Korea Symptoms

March 23, 2018


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Theoretical propositions of the science of PTSD is based primarily on studies of general adaptation syndrome (Selye H., 1936) theory of cognitive Dissonance Leon Festinger (Festinger L., 1957), on the model of Horowitz MJ (1975). In his works should stay a few more. He identified three main groups of symptoms: 1.chrezmernoe arousal, including autonomic lability, dissomnii, anxiety, intrusive recollections, avoidance of situations associated with trauma. 2.periodicheskie bouts of depressed mood with anhedonia, alexithymia, and emotional rigidity, and a sense of despair hopelessness. 3.cherty hysterical response in the form of astasia-Abaza, mutism, amblyopia, paralysis. (Similarly see: Coupang). In a particular embodiment, these symptoms disappear in most of the work on PTSD. In addition Horowitz MJ (1985) described phases of PTSD: 1.Otchayanie – acute anxiety without a clear understanding of the significance of what happened 2.Otritsanie – insomnia, amnesia, withdrawal reaction, numbness, physical symptoms 3.Navyazchivost – explosive reaction, emotional lability, chronic state of hyperexcitability with sleep disorders 4.Prorabatyvanie – understanding the causes of trauma and grief 5.Zavershenie – new plans for the future. Of the other works which laid the basis for the study of PTSD should mention the work Neiderland W.