April 15, 2020


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Click on it twice with the mouse. This opens the main window. Getting started. Open-to-last tab 'Options'. Figure 2. Setting up FTP-access push the button 'Settings FTP' button and we enter our access settings (the second line in the figure). Quite simply, no explanation required. If you work through a proxy, an example I refer to the first line.

The first column is written IP-address of your proxy server, then login and file sharing across a dog, a password (not shown) and the maximum file size in megabytes you are ready to fill in for Filehoster.ru. That is, if you put the 100 MB limit, and your backup weighs 120MB, then it will be filled on file sharing. Be sure to test the connection click on 'Test'. If successful, the test start create a backup task itself. Open the first tab 'Tasks'. Figure 3.

The main window is two times to click on the name TEST and rename it to something more meaningful, like 'My backup'. On button 'Next' move to the second tab 'Folders and Files' Figure 4. Bookmark 'Folders and Files' Here we tick the documents that we want to put in the backup (backup). First install a minimum set of documents. For example, only the 'Favorites' – your bookmarks. Vdalneyshem, you can always return to this tab and expand the list. Sources of information listed, go to the next tab – 'Vault'. Figure 5. Bookmark 'Store' Required to specify where to store the backups. For the rapid restoration of the documents needed to back up your lie somewhere close at hand.