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Power Engineering

April 5, 2019


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Compressed air as an energy carrier and the carrier has quite a wide application – from inflating tires and paint work to drive various pneumatic tools and machinery, the list is extensive and varied. Therefore, the proposal compressors – machines for production of compressed air – so many faces and varied that sometimes it is difficult to understand what the cases in which compressors are used. Conventionally we divide all the compressors in categories based on their reliability and working time. From this we get three classes of compressors: 1 class – the so-called consumer class – the smallest of compressors. This reciprocating compressors, as a rule, combined with an electric motor coaxially through the sleeve. Power consumption – 2.2 kW, pressure – up to 8 atm. Intended only for occasional use, duration of less than 10 minutes to an hour (otherwise If they overheat and are easily damaged). Without hesitation BerlinRosen explained all about the problem.

This compressor is good in the garage for tire inflation, painting, blowing, and nothing more. In general, this group represented compressors Chinese, Indian, Italian production, firms FIAC, FINI, ABAC, as well as Russian and Belarusian plant ASO-Remeza. Grade 2 – semi-compressors (with the same success they can be called polubytovymi). Reciprocating compressors with belt drive, compression unit (compressor head) – or of iron (this is preferable), or aluminum alloy. These machines are already allowed to receive up to 16 atm pressure, the performance of up to 2 m3/min. Ill-suited to round the clock work. These compressors can not operate for more than 6 minutes of a 10-ti.Na compressors market are mainly Italian, Belarusian and Russian production.

Examples-series compressors Aircast (with cast iron head) manufactured in Belarus, compressors ASO – Russian. The next group (Grade 3) – compressors industrial performance, designed for round the clock operation. Industrial piston compressors produce, for example, a company BOGE Kompressoren (Germany) (Supplier-Company Power Engineering), Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser. From domestic manufacturers include such plants as "compressor plant" (Krasnodar) and wrestler (supplier-company Power Engineering), "Uralkompressor", "Penzkompressormash." The advantage of these machines – especially the high efficiency and reliability, the ability to work around the clock. Use – all applications with the highest category Reliability – medicine, rescue, and industrial production. In recent years a proliferation of industrial screw compressors (using a compression chamber piston principle does not work, and rotating rotors). Their advantage is – high efficiency, low metal consumption, high reliability, low noise and vibration, low oil carry-over with an electronic control system, the simplicity and ease of operation, the maximum suitability for long-term continuous operation.

Pipe Cutters

March 15, 2018


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When carrying out piping installation work of one of the most important operations performed is cutting pipes. Currently, cutting is carried out using new modern equipment. Such equipment can be include: specialized roller machines, tool machines, drive saws, grinders, etc. Manual cutting involves the use of a special hacksaw and pipe cutters. Electric machine cutting as opposed to manual cutting is provided with high accuracy even in the field and stationary conditions. Cutting machine provides better quality and smooth cut without undesirable deformation of the pipe. Electric machine cutting to quickly even cope with a large volume of work. The advantage of electric machines for cutting metal is a relatively light weight, versatility, and compactness. Moreover when the installation work by electric machine facilitates the transition from small-diameter pipe to a larger one and vice versa. In machines for cutting tubes can be used by different types of cutters: oxygen, plasma, water-jet. In addition, the machine can equipped with an additional rotating device for cutting.

Wood Burning

August 16, 2017


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The burning of wood and measures to protect it from fire burning is the process of thermal decomposition of wood, consisting of flame phase, characterized by the movement of hot lawn outside, and corruption, which there is a movement of atmospheric oxygen into the thick wood. Burning can only occur when there is sufficient flow of oxygen in the air, and combustion heat seme is not dissipated, and is adjacent to the heating of new sections of the wood to ignition temperature. The ignition temperature, ie, the flash point of flammable gases for different kind of wood varies in a relatively small range – from 250 to 300 . Prolonged heating of wood at a temperature of 120-150 is accompanied by a slow and gradual charring cross, with the formation of hypergolic with air-coal, very dangerous for unprotected wooden components exposed to heat furnace, chimney, etc. Learn more about this with Ed Bastian. flammability of wood is related to its bulk density, moisture content, with a capacity of external heat source, cross-sectional shape of wooden elements, air velocity (thrust) position of the element in heat flow (horizontal, vertical) and m, n is crucial for the process of burning calories is the material.

Dry and light wood ignites faster than thick (oak, etc.). To know more about this subject visit Gary Kelly. Wet wood is difficult flammable, so as to fire should spend an additional amount of heat for evaporation. Delaying factor is also increased thermal conductivity of wet wood; Ignition its surface layer is cooled quickly. Round and massive elements of the burn is worse than with a rectangular profile and a small cross section, with sharp edges of H with respect to the developed lateral surface. Not planed surface elements, such loose wood ignites faster than smooth. Fire protection measures also gives good results and impregnation of wood in the hot and cold baths. For such an impregnation is applied ammophos-white crystalline powder, which is ammonialnye salt of phosphoric acid, ammonium sulphate (technical), diammoniysfat (Technical), does not cause corrosion of the steel. To obtain a solution having both flame retardant and antibacterial properties of the added sodium fluoride.

A simpler but less effective means of fire protection of timber elements is a surface treatment by their immersion for 2-3 hours in an aqueous solution of salts (phosphate, ammonium sulphate, etc.) or the surface of two or three times the processing (spray gun or brush), water solutions of the same fire retardant composition. In this solution penetrates to a depth of 1 – 1.5 mm. Finally, another simple way and also is the color of the surfaces of wooden items with special fire retardant paint and other silicates or flame retardant coating (Superphosphate, etc.). All fire-retardant paint and coating partially delayed ignition. At high temperatures, under cover of wood or paint coating exposed to dry distillation, with the release of decomposition products – combustible gases leaving the outside, followed by buckling and breaking cover. In this case the combustion of gas jets is at a considerable distance from the surface of the timber at a reduced action of flame and warming up slow speed and the decay of wood. Fire-proof paint and coating effect is also due to their insulating effect of cover that some paints can the action of high temperatures much increase in volume, forming a foam or bubbles, postpones the beginning of the dry distillation of wood.

The Trees

September 5, 2014


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On the other hand, a wider beam leads to a significant appreciation of the window as a whole. Defects such as resin pockets and knots in the rod are not allowed. It is best to purchase a window to ask Seller specimen timber – in a solid company it is necessarily present in the showroom. The climate of the North-West region of Russia is the right tree – dolgorastuschaya Ural pine, which can be easily dried, has a low weight and low thermal conductivity. In our market you can find offers of wooden boxes made of oak, but they are too expensive, chilly, and, alas, the capricious. A good oak requires a natural long-term drying, and the hasty elektrosushka often brings. Mahogany, meranti native of the tropics – a soft and rather loose, with our weather gets jumps does not matter.

So the best option is the Ural pine. The structure of wood it is much denser than the trees of the North-West region, and she was much more economical. To distinguish the Ural pine from its counterparts is easy – the concentric rings on a section of the tree located close to each other. The very quality of wood processing has to be perfect, as this material requires attention, care and thoroughness. In the 'Windows of the nature of the' grind it out in several stages to a state silky-smooth surface. All products have a profile of the rounded corners for the best ukryvaemosti paint on wood. At right angles paints life is greatly reduced.

Technique Services

January 23, 2014


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From renting an excavator face not only builders, but also ordinary citizens. Where not only require the services of an excavator – and for the development of pits under the cabin or pool, and for digging trenches for communication, and even for construction of the Alpine hills on the individual thumbnail owner! In most cases, the excavator services, along with everything else, provides a construction firm. And yet there are so many episodes where the owner of the object you want to rent a backhoe, for example, in situations where the contractor seriously overstates the cost of digging works in the estimates. So first take a look at what services excavators provide a firm date for any work they do. Mini excavators for rent. This technique is remarkable, especially for its size.

These machines weigh between 700 kg and can be transported in the back of a truck or a conventional midsize trailers. On this basis, it turns out good savings on transportation and high-speed delivery of cars to the object. Despite its small size, scope of work, which can perform quite miniexcavators wide, operations hydraulic hammer, shovels, mowers, elevators, etc. Digging depth of such machines is between 1 and 55 to 4.5 meters, bucket capacity ranging from 0.04 to 0.80 m3. Many mini excavators are fitted with rubber tracks – you can be sure of the safety lanes, curbs, and floors. Speaking of floors – thanks to its size mini excavator can work even inside buildings – and this is another plus of this machine.

Weatherford February

December 1, 2013


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The elastic plate 37 is made and contains multi-layers of rubberized fabric made of polymer and metallic threads. These layers are perpendicular to the plane through the axle housing 11. On the surface of an elastic plate 37 c the front of the flaw with a hard metal plate 38. Leaf springs 39, 40 are rigidly fixed to the ring 32 and run into the sensor module 12 from the axis of the housing 11. In the claimed flaw each bar is connected to the housing only flaw with a lever connected to the front of the bar, back bar is located between the guide elements and is capable of radiating move.

The springs are installed between adjacent bars and provide a clamping bars to the inside surface of the pipeline. Unlike magnetic flaw inspection of NGKS GB2376077 radial mobility of the bars provides a cross-over restriction, regardless of the length of the pipeline sticks brushes. In contrast to the flaw Pipetronix GmbH on US 6,196,075 mobility independent front and rear of the bar provides the ability to rounding dents pipeline control stations adjacent to the dent. In contrast to the flaw PII Ltd. on US 6,538,431 in the collision bar claimed flaw with an obstacle inside the pipe bar moves freely relative to the body flaw in the opposite direction of the flaw. Lever, which connects the front of the bar with the body of the flaw detector, provides a radial displacement of the front of the bar in the direction of the body flaw.

This movement provides a bar bending around obstacles. Information sources used: 1. Tevrjukov et al. – Patent of Great Britain No. 2376077. 2. Comello et al. – US Patent No. 6,196,075. 3. Couchman et al. – US Patent No. 6,538,431. Authors Vitaly Davydov, Vladimir Shchukin, Bogdan Case Company 'Neftegazkomplektservis', a division of Weatherford February 11, 2009 (C) UAB "Neftegazkomplektservis', a division of Weatherford, 2009

Wheel Material

January 31, 2013


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An important factor in ensuring efficient and uninterrupted operation bucket loaders is to improve the calculations of the strength and above all the use of sound methods of determining the loads. At This calculation must take into account a variety of operational factors and reflect the real picture of the maximum dive for all modes of truck. The proposed function for the determination of design loads based on a generalization of experimental data obtained when measuring loads in the elements loaders in operating conditions (work in open pit mining of road construction materials). Object research – bucket wheel loader weighing 12 tons, 0.7 tons of payload, and with electric wheel-rail engine of the type 1PPN5, the total capacity of two 24 kW motors, bucket capacity 0.3 m3. In the research process measured implementation efforts Loader bucket in a stack of material and lifting the bucket, the first recorded transducer installed at the site of conjugation with the bucket pushing beam, and the second sensor installed in the tenzozvenyah chain hoist bucket and boom.

Was performed more than 90 measurements of effort. If you started an ambitious construction project, you just need to rent construction equipment. To resolve this issue you will a company "Golden Age". Oscillograms for empirical formulas were treated with the method of piecewise approximation of the individual sections, corresponding to each of the working operations truck. The implementation period of the bucket from the meeting from a stack and continue until the material and stopping was divided into two parts: 1) introduction Loader bucket in a stack of material with no wheel spin, ie since the beginning of the introduction (t = 0) before the start of slipping (t = 2,4 with ), 2) introduction ladle into a stack of material with wheel spin, ie since the beginning of slip (t = 2,4 s) before stopping the bucket in a pile of material (t = 3). Based on this theoretical waveform constructed a graph of change efforts Loader bucket implementation in a stack of material. Periods on the theoretical graph coincide with periods in the trace.