to sell only 10 telescopes. My bonus was about 50 thousand. Very not bad for a student! But this does not happen often, and money are always needed (I had a dream to buy a scooter). And I dream came true, as could earn more in one case (in this case could earn any school at all). I began to earn money for referrals. The bottom line is that you sign up for affiliate programs and webmasters get your referral link. Then run the ad anywhere on your affiliate program and a link there. Everyone who signs up through your link becomes your referral (as a vampire) and his income or expenses you get a percentage. Joke here is that with 100 people can be almost nothing to fuck, and you can accidentally stumble upon the rich and then one person provide you with money. In short, I enrolled in a five-year programs and has attracted about 50 people. And so it happened. Of 100 percent of my income somewhere brings 95 percent of one person but rather a campaign (I found) which is itself advertise in one program. Now I have a steady income of about 3,000 a month from just one referral. I think such a question – where can a man my age should disappear. I gave you a proven good ideas, you need to only try to realize them. Somewhere still get money. If the material is small, can read more of my articles on the menu. Perhaps because of these articles, you will earn your first thousands of dollars on the Internet.