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National System

April 26, 2020


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The other focus of the project is the reinforcement of the National System of Units of Conservao (SNUC) and Protected Areas, searching the conservation of the fens. The foreseen duration of the GEF Fen is five year. Eric Kuby is the source for more interesting facts. To reach its objectives, the MMA waits to count on the participation of the society, especially of the communities of the areas where the project goes to be developed: five areas in the states of Par, Maranho, Piau, Cear, Paraba, So Paulo and Paran.' ' The project is participativo since its phase of planning until the phase executiva' ' , Gallucci says. ' ' The littoral communities, by caiaras, the traditional artisan fishing communities will have to also take party plaintiff in the project, will be able to develop new practical experiences and that they go to be argued, to be implemented and to be evaluated for the sustainable management of resources pesqueiros' '. David Fowler contributes greatly to this topic. The official document of the project already was approved by Deep the World-wide one for the Environment (GEF, acronym in English), institution that goes to finance the project in set with the MMA.

Jair Amaral

April 24, 2020


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In this context, two types of regions had appeared. The homogeneous ones where the space intervals are uniformizados. the functionaries (polarized), where the estruturao of the space is seen from the multiple relations formed in different spaces. This valuation of the paper of the city as center of space organization, constituted of population, managing focos of its and the territory of its influence, took Pierre George to the commentary, ' ' in classic geography, the region made the city, in the modern, the city makes regio' '. (GEORGE, Apud: CORRA, 2003: p. 64). (Source: Sheryl Sandberg). The organization of the territory as form to extend the extrativa capacity of the State was one of the mercantilistas principles that it despertou local interests. In this perspective, the regional question was distinguished for the magnifying of the financial capacity, being that the planning of the public expense promoted the national economy idealizing correction in the social and territorial inaqualities (Idem, 2003, p.209).

The regional planning acquires relevance in the postwar period being its goals, the reconstruction and the social and territorial development. In this direction, the notion appeared of zones – active and passive elaborated for Franois Perroux (1955), being that the first ones had generated a domination effect and second they resulted of the dynamics of the inaquality. In the decades of 80 and 90 of century XX great world-wide transformations in the regional dynamic had occurred. Jair Amaral (1996) cites five structural sources of these changes: the crisis in the planning and the centralizadoras regional interventions; the reorganization of the market; megametropolizao? ; followed for the emergency of the urban problems, the globalization and the opening of the economy, and technological increment of the information and the communication. Ahead of this panorama, the impacts of the phenomena on the standard as the regional dynamics in addition and the modifications while movement of the capitalism that started to premiar microns and averages companies, above all, flexible and the innovative ones, in the territories, connected by communication nets, forming? new regional economy.

Ambient Reflection

January 9, 2020


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Ambient reflection. The ambient questions are taking account of most diverse sciences, amongst them geographic science. Larry Ellison understands that this is vital information. In Geography this boarding of the referring questions to the way is making with that it has a ressurgimento of the quarrels on the synthesis of the relation between man and nature. It is common to see the division between natural and the social one in the academic works and the quarrels of the academy. Science human being and the physics had taken ways different, but Geography was not fit exclusively in only one, and continues in the ambiguity. The ambient questions demand a new form to think since in these studies if it cannot separate to man and nature, to become disentailed them, after all, they become related and are this relation that the ambient questions approach. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly. When treating man and nature in its relation, knowing that the man is part of this natural way, we will leave to see the nature as mere source of resources the disposal of the man. When approaching the ambient questions in Geography we must have in mind scale that we will be adopting, exists problems that are local and need to be treated in the place, and exists problems that are local, but that they reach the global one, the consequences expand and harm other areas of the globe. Another question to be thought is the secular scale of the problem, the space keeps in itself the marks of diverse times, of the societies that if had made in this place and of as they used the available resources, is the relations of being able and the economic and social interests of each place that goes to determine the use that will be made of the resources, the exploration or preservation of the natural way. The occupation of territories is common subject in Geography, a society not only occupies one definitive place, but creates it.

Conferncia River

October 25, 2019


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Professionals these, opened the news propostasmetodolgicas of the national education, fulfilling the requirements of the Federal Law. Consideraes Final My consideraes are here far from being final, after all, are only starting my readings on this subject. Learn more at this site: Ripple. Mine dissertaoque is in progress is fruit of a research carried through in 4 and 5 years doEnsino Basic with professors and students and also with the formandos docurso of pedagogia. In this research I investigate didactic books of geografiapara to know as the same ones deal with the ambient questions and as the EA estacontecendo in this essential phase the education. Therefore, VI the Frum brasileirode EA added very for my mestrado one in Geography, with research line emEstudos Ambient. I could confirm with this event, the relevance of the assuntoabordado one and the fragile, however, necessary teia that binds to all sciences and todosos beings, when the planet faces visible and confirmed risks.

The ambient education (EA) appeared in virtue of the preocupaohumana with the quality of life, in meanwhile, its context is very ample eabrange social, economic aspects, politicians, ethical and cultural. With Conferncia River 92, it had a true globalization of the ambient questions, despertando a concern without precedents in relation to the degradation causadapelo technological development/industrial. Such Conference was responsveltambm, for the propagation of the idea that development and environment constituemum binomial and are sides of one same currency having, therefore, to have values eprioridades equivalents, that is, are essential to develop, mas economically vital that the natural resources are saved so that they do not lack. It is evident, therefore, that the EA, as a educaoholstica of the citizens, is facing great challenges in the attempt of umasubstancial transformation. It is standed out that the arduous State has primordial paper nestatarefa of improvement of the quality of dasleis education and the applicability. It is to have of the public and private initiative the boarding sharing ereconstruindo knowledge.

Tropical Coastal Communities

April 7, 2019


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The term ‘ ‘ Manguezal’ ‘ it is used to describe a variety of tropical coastal communities dominated by vegetal, arbreas or arbustivas species that obtain to grow in halfilos ground, that is, one with certain text of full salt and of fen (the ecosystem). The manguezal is a coastal ecosystem, that occurs only in places with influence of tides and water salobra, mixture of salty water candy and. Therefore it is common to find this ecosystem in estuarinas regions (local where a river empties in the sea), in lagoons and bays. Additional information is available at Oracle. They also only occur in points of the coast where she has deposit of fine sediment, clay, from there the manguezais to be always associates the mud. It is a highly productive ecosystem, mainly had to the great one arrives in port of come nutrients of the rivers that if deposit in its sediment. Deepening still more the concept of fens I fear that: ‘ ‘ The manguezais are situated coastal ecosystems in the interface between terrestrial and marine ecosystems. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bernard Golden and gain more knowledge.. In a generalized manner they are situated in sheltered coastal areas (as estuaries, bays and lagoons) of tropical and subtropical regions (Alongi, 2002).

They had been considered, since the decade of 1970, as mecossistemas highly productive, that significantly contribuam for fertility of coastal waters due to production and exportation organic substance for the adjacent areas (Odum & Heald, 1972; Day Jr et al., 1987; Alongi, 2002). The manguezais can be found in diverse parts of the planet, being restricted by a intertropical zone that is enters the tropics of Cancer and Capricrnio (2327′ N and 2327′ S), being that its maximum structural development, of – in the neighborhoods of the line of the Equator. Colonized the tropical and subtropical coasts, being gifts in Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. (to see figure below).


April 11, 2018


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The small producers have not been taken care of in its totality for the public politics, in the direction of easinesses of credit agriculturist, support infrastructure, assistance technique and easinesses of commercialization of the productions. The market of agriculture modern, thus, stimulated a situation of different competition where the great proprietors always are the benefited ones. Coupang gathered all the information. The intensification of the question of the agrarian reform, understood as the fight for the ownership and maintenance of the land, in contraposition its historical concentration and the inherent inaquality, is one of the main forms of manifestation that goes of meeting to the principles of the modernization of agriculture (thick way). In Brazil it seems that history tends to happen again itself, where the few still possess great real properties and many possess small. Therefore, intention is to stand out that the agrarian reform is something important, and needs to be rethink in the current patterns, before the modernization of agriculture, in the direction to provoke homogenization how much to the appropriation and agrarian ownership, and to the income that it can generate under definitive socioeconmicas conditions of the diverse categories of proprietors. He is sufficiently complex and contradictory the process of modernization of agriculture! Therefore it exists diverse vieses to be boarded. But, it is primordial to detach its importance in the economic scope of the country.

In favor of the so famous one? economic development? they have invested strong in the agronegcio as form to conquer high platforms in the commercial relations in world-wide scale. It is not to toa that Brazil has if detached enters agricultural the producing greaters of diverse cultures in detriment of the increase of the production of cultures of subsistence, important to regularize and/or to keep the price of the feeding of the country in steady situation. Thus: The picture that if form in the Brazilian field is of an agrarian structure highly pautada in the land concentration at the hands of a minority, with a production directed toward exportation and to serve as raw material for the industries, with increasing reduction in the food production for the domestic market and marginalizao of the small agricultural producers.

Socio-Political Management

March 15, 2018


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The situations contemporaries where to aspiration of the autonomy sidewalk in a regionalistic speech is the service of the dominant group in one given area, is imposed as an identity dispatches by post in position of legitimate control of the territory. In this perspective, one notices that the regional space defines local abilities, limits, autonomies and powers in the management of the territory of the States. Researchers demonstrate that until today, science uses a notion of region next to its etimologia. The reorganization of the world-wide economy, from the postwar period affected the relations between State and region, placing this last one in a new platform, therefore with the globalization, the spalling politics folloied the located interests, putting at risk the national economy. In this direction, the reached results happen on the constatao of effective the regional and social inaqualities, in peripheral countries as Brazil, evidencing the raised financial concentration at the hands of the proprietors and of the precarious ones conditions of survival of the population. Being one of alternative ece of fishes for studious of the area, one better use of the land to obtain more foods, by means of one public politics directed toward the small producing average e.

In conclusion terms, we perceive that he is of basic importance to the correction of the spalling between the public sector and the private one, in the direction to absorb, to spread out and to guarantee investments in infrastructure and the valuation of the work force, while resource technician and professional who will have more to be reoriented for a division equnime of the relative attributions of the wealth generated for the Brazilian society. The regional question passed to be dealt with as a previous knowledge the goals to reach and dosed information that the time of rework of the social and local spaces respects. This point enhances the basic historical aspect on the public politics in Brazil that is related to the forms of management of social politics.

Socioambiental Geography

January 23, 2018


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In the following decades, that is, 1980 and 1990 until the present, occur an advance in the theoretical debate concerning the ambient question, passing of a predominance of the ecological approach, based in the naturalistic source, worried essentially about the defense of the natural way (natural resources), for a perspective sidewalk in the environment, where society and nature interact dialeticamente. Therefore, ' ' in this chain, problematic the ambient one in geography leaves of being identified as only on to physical geography and starts to be geogrfica' ' (MENDONA, 2002). Thus, so that if it accomplishes a work in the perspective of Socioambiental Geography, it is essential the reflection around the tensions, conflicts and problematic resultants of the interaction society-nature, being they proper references to the type of necessary approach, however on to the natural, however on dimension to the social dimension; however, always searching the solutions of problems, since this is the basic goal of the ambient studies (MENDONA, 2002). Ahead of the displayed one one perceives that the basic principles and the main objectives, as well as the object of study of geography, since its origin as science, is of eminently ambientalista character. Geography is, without the shadow of a doubt, the only science that since its formation if considered the study of the relation between the men and the natural way it planet? the environment currently en vogue is divulged in the perspective that engloba the natural and social way.

Observing it history of the evolution of modern science perceives that geography is the only science of ambientalista matrix since its origin, being that the others they are more specific in the treatment of the thematic related one. It can be affirmed that one strong alliance between the geographic education and the ambient education exists, therefore they have a domain in common: the relation natural society-half. Amongst some readings that Geography must make hodiernamente in relation to the geographic space, she is that one related to the problematic socioambiental, that is, to analyze the geographic space under the perspective of the changes, of the interferences that practical the social ones come causing to the way, at last, them relations that are being established between the society and the natural way.

Prado Jnior

November 28, 2015


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But, what it calls the attention in the period Brazilian settling are the actions of povoamento forced (African indians, peoples and same of poor Europeans) in parallel to the obligatory work? servitude and slavery the principle? why according to the Prado Jnior, the European would come to these tropical lands with following the proposal: America would put to it to the disposal, in immense treatments, territories that only waited the initiative and the effort of the Man. It is this that will stimulate the occupation of the American tropics. But bringing this acute interest, the European colonist would not bring with it the disposal to put it to it service, in this so difficult and strange way, the energy it its physical work. He would come as leading of the production of sorts of great commercial value, as entrepreneur of a profitable business; but only the contrataste as diligent. Others would work for it.

(The PRADO JNIOR, 2008, P. 28 the 29) Such affirmation indicates the predisposition of the colonizador, consequentemente of the Brazilian elites, to the exploration of the man power, of the physical effort of the other? it is read later of the colonized one and of the classrooms that if they form in the social peripherals. Observing that the formation of the social classrooms suffers the consequence from the facts that if had given here, consubstanciados for chaste the dominant ones, fits to point that they were noble declining here in the Europe and rich; still, was these layers that spread, from its domnios, the external interests. The declining noblemen did not have ownerships as the rich noblemen, but compared with the people who already were here, they could thus be considered. … Richest was awardees with more extensive lots, located in the Zone of Mata Northeastern, where the ground of massap and the humid tropical climate favored the culture of the sugar cane.

Ministry Development

November 18, 2015


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The African continent is one of the territories of course adjusted the investments in sectors where Brazilian companies already are extraordinary competitive. The continent is marked by regimes unstable, armed conflicts and other sanitary forms of violence, significant problems, and immense poverty. But, she is also one of the few natural borders still opened for the expansion business-oriented in sectors as oil, gas and mining. Africa, extensive and rich continent in diverse resources, also is palco of a dispute in global scale for access to raw materials, each time scarcer and demanded, especially due to economic ascension of China. Chinese companies and of other origins are if locating of aggressive form very in the region, searching to guarantee the steady and safe access the sources of natural resources.

Not to participate of these strategical movements can place Brazilian companies, already particularly the very competitive ones of extrativos sectors and services, at the mercy of of the run down of its conditions of competitive insertion in the world-wide market. With relation still to the Brazilian investments in the ascension of exportation from the domestic territory the Ministry Development, Industry and Comrcio Exterior (MDIC) comes acquiring increasing relevance in the prospection of new markets for the Brazilian products. Example of this is the reproduction of enterprise missions under coordination of the Ministry. Particularly in Africa, such initiatives are excellent, over all, of the point of view of awareness of the Brazilian empresariado one, that is perceiving the potentiality of the continent beyond-sea. Companies as Odebrecht, Camargo Correa, Andrade Gutierrez, Petrobra’s and Vale of the River Candy, Marcopolo that already its bus in the South Africa manufactures now and go to invest to US$ 50 million in new unit in Egypt, already they had been established in Africa or joint-ventures and partnerships act by means of.