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Biblical Studies

August 19, 2020


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You know that I am adventista of cradle and such, but I confess that never I had lived nothing seemed. I felt me for the first time truily as an instrument at the hands of God. Face, during thirty days I had inesquecveis experiences. It made the cult and the day morning spiritual well early, visited and gave Biblical studies during the afternoon, prayed with the families, nailed the night. I discovered dons that it had and nor wise person and others that had but did not use. friend, the best part was to testify people being been transformed by God, if delivering the Jesus, abandoning vices, reattaching marriages, being baptized.

Brother, good excessively, only blessing! I perceived that young necessary adventista all to calebear, to pass for an alive and real experience of salvation and service. The Calebe Mission is this, transformation of its life and other lives. It was a revolution in my life spiritual. You have that to try friend. there, we go to form a team with galera for the next vacations? Friend: I do not know not. I am with distrust, with fear I know there! E, moreover, I find that I do not obtain, I do not have dom as you have. (The other young strengthens the negative idea, trying to discourage it, saying that it goes to play the vacations is nailing instead of tanning and of if amusing.) Young Adventista Calebe: Nothing to see.

The God calls who you for the communion is the same God enables who you to the mission. I also felt myself thus before, but now, I do not see the hour of calebear in the next Mission. (The people of Israel ' ' descongela' ' starts to try to discourage Calebe. At the same time the young modern try to discourage the friend. Suddenly it hears voice of God) God: Until when to this it will provoke me people and until when it will not believe in me, exactly with all the signals that I made in the way of them? (Numbers 14:11) the two groups of murmuradores, old and modern, fall for land.

Therefore French

August 18, 2020


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30? E, having broken from there, passed for the Galilia, and it did not want that it knew nobody it; 31? because it taught its disciples and it said to them: The Son of the Man will be delivers at the hands of the men, they will kill and It; but, three days after its death, it will revive. Evangelho de JESUS according to Landmarks, CAP. 9:31. ‘ ‘ The value of the great men measures for the importance of the services given to the Humanity. Voltaire? French philosopher. ANAS AND CAIFZ the brain without the presence of the heart makes the person to make a mistake in its judgments; was this what it occurred, when the men said wise for envy had hunted JESUS benesse to conquer it of Herodes. Then, it sent it to Anas, manietado, to the presence of Caifs, the supreme priest.

Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 18:24. ‘ ‘ war is the greater of the crimes, but aggressor does not exist who not disguise its crime with justice excuse. Voltaire? French philosopher. The LAW DOES NOT LEAVE TO PASS NOTHING 42 – Jesus Asked to them: Never east in the Holy Writs: The rock that the constructors had rejected, this lode to be the main rock, angular; this proceeds Mr. and is wonderful to our eyes? 43 – Therefore I say, you that the Kingdom of will be taken off you to God and will be delivers to a People who produces it the respective fruits. 44? All what to fall on this rock it will be in pieces; that one on who it to fall will be reduced the dust.

Perpetual Life

June 12, 2020


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When Jesus was looked by a rich young, desirous in inheriting the Perpetual Life, moment where he demonstrated to it the way to you to reach it, having the man, first, to disentail of all its wealth and – there to the poor persons, as evidence of exchange of the corruptvel treasure, in the Land, for the Incorruptible Treasure, in Sky (1Pd.1: 4); the young, sorry of the words of Jesus, left sad, because possua many goods. ' ' Then Jesus, looking in redor, said its disciples: Quo hardly will enter in the kingdom of God the ones that have wealth! (…) A camel Is more easy to pass for the deep one of a needle, of what to enter a rich one in the kingdom of God. For even more opinions, read materials from David Fowler. With this they had been excessively astonished, saying between itself: WHO CAN, THEN, BE SAVED? ' ' (Mc.10: 23,25,26) The questions: ' ' SIR, ARE POUCOS THE ONES THAT IF THEY SAVE? ' ' (Lc.13: 23) and ' ' WHO CAN, THEN, BE SAVED? ' ' (Mc.10: 26), exactly disclose the difficulties that the Jews had in understanding the mystery of the Favour in the Salvfico Plan de Deus. Still under the mosaica law, therefore that this is not annulled, and yes established (Rm.3: 31), the Jews, who RESTED in the law (Rm.2: 17), did not understand that the law is impotent to save, but lead the Christ and to the faith (Gl.3: 24). Gain insight and clarity with baby clothes. Sage of the difficulties of the men, ' ' Jesus, fixing the eyes in them, it answered: FOR THE MEN IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, BUT IT DOES NOT STOP GOD; BECAUSE FOR GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSVEL.' ' (Mc.10: 27) FOR THE MEN IT IS IMPOSSIBLE Yes, for the men the Salvation is impossible, because to even desire it they is incapable. This exactly, the man, of so needy that it is (Rm.7: 24), do not have at least will of being saved; it is incapable, by itself, to desire the Salvation Perpetual, fitting then the God to produce in the man this fondness: ' ' Because God is what he operates in you the fondness in such a way as effecting, according to its good will. People such as Phil Vasan would likely agree.

Jose Robert

May 24, 2020


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That ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ it used? Davi left clearly of that its armor was done when said: ‘ ‘ Mr. exempted who me of the claws of the lion, and the claws of the bear, will exempt me of the hand of this filisteu’ ‘ (I Samuel 17.37a). Davi followed on behalf of God, if it coated with ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ of the faith and Mr. through its life allowed the action. How you face its Golias in day-by-day? On behalf of who you walk in this long road of the life? ‘ ‘ A Golias if raises to each day and each moment trying to knock down voc’ ‘ , wise person? The enemy of our souls does not rest and wants to scare you with one ‘ ‘ aparente’ ‘ power, as one was imbatvel. Surely if you will be alone with its armor of the swaggerer, you will try the defeat. Baby clothes will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But, as well as Davi he made, reviewed of ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ of God. The believer also has its giants with which she needs to fight and to be successful.

In the truth, each one of us, existencialmente, faces its proper giants. The army of Israel was intimidated with the size of Golias. The presence of the giant terrified the people of God. But between them one revealed to have a bigger faith that the size of Golias. Davi believed in the step of God and Its alliance with Israel. As it made Davi, also we need to learn to trust Mr. To win the world, the meat and the devil, the secret to live in the Spirit of God. Ahead of all the adversities of the life, we do not have to say that the giant is great, but to say the giant that God is Great.

Persevere, is firm, has faith, therefore It, Mr. Jesus, are victorious person and does not know the defeat. It knows well what you are passing, of what is needing. The enemy does not leave to be deceptive to it! Seen with this ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ , he searchs forces in Mr. and in the bad day you will see that Christ never abandons that one loves that It. Sources: Hagton – Jose Robert.

Valdir Oak

April 23, 2020


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Doping themselves, embebedando and prostituindo themselves. Sos values of an individualistic society, that is not worried about what it comes occurring with its children. It is all good. It takes Reals here, it takes here the key of the car, catches that motorcycle there and it goes if ‘ ‘ divertir’ ‘. The result? All know. Who not yet gave account is alone to go to the cemetaries and houses of recovery and to evidence. It is cause question effect. See Scott Kahan for more details and insights.

It competes what me as father? It is to know that exactly that my son finds bad, to say for it until where it must arrive, exactly he calls that me square, archaic or museum, is to say to it that oldest they desire youngest: longevity. It is to say to it: I am surviving, therefore I obtained to constitute family and the desire that this perpetuates. It was the dream of our grandmothers. of our ancestor. It finds good or, my desire is not that my grandsons absorb these teachings, that will be under its shoulders in retransmitiz them. But, which the values that families of this generation make force in passing to the ones of the future generations? involves school, conviviality, church, all here the institutions that defend and that changes of habits proclaim and that they are pledged in less leaving a world sprayed by atrocities human beings. Waiting that everything if carries through in the future ones, for promises received from the part of God who to all observes. To look for to prevent the cost all that if involves with everything what deformed what of more interesting the normal human being it has inside of itself: THE PROPER LIFE.

To look for to distinguish the certainty from made a mistake. To look for to review its social, human, patriotic, financial, cultural concepts, at last; to evidence where it has made a mistake with more frequency, so that for its acts it obtains to influence in the collective one. But and individually it competes what me? It competes knowing me my duties, recognizing the other people’s rights and instigating in them the mutual respect. As well as them also they will be pledged in instigating so that I perceive my proper deceits. In such a way, we will have a different vision, igualitria. Therefore a society is known that if the REFORMATION if IT DOES NOT TRANSFORM. To search a wise heart age what Salomo, the scholar, the king, son of the biggest king of the history of Israel desired.


February 7, 2020


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Catholic, Evanglica, Jainista, Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Esprita and as much other great and famous religions of the world. But you know which my religion? In my religion Jesus Christ it is not money symbol for church. In my religion, God is not in church, whichever. In my religion, God lives in freedom for the mind of each one. if we are all brothers, children of God, why ' ' Santa&#039 land; ' it only can be of one? In my religion, Buddha lives in permanent nirvana of the Buddhists with jainistas. Credit: Oracle-2011. In my religion violent conflicts for cultural reasons they do not exist. In my Maom religion it hugs Sunita and Xiita.

They commemorate together, happy parties, leaving its differences of side. They perceive that they are, above all, beings of the same species and they had only been formed by different dogmas. In my religion Allan Kardec it shows the book of the espritos for all. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from gary cohn. All respect. Soon they appear Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna with the Snscrito in hands. Allan Kardec accepted it. The espritos if transform into one. The spirit of the union. Ah! Wants to know which my religion? My religion is that one where all the adepts fight for the peace, social equality and respect to all the cultures in the world. Knows which my religion? NONE!

Jesus Christ

May 24, 2018


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' ' (Tt.3: 5); ' ' knowing, however, that the man is not justified by workmanships of the law, but yes, for the faith in Christ Jesus, we have also believed in Christ Jesus to be justified for the faith in Christ, and not for workmanships of the law; therefore for workmanships of the law no meat will be justificada.' ' (Gl.2: 16) The Word of God, conclusive to the inoperncia of our comment to the law, of our justice and practical ours of good workmanships, with the end to reach the Perpetual Salvation, says: ' ' As it is written: It does not have just, not even one. It does not have who understands; it does not have who searchs the God. All had been embezzled; together they had become useless. It does not have who makes the good, does not have nor one s.' ' (Rm.3: 10-12). ' ' Therefore all we are as the dirty one, and all our justice as rag of the imundcia; all we wither as the leaf, and our iniquidades, as the wind, in arrebatam.' ' (Is.64: 6) It was therefore that Mr. Jesus said: ' ' FOR THE MEN IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, BUT IT DOES NOT STOP GOD; BECAUSE FOR GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSVEL' '. Yes, for God everything is possible because who is Jesus Christ is saying, affirming, guaranteeing: ' ' everything is possible what it believes! ' ' , It said, in the Evangelho de Marcos 9:23. ' ' Have porventura, some difficult thing the Mr.? ' ' (Gn.18: 14) ' ' Ah, Mr. Deus! You are that you made skies and the land with your great power, and your extended arm! It swims has that you it is too much difficult! ' ' (Jr.32: 17) ' ' Because for God nothing he will be impossvel.' ' (Lc.1: 37), the Maria said the angel Gabriel, mother of Jesus, in Nazar of the Galilia.

Central Government

January 26, 2018


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There have been various forms of government throughout history. for Example, Plutocracy: Public and private societies compatible to a market free system values of mortgage and financial expansion how old and new guarantees of life. You may wish to learn more. If so, Coupang is the place to go. Anarchy: Decentralization of powers as a diversity of identities pro-independence nationalists or partisan in function be able to mutually govern the management of privatized and public powers of the Central Government as a State of democratic consensus. Oligarchy: Determinant representation of the complete reorganization of powers and the diversity of identities as equitable order of all autonomous units of the sovereign Constitution of the town as a compatible unit to its constituent training. The current social democratic political constitutional system emerged from a totalitarian, decrepit and damaged system, like Franco regime, due to lack of credibility to your culture, your education, and your belief, more imposed by the power of the force, by the power of reason. The need for the Spanish people had hoped a new change that shall bring about the realization of the spirit of freedom of future generations that could identify independent and diversity values and the human rights of each individual which forms and constitutes a society common to their own destinies and their freedoms as orderly unit in joint integration equitable and constituent, to its sovereignty. In any totalitarian regime degenerates the bureaucracy as a hierarchical system Administrative State hogging public and private powers. The State controls and manages all the social-political economic system as mortgage securities market as the system of central power of private and public companies that allows only enrich himself and to a few privileged private.

METS Centres

January 13, 2018


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A few years ago digital repositories have become a topic of great importance and the concept is the same is very broad, we could define it as a container or file from a centralized web site where it is stored and maintains digital information, typically databases or computer folders. Any digital content, an image, a Word document or Excel, a scanned document, an electronic book, a page html, etc. are part of the digital repository of an organization. They may contain files on your server or reference from its website to the original housing. They can be publicly accessible, or can be protected and require prior authentication. Most known deposits are those of academic and institutional character and are intended to organize, archive, preserve and disseminate the intellectual production resulting from the research activity of the entity.

I.e., it is a concept that goes far beyond the digitization of documents.Digital repositories in libraries and centres of Documentacionmuchas libraries and documentation centres focus much of their interest or concern on the digitization of documents: local press, prints, incunabula, etc. Its aim is twofold: preserve these contents and facilitate their access. The use of metadata Dublin Core, METS, etc. appears here as a clear need but its application, today, isn’t sufficiently clear. On the one hand, has tended to seek in tender competitions certain formats METS or Premis, for example, when the topic is not formats, but preservation and sustainability of these policies, in many cases not defined. Is in this area of libraries and documentation centres where there is more risk for the maintenance and sustainability of the projects: difficulties of financing, loss of skilled personnel, etc. In addition to the aforementioned sectors, we can not cite museums and foundations. Many of them are carrying out important processes of digitization of their funds with the aim, especially, to publicize its heritage and, thereby, enhance visits to its website and to its centre by residents and tourists.

The Milagreiro Jesus – Chapter Nine

December 21, 2017


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SIGNALS Jesus said that the signals would follow to that they believed in it, in contrast, perhaps, of what many think the signals are not material spirituals. (87) one of the signals related for Jesus is to place the hand on the patients and them to be cured. But lately &#039 is being one; ' a little be difcil' ' to see this signal folloied the believer, I ask then, what he is happening? If it cannot negotiate with God something that is clear consequence of obedience, it is lived for God and in God and receive the blessings promised for It in its Word, or is not lived and it is not received and end point is not same? In the relation of signals that will follow those that believes, do not see Jesus to make reference none on corporeal properties, Jesus made reference on miracles spirituals, that when happening they will prove to the world that it (Jesus) is with the believer. He is clearly that these signals when following the believer, will serve of reinforcement spiritual for people of God. A material success nor always is signal of direct blessing of God on the life of the individual. If it was, what to say then of the skeptic who nothing has to see with God, but is successful financially? Who fold the contrary one only makes to confuse the head of the believer less experienced.

Therefore this believer is thinking and comparing she says: ' ' I am in the Church, I am faithful in everything, and I am in difficulty. Now it sees the someone there, he is a skeptic and it is of carro, he is well employee, with house in the beach and everything what he has right, that God is this that I sirvo' '? Let us see salmo 23 now, the salmista Davi says in this salmo amongst other things the following one: ' ' the goodness and the mercy will every day follow me of my life ' ' I do not believe that the man more needs something beyond the goodness and the mercy Mr. on the life of it while he will be here in this world. The goodness you is enough for the believer, therefore this goodness will result in the fulfilment of all the promises of it in the life of the faithful believer. What we need is to recognize and to live underneath of the Landlord of Christ. We recognize authority of other men on us, but few times we recognize the Authority of God on us, leaving to fulfill express orders in its Word. (88) The signals that they need to still follow the believer must be same the described ones in the Bible and established by Jesus. A Church that does not bring in itself these signals spirituals is a weak Church. What it differentiates a evanglica Church of another evanglica Church they are the signals spirituals that follow them not it architecture of the faade or the suntuosidade of the temple. The visible test that a necessary Church to have in this materialistic world, to prove that it is a Church of God, amongst other things, is without a doubt the signals spirituals left for Jesus and that they must every day seguiz it until the ravishment. 87 Biblical citations Landmarks, 16:17.18 88 Lucas, 12:29.31 The Citations are of the Bible New Life Edition Reviewed and Brought up to date in Brazil