Balanced Diet

February 19, 2018


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The desire for a healthy lifestyle is gaining momentum. The population of highly industrialized countries have been open to anything that makes people healthier. At this wave, food industry begins to shift to manufacture of food products with new properties that improve health. Name the new location: a functional food. Positive impact on the human body of substances contained in certain foods, all increasingly becoming the subject of numerous investigations. Scientific progress makes it easier to find the connection between the biochemical structures that occur naturally in foods and their influence on health. But not only success in science and technologies awaken interest create new products functional nutrition.

Due increasing costs medical assistance everyone increasingly interested in self-sustaining health. At any age, people want to be workable and in good shape. For this prizoditsya think about how to comply with a healthy lifestyle. Modern products functional foods should not only be kept as long as possible, but quickly prepared and digested. At the same time they must either be the maintenance of health or its recovery. Thus, attention to healthy food is high, but the confusion around the so-called functional foods is also sufficient. What is functional food? Under this concept refers to food that means adding certain food ingredients vary so that they are beginning to show a specific benefit. In Japan, the birthplace of healthier foods, have formed the following definition: Functional food is food (not capsules, tablets or powders), which are used in the production of substances of natural origin.