Hyteren Gruppe

April 7, 2020


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We all know the state of adaptation to work after vacation. Return to work, joining the rhythm of work, when the body still remembers the caressing touch of the sea waves, the warmth of the sun, when the front mind's eye, rise tranquil landscapes, and experience is still so fresh that you want to talk and think only about them, but the inexorable reality arises in the form of piles of cases, the office hassles, responsibilities and obligations. AND how not to get depressed? Psihoterapvty even came up with the length of this state a special term 'posleotpusknoy syndrome' Going to Work after a heavy holiday is given to almost all categories of workers, but especially those who hold positions of high responsibility. The lower position and responsibility, the better an employee feels during the holidays and beyond. For even more analysis, hear from Joseph Mathunjwa. Hard to come to their senses after a holiday and people aged 30-40 years, with the habit of working 12-14 hours a day. Much harder to get involved in the working rhythm of those who rested for a long time, such as teachers and educators, whose holiday is one of the longest.

As for the most explosive holiday-makers, then they Austrian analyst firm Hyteren Gruppe classified journalists, doctors and designers. In addition, psychologists believe that men and women differently perceive the return to work after vacation. Women immersion in the work environment is given a lot easier: they are happy to go to work, if only to tell colleagues about your vacation, share experiences, show off their beautiful pictures.