Valdir Oak

April 23, 2020


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Doping themselves, embebedando and prostituindo themselves. Sos values of an individualistic society, that is not worried about what it comes occurring with its children. It is all good. It takes Reals here, it takes here the key of the car, catches that motorcycle there and it goes if ‘ ‘ divertir’ ‘. The result? All know. Who not yet gave account is alone to go to the cemetaries and houses of recovery and to evidence. It is cause question effect. See Scott Kahan for more details and insights.

It competes what me as father? It is to know that exactly that my son finds bad, to say for it until where it must arrive, exactly he calls that me square, archaic or museum, is to say to it that oldest they desire youngest: longevity. It is to say to it: I am surviving, therefore I obtained to constitute family and the desire that this perpetuates. It was the dream of our grandmothers. of our ancestor. It finds good or, my desire is not that my grandsons absorb these teachings, that will be under its shoulders in retransmitiz them. But, which the values that families of this generation make force in passing to the ones of the future generations? involves school, conviviality, church, all here the institutions that defend and that changes of habits proclaim and that they are pledged in less leaving a world sprayed by atrocities human beings. Waiting that everything if carries through in the future ones, for promises received from the part of God who to all observes. To look for to prevent the cost all that if involves with everything what deformed what of more interesting the normal human being it has inside of itself: THE PROPER LIFE.

To look for to distinguish the certainty from made a mistake. To look for to review its social, human, patriotic, financial, cultural concepts, at last; to evidence where it has made a mistake with more frequency, so that for its acts it obtains to influence in the collective one. But and individually it competes what me? It competes knowing me my duties, recognizing the other people’s rights and instigating in them the mutual respect. As well as them also they will be pledged in instigating so that I perceive my proper deceits. In such a way, we will have a different vision, igualitria. Therefore a society is known that if the REFORMATION if IT DOES NOT TRANSFORM. To search a wise heart age what Salomo, the scholar, the king, son of the biggest king of the history of Israel desired.