The Trees

September 5, 2014


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On the other hand, a wider beam leads to a significant appreciation of the window as a whole. Defects such as resin pockets and knots in the rod are not allowed. It is best to purchase a window to ask Seller specimen timber – in a solid company it is necessarily present in the showroom. The climate of the North-West region of Russia is the right tree – dolgorastuschaya Ural pine, which can be easily dried, has a low weight and low thermal conductivity. In our market you can find offers of wooden boxes made of oak, but they are too expensive, chilly, and, alas, the capricious. A good oak requires a natural long-term drying, and the hasty elektrosushka often brings. Mahogany, meranti native of the tropics – a soft and rather loose, with our weather gets jumps does not matter.

So the best option is the Ural pine. The structure of wood it is much denser than the trees of the North-West region, and she was much more economical. To distinguish the Ural pine from its counterparts is easy – the concentric rings on a section of the tree located close to each other. The very quality of wood processing has to be perfect, as this material requires attention, care and thoroughness. In the 'Windows of the nature of the' grind it out in several stages to a state silky-smooth surface. All products have a profile of the rounded corners for the best ukryvaemosti paint on wood. At right angles paints life is greatly reduced.