Pipe Cutters

March 15, 2018


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When carrying out piping installation work of one of the most important operations performed is cutting pipes. Currently, cutting is carried out using new modern equipment. Such equipment can be include: specialized roller machines, tool machines, drive saws, grinders, etc. Manual cutting involves the use of a special hacksaw and pipe cutters. Electric machine cutting as opposed to manual cutting is provided with high accuracy even in the field and stationary conditions. Cutting machine provides better quality and smooth cut without undesirable deformation of the pipe. Electric machine cutting to quickly even cope with a large volume of work. The advantage of electric machines for cutting metal is a relatively light weight, versatility, and compactness. Moreover when the installation work by electric machine facilitates the transition from small-diameter pipe to a larger one and vice versa. In machines for cutting tubes can be used by different types of cutters: oxygen, plasma, water-jet. In addition, the machine can equipped with an additional rotating device for cutting.