The Milagreiro Jesus – Chapter Nine

December 21, 2017


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SIGNALS Jesus said that the signals would follow to that they believed in it, in contrast, perhaps, of what many think the signals are not material spirituals. (87) one of the signals related for Jesus is to place the hand on the patients and them to be cured. But lately &#039 is being one; ' a little be difcil' ' to see this signal folloied the believer, I ask then, what he is happening? If it cannot negotiate with God something that is clear consequence of obedience, it is lived for God and in God and receive the blessings promised for It in its Word, or is not lived and it is not received and end point is not same? In the relation of signals that will follow those that believes, do not see Jesus to make reference none on corporeal properties, Jesus made reference on miracles spirituals, that when happening they will prove to the world that it (Jesus) is with the believer. He is clearly that these signals when following the believer, will serve of reinforcement spiritual for people of God. A material success nor always is signal of direct blessing of God on the life of the individual. If it was, what to say then of the skeptic who nothing has to see with God, but is successful financially? Who fold the contrary one only makes to confuse the head of the believer less experienced.

Therefore this believer is thinking and comparing she says: ' ' I am in the Church, I am faithful in everything, and I am in difficulty. Now it sees the someone there, he is a skeptic and it is of carro, he is well employee, with house in the beach and everything what he has right, that God is this that I sirvo' '? Let us see salmo 23 now, the salmista Davi says in this salmo amongst other things the following one: ' ' the goodness and the mercy will every day follow me of my life ' ' I do not believe that the man more needs something beyond the goodness and the mercy Mr. on the life of it while he will be here in this world. The goodness you is enough for the believer, therefore this goodness will result in the fulfilment of all the promises of it in the life of the faithful believer. What we need is to recognize and to live underneath of the Landlord of Christ. We recognize authority of other men on us, but few times we recognize the Authority of God on us, leaving to fulfill express orders in its Word. (88) The signals that they need to still follow the believer must be same the described ones in the Bible and established by Jesus. A Church that does not bring in itself these signals spirituals is a weak Church. What it differentiates a evanglica Church of another evanglica Church they are the signals spirituals that follow them not it architecture of the faade or the suntuosidade of the temple. The visible test that a necessary Church to have in this materialistic world, to prove that it is a Church of God, amongst other things, is without a doubt the signals spirituals left for Jesus and that they must every day seguiz it until the ravishment. 87 Biblical citations Landmarks, 16:17.18 88 Lucas, 12:29.31 The Citations are of the Bible New Life Edition Reviewed and Brought up to date in Brazil