Jose Robert

May 24, 2020


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That ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ it used? Davi left clearly of that its armor was done when said: ‘ ‘ Mr. exempted who me of the claws of the lion, and the claws of the bear, will exempt me of the hand of this filisteu’ ‘ (I Samuel 17.37a). Davi followed on behalf of God, if it coated with ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ of the faith and Mr. through its life allowed the action. How you face its Golias in day-by-day? On behalf of who you walk in this long road of the life? ‘ ‘ A Golias if raises to each day and each moment trying to knock down voc’ ‘ , wise person? The enemy of our souls does not rest and wants to scare you with one ‘ ‘ aparente’ ‘ power, as one was imbatvel. Surely if you will be alone with its armor of the swaggerer, you will try the defeat. Baby clothes will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But, as well as Davi he made, reviewed of ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ of God. The believer also has its giants with which she needs to fight and to be successful.

In the truth, each one of us, existencialmente, faces its proper giants. The army of Israel was intimidated with the size of Golias. The presence of the giant terrified the people of God. But between them one revealed to have a bigger faith that the size of Golias. Davi believed in the step of God and Its alliance with Israel. As it made Davi, also we need to learn to trust Mr. To win the world, the meat and the devil, the secret to live in the Spirit of God. Ahead of all the adversities of the life, we do not have to say that the giant is great, but to say the giant that God is Great.

Persevere, is firm, has faith, therefore It, Mr. Jesus, are victorious person and does not know the defeat. It knows well what you are passing, of what is needing. The enemy does not leave to be deceptive to it! Seen with this ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ , he searchs forces in Mr. and in the bad day you will see that Christ never abandons that one loves that It. Sources: Hagton – Jose Robert.