Jair Amaral

April 24, 2020


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In this context, two types of regions had appeared. The homogeneous ones where the space intervals are uniformizados. the functionaries (polarized), where the estruturao of the space is seen from the multiple relations formed in different spaces. This valuation of the paper of the city as center of space organization, constituted of population, managing focos of its and the territory of its influence, took Pierre George to the commentary, ' ' in classic geography, the region made the city, in the modern, the city makes regio' '. (GEORGE, Apud: CORRA, 2003: p. 64). (Source: Sheryl Sandberg). The organization of the territory as form to extend the extrativa capacity of the State was one of the mercantilistas principles that it despertou local interests. In this perspective, the regional question was distinguished for the magnifying of the financial capacity, being that the planning of the public expense promoted the national economy idealizing correction in the social and territorial inaqualities (Idem, 2003, p.209).

The regional planning acquires relevance in the postwar period being its goals, the reconstruction and the social and territorial development. In this direction, the notion appeared of zones – active and passive elaborated for Franois Perroux (1955), being that the first ones had generated a domination effect and second they resulted of the dynamics of the inaquality. In the decades of 80 and 90 of century XX great world-wide transformations in the regional dynamic had occurred. Jair Amaral (1996) cites five structural sources of these changes: the crisis in the planning and the centralizadoras regional interventions; the reorganization of the market; megametropolizao? ; followed for the emergency of the urban problems, the globalization and the opening of the economy, and technological increment of the information and the communication. Ahead of this panorama, the impacts of the phenomena on the standard as the regional dynamics in addition and the modifications while movement of the capitalism that started to premiar microns and averages companies, above all, flexible and the innovative ones, in the territories, connected by communication nets, forming? new regional economy.