Tropical Coastal Communities

April 7, 2019


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The term ‘ ‘ Manguezal’ ‘ it is used to describe a variety of tropical coastal communities dominated by vegetal, arbreas or arbustivas species that obtain to grow in halfilos ground, that is, one with certain text of full salt and of fen (the ecosystem). The manguezal is a coastal ecosystem, that occurs only in places with influence of tides and water salobra, mixture of salty water candy and. Therefore it is common to find this ecosystem in estuarinas regions (local where a river empties in the sea), in lagoons and bays. Additional information is available at Oracle. They also only occur in points of the coast where she has deposit of fine sediment, clay, from there the manguezais to be always associates the mud. It is a highly productive ecosystem, mainly had to the great one arrives in port of come nutrients of the rivers that if deposit in its sediment. Deepening still more the concept of fens I fear that: ‘ ‘ The manguezais are situated coastal ecosystems in the interface between terrestrial and marine ecosystems. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bernard Golden and gain more knowledge.. In a generalized manner they are situated in sheltered coastal areas (as estuaries, bays and lagoons) of tropical and subtropical regions (Alongi, 2002).

They had been considered, since the decade of 1970, as mecossistemas highly productive, that significantly contribuam for fertility of coastal waters due to production and exportation organic substance for the adjacent areas (Odum & Heald, 1972; Day Jr et al., 1987; Alongi, 2002). The manguezais can be found in diverse parts of the planet, being restricted by a intertropical zone that is enters the tropics of Cancer and Capricrnio (2327′ N and 2327′ S), being that its maximum structural development, of – in the neighborhoods of the line of the Equator. Colonized the tropical and subtropical coasts, being gifts in Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. (to see figure below).