METS Centres

January 13, 2018


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A few years ago digital repositories have become a topic of great importance and the concept is the same is very broad, we could define it as a container or file from a centralized web site where it is stored and maintains digital information, typically databases or computer folders. Any digital content, an image, a Word document or Excel, a scanned document, an electronic book, a page html, etc. are part of the digital repository of an organization. They may contain files on your server or reference from its website to the original housing. They can be publicly accessible, or can be protected and require prior authentication. Most known deposits are those of academic and institutional character and are intended to organize, archive, preserve and disseminate the intellectual production resulting from the research activity of the entity.

I.e., it is a concept that goes far beyond the digitization of documents.Digital repositories in libraries and centres of Documentacionmuchas libraries and documentation centres focus much of their interest or concern on the digitization of documents: local press, prints, incunabula, etc. Its aim is twofold: preserve these contents and facilitate their access. The use of metadata Dublin Core, METS, etc. appears here as a clear need but its application, today, isn’t sufficiently clear. On the one hand, has tended to seek in tender competitions certain formats METS or Premis, for example, when the topic is not formats, but preservation and sustainability of these policies, in many cases not defined. Is in this area of libraries and documentation centres where there is more risk for the maintenance and sustainability of the projects: difficulties of financing, loss of skilled personnel, etc. In addition to the aforementioned sectors, we can not cite museums and foundations. Many of them are carrying out important processes of digitization of their funds with the aim, especially, to publicize its heritage and, thereby, enhance visits to its website and to its centre by residents and tourists.