The Body

April 8, 2020


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Second, when disproportionate reaction vision of the situation is not fully adequate. A man reacts to his usual manner in situations remotely resembling it experienced in the past. Essentially, it fights the 'windmills' and 'Ghosts' of his past. For example, women formed a friendship with her friends and every time period for the joy of finding a new friend, there is disappointment in him and break relationships. The reason most painful parting in her opinion it was an attempt to humiliate or to use friendships to gain. As it turned out, as a child she experienced the pain of betrayal girlfriend. And the circumstances of her life were associated with situations suppression, in which she had to prove its value and the right to be themselves.

As a result, new friendships are not formed because of two disparate reactions: 1) the constant doubts about the sincerity of the relationship of the expectation of betrayal and use and 2) needs to prove its relevance to defend its position. These reactions have emerged and escalated into conflict, whenever the behavior of her friend, something reminiscent of the situation past. Read additional details here: Ron O’Hanley. At the same conflicts arose with people who feel for her sincere friendship and respect. As a result, communication becomes a periodic showdown and charges that eventually destroys the friendship. Each new disappointment and reinforces the stereotype reduces the chances of the possibility of a harmonious friendship. Third, the long and often experienced negative emotions create an overall negative attitude, which respectively attracted a similar situation. Also, negative emotions drain strength, create energy blockages that slow or block the normal movement energy and lead to a weakening of the body, and eventually to disease. In the aura of a person experiencing long-term negative emotions (fear, resentment, rage, anger, jealousy, envy, etc.) appear dimmer, turbidity, blobs, blotches of dirty colors.

Their appearance disrupts the energy centers. And in addition to disease creates distortion in the perception of reality. This is reminiscent of interference with vision blurred glass. Therefore, for changes in the situation it is important to understand the causes of their occurrence, understand the origins of the problem and change their attitude to what has happened in the past. Rethinking the situation, taking themselves, the forgiveness of all those involved, the replacement habitual response to a more adequate help to get rid of the pursuing problems. In the study of the psychological, we return to the past and we direct it clean and tidy, free from pain and pain, cleanse your energy field. This is reminiscent of cleaning attics and basements of homes from which extend odors. As for its implementation and a better understanding of people aware of himself, he is able to manage their emotions and his actions and the effects become more and more variability. It is easier to take life. Such work allows us to construct a harmonious relationship, realistically perceive what is happening and get more joy and enjoyment of life and relationships. As the release of disproportionate reactions we are freed from the ghosts and shadows of the past and consciously create the relationship and their lives. Undoubtedly, such work requires an internal strength and courage. And the choice of the way – is up to each of us. After all, how we experience emotions and dispose of evidence of the spiritual and emotional maturity of man.