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April 5, 2019


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Compressed air as an energy carrier and the carrier has quite a wide application – from inflating tires and paint work to drive various pneumatic tools and machinery, the list is extensive and varied. Therefore, the proposal compressors – machines for production of compressed air – so many faces and varied that sometimes it is difficult to understand what the cases in which compressors are used. Conventionally we divide all the compressors in categories based on their reliability and working time. From this we get three classes of compressors: 1 class – the so-called consumer class – the smallest of compressors. This reciprocating compressors, as a rule, combined with an electric motor coaxially through the sleeve. Power consumption – 2.2 kW, pressure – up to 8 atm. Intended only for occasional use, duration of less than 10 minutes to an hour (otherwise If they overheat and are easily damaged). Without hesitation BerlinRosen explained all about the problem.

This compressor is good in the garage for tire inflation, painting, blowing, and nothing more. In general, this group represented compressors Chinese, Indian, Italian production, firms FIAC, FINI, ABAC, as well as Russian and Belarusian plant ASO-Remeza. Grade 2 – semi-compressors (with the same success they can be called polubytovymi). Reciprocating compressors with belt drive, compression unit (compressor head) – or of iron (this is preferable), or aluminum alloy. These machines are already allowed to receive up to 16 atm pressure, the performance of up to 2 m3/min. Ill-suited to round the clock work. These compressors can not operate for more than 6 minutes of a 10-ti.Na compressors market are mainly Italian, Belarusian and Russian production.

Examples-series compressors Aircast (with cast iron head) manufactured in Belarus, compressors ASO – Russian. The next group (Grade 3) – compressors industrial performance, designed for round the clock operation. Industrial piston compressors produce, for example, a company BOGE Kompressoren (Germany) (Supplier-Company Power Engineering), Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser. From domestic manufacturers include such plants as "compressor plant" (Krasnodar) and wrestler (supplier-company Power Engineering), "Uralkompressor", "Penzkompressormash." The advantage of these machines – especially the high efficiency and reliability, the ability to work around the clock. Use – all applications with the highest category Reliability – medicine, rescue, and industrial production. In recent years a proliferation of industrial screw compressors (using a compression chamber piston principle does not work, and rotating rotors). Their advantage is – high efficiency, low metal consumption, high reliability, low noise and vibration, low oil carry-over with an electronic control system, the simplicity and ease of operation, the maximum suitability for long-term continuous operation.