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Large Deposit Base Job Team

October 24, 2018


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During the period from February to May 2010 at the Exhibition Companies CREW registered more than 4,000 companies and now the total number of participants is 11 300 companies from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, which regularly publish their vacancies. Also in April-May 2010, employment portal CREW began to work actively with its partners – online job search services and employment agencies. Every day in the Job Fair publishes new vacancies from different companies Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Larry Ellison has compatible beliefs. Company Registration allows you to get free quality advertising and additional free features: Publishing of information about the company in a popular directory organizatsiy.Otkrytie virtual offices in other cities – the company can open new markets for their products and services through virtual offices, which do not require financial costs, but can attract new employees klientov.Poisk – free publication of vacancies and access to the resume direct contacts with applicants – a free service to rabotodateley.Partnerskie conditions – the organizations concerned, we are ready to offer favorable conditions cooperation. SPECIAL OFFERS FROM THE SITE CREW We offer the following opportunities for cooperation and advertising on the portal team of professionals CREW: Partner Program for Internet resources, and companies employment. Inexpensive and effective banner ads targeted to cities and countries. Litecoin gathered all the information. Distribution of content – accommodation / translation guide companies on third-party Web resources – Directory of companies added to the list Information Services web portal without any extra costs and resources to support it. CREW TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS Companies are looking for employees, employees of companies looking for work and training opportunities – we invite them to CREW.Missiya team of professionals – the formation of an open market truda.Tsel – Consolidation of information and the tools for solving human voprosov.Zadacha – get rid of unnecessary routine in the selection of personnel. Portal started July 1, 2009, but already has attendance 120 000 per month, with the audience of the portal – it's professionals, university graduates, representatives of Companies to Work For. Learn more about this with Laurent Potdevin. We only offer high-quality audience that in Later we can segment the social and geographical criteria for convenience of advertisers.

Earning Difficulties

July 20, 2016


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Many users world-wide network interested in earning online. This conclusion can be justified on the basis of the number of queries in search engines world wide web. Proposals on earnings in the same network date, there are plenty of uniquely, even more than the request. That is, the supply exceeds the demand. And all of these various proposals to make money on the network coming down Internet users who have a desire to cash in on your computer.

And here is the first problem that arises for beginners – what to do, where to direct their efforts to cash in on the computer? To address this problems can take a lot of time, possibly more than one month and not two. In reviewing the many proposals for money on the internet that are so full of Internet sites, you must be prepared to the fact that the lion's share of many of the proposals – it offers on earnings by walking on the links or offers to participate in pyramid schemes. It is very likely a novice gets his first experience on earnings in the network described above. And with a high probability, after working a week, a different way, earns nothing. Force spent many, but proceeds almost zero, at best. In the worst possible and goodbye to some of their savings, having participated, for example, in some kind of dubious pyramid schemes. But here, as they say, their own experience the most effective. Newcomers to find jobs in the network, it is desirable to do so with a cool head.

Financial Pyramid

November 9, 2015


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A detailed explanation for what you give away your money. 3. Shares. Now in more detail. Clear organization "Headquarters" – they have a clear office where people could come and talk, find out more. Even the meeting they had.

In general, with all mean "transparent" – come, look. Explanation – well, where do without them? All told, not one once. What, how, why, why, how … In general, all excuses sifted through questioning. Equity – is the key to everything. When a person is something someone gives you involuntarily nervous – return it? And then all great – ACTION. One Campaign "MMM" – even sounds good and solid. Well, after all who immediately think that action is the same as for a candy wrapper and candy.

Well, I think understand what and how. Now I will tell you and how it looks on the Internet. It looks all very honestly and decently: major title, a serious site, etc. Appeal only to "you", all appear with passwords (email, ICQ, Skype, websites, fax numbers, mobile and fixed telephones, etc.) – call anywhere and anyone, all confirm about all told. Everything is so skillfully and beautifully, that the idea that it is – cheating does not occur. It's a shame about it even to think. And how to understand that this is a pyramid? It is so easy, that's ridiculous to get. You just have to Remember the axiom "Business Package = Financial Pyramid". From this it follows: Buy = Business Package to get involved in pyramid scheme.