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April 23, 2019


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Bench experiments performed to investigate the possibilities and the sorption kinetics of trypsin in water, showed high efficiency of this hemosorbent. During the perfusion solution through a mass transfer device with the hemosorbents removed not only trypsin but also chymotrypsin, plasmin, acrosyn, leukocyte elastase of human, pig pancreatic elastase and other serine proteases. Study. conducted on an experimental model pancreatitis as the first clinical experience with this hemosorbent showed the fundamental possibility of correction using this hemosorbent violations proteinase inhibitor-system. Biospecific ANTIPROTEINAZNY hemosorbent 'OVOSORB' IN THE TREATMENT OF EXPERIMENTAL PERITONITIS One of the main components of the pathogenesis of diffuse purulent peritonitis (RSE) is unlimited activation of all parts of the endogenous proteolysis. A related body proteins biodegradation leads to severe protein malnutrition, and fluid accumulation in the media of biologically active products of final and intermediate metabolism of proteins. It circumstance, as well as the deepening of dystrophy, including detoxification system, contribute to the formation of persistent toxemia. In order to explore the possibilities of correction of protein metabolism by extraction from the blood of excess activated by proteases biospecific hemosorption an experimental study on the model diffuse purulent peritonitis in purebred dogs.

Weight of animals ranged ranging from 12 to 33 kg. All of them were in the normal diet of the vivarium. Diffuse purulent peritonitis was simulated under morphine anesthesia performed using thiopental by median laparotomy, mobilization and ligation at the base of the reduced process of the cecum, the intraoperative his injuries through all the layers deomentizatsii. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kevin Plank. After 24 hours, was carried out relaparotomy, the removal process and reorganization of the abdominal cavity. From that day the animal was administered a course of infusion therapy (2-fold, with an interval of one day), which included saline (laktosol, atsesol, Ringer's solution) and 10% albumin solution. Ratio of crystalloid to albumin was 2:1. The total volume of injected fluid averaged 20ml/kg body weight.

Korea Symptoms

March 23, 2018


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Theoretical propositions of the science of PTSD is based primarily on studies of general adaptation syndrome (Selye H., 1936) theory of cognitive Dissonance Leon Festinger (Festinger L., 1957), on the model of Horowitz MJ (1975). In his works should stay a few more. He identified three main groups of symptoms: 1.chrezmernoe arousal, including autonomic lability, dissomnii, anxiety, intrusive recollections, avoidance of situations associated with trauma. 2.periodicheskie bouts of depressed mood with anhedonia, alexithymia, and emotional rigidity, and a sense of despair hopelessness. 3.cherty hysterical response in the form of astasia-Abaza, mutism, amblyopia, paralysis. (Similarly see: Coupang). In a particular embodiment, these symptoms disappear in most of the work on PTSD. In addition Horowitz MJ (1985) described phases of PTSD: 1.Otchayanie – acute anxiety without a clear understanding of the significance of what happened 2.Otritsanie – insomnia, amnesia, withdrawal reaction, numbness, physical symptoms 3.Navyazchivost – explosive reaction, emotional lability, chronic state of hyperexcitability with sleep disorders 4.Prorabatyvanie – understanding the causes of trauma and grief 5.Zavershenie – new plans for the future. Of the other works which laid the basis for the study of PTSD should mention the work Neiderland W.

Balanced Diet

February 19, 2018


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The desire for a healthy lifestyle is gaining momentum. The population of highly industrialized countries have been open to anything that makes people healthier. At this wave, food industry begins to shift to manufacture of food products with new properties that improve health. Name the new location: a functional food. Positive impact on the human body of substances contained in certain foods, all increasingly becoming the subject of numerous investigations. Scientific progress makes it easier to find the connection between the biochemical structures that occur naturally in foods and their influence on health. But not only success in science and technologies awaken interest create new products functional nutrition.

Due increasing costs medical assistance everyone increasingly interested in self-sustaining health. At any age, people want to be workable and in good shape. For this prizoditsya think about how to comply with a healthy lifestyle. Modern products functional foods should not only be kept as long as possible, but quickly prepared and digested. At the same time they must either be the maintenance of health or its recovery. Thus, attention to healthy food is high, but the confusion around the so-called functional foods is also sufficient. What is functional food? Under this concept refers to food that means adding certain food ingredients vary so that they are beginning to show a specific benefit. In Japan, the birthplace of healthier foods, have formed the following definition: Functional food is food (not capsules, tablets or powders), which are used in the production of substances of natural origin.