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May 14, 2020


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I want you to site promotion service, which offers not only to promote a site, but at the same time and earn decent. The cost of registering your site is 300 rubles. After payment you will receive an affiliate link and advertising its receive for each, come in here Vyshey – 100R. Thus bringing 3 new members you get your money back. The system has 6 levels. For the project came in on the links of your referrals you receive 20R. Registering with the service you get a triple benefit.

Benefit 1. Automatic registration of site in 600 white catalogs. After completion of registration you will receive a report from our service c indicating the addresses of all the directories where was recorded on your site. Auto-registration the catalogs will be available after paying ads. Our service will help you promote your site in search engines, as well as help attract the target audience to your website. Benefit 2. You are guaranteed to get visitors to your site. When you register to the service your site will be automatically registered in our own catalog.

At the same time you get your own page with their an ad in position 1. Advertising your link, you will attract new partners. When you register they will have to look at your site. New users get their page with your ad in position 1. Your ad goes to the second position. Registered on your link, users are beginning to advertise your link and also provide displays on your site. Visit baby clothes for more clarity on the issue. Your web-site will show up as long as it is on any 6-positions. Benefit 3. You get a source of stable income. Advertising your link, you will attract new partners. For each registration you get $ 100. If you have registered with us is not a site but a few, then your commission can reach up to 200 rubles for a registration. You will also receive interest on the registration of your partners. Here’s what you get: 1. Announcement on first position – $ 100 2. Announcement on the 2nd position – 20 USD 3. Announcement on the 3rd position – 20 USD 4. Announcement on the 4th position – 20 USD 5. Announcement on the 5th position – 20 USD 6. Announcement on the 2nd position – 20 USD Total: 200 rub. (That is, if you choose to register their sites 6, all six items on your page will be filled with your ads. This means that the registration of each new partner for his link, you get 200 rubles). How much can you earn on it? Here is an example: Suppose you have registered just one site. Next on your link were 5 users, they also drew five partners, who in turn also invited five new members, etc. In this calculation the amount of your earnings will be 391000r. A lot of it, five partners? If you treat your advertising links Seriously, you can attract a greater number of people per day. After hundreds of are paid systems and promote their sites here, an additional and earnings. Is it possible to earn without having their site? Yes you can. You can register any site, such as So one conclusion: checking in for registration is on my site Good luck.