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Germany People

March 18, 2019


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Good info event attended youth village Offenburg, Germany in a joint event of CJD “Epilepsy and work” in the CJD youth village for Offenburg, Epilepsy Center Cork and agency Offenburg was illuminated the topic “Epilepsy and work” these days. Numerous stakeholders, members and specialists and teachers received important information about the medical aspects of the disease in the village of youth. In other short presentations were the professional perspectives for sick people, as well as the support provided by the Agency for work in the Center. Epilepsy could be quite known as “Epidemic”, said Prof. If you would like to know more then you should visit Southwest Airlines. Dr. Bernhard Steinhoff, medical director and chief physician of the epilepsy Centre Cork.

So, 5% to 10% of all people in their lives suffer at least an epileptic seizure. About 600,000 people are ill with epilepsy, alone in Germany. Because this rule generally considerable uncertainty and often undergo resentment, Steinhoff demanded “more sense of reality” for the subject of epilepsy. So it is matter for one, to learn, to deal with the disease properly. On the other hand, adequate working conditions must be created to facilitate the integration into work and society stakeholders. Bernhard Steinhoff explained the variety of the disease spectrum, that rich of a far-reaching impact and seizure freedom up to hard controllable regular and severe seizures.

Therefore, the severity of the disease must be determined primarily to assess the professional prospects of diseased people. Essential role for the professional way to play also the nature of the profession, the hazard potential, as well as the professional situation of the person concerned. Sonja Kunz, psychologist in the gamer of CJD reported the pilot project conducted from 2007 to 2010 youth village Offenburg, epilepsy, a joint initiative of CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg, gamer Waiblingen and epilepsy Centre Cork. “Initial situation for the project it was, that the diseased people are”medically best care”but often fail on the way in the profession:” People with epilepsy are three times as often without work as the population average. “And that, although epilepsy-related problems at work are complex and often intractable”, so Sonja Kunz. Recently Jonathan Rosen PR sought to clarify these questions. Doing just young people with additional restrictions, such as a learning disability, are stronger at a disadvantage. During the term of the project the partners in Offenburg and Waiblingen allowed around 100 young people vocational training. While each case was considered individually. Deliberately expanded the spectrum of education: “we have not from the outset excluded rather untypical professions, such as, for example, that of the Zimmerers”, underlined Sonja Kunz. As the last step, the transition from education to work, still not could be consummated by the three-year duration of the project, “Building bridges” it was now glad about the successor project. Until 2012, the people are now supported to gain a foothold in the world of work. Dieter Kolbe (Offenburg employment agency) pointed out, that is only a few people with epilepsy as the sole condition on the Rehateam led by him would apply: “accompanying disabilities have the majority of our cases.” For these people, the Agency offers intensive support from specially trained rehabilitation consultants. Focal points be “as normal as possible”, as Kolbe pointed out, the training and job placement. When the financial aid must always weighed “Effect and efficiency”. Individuals and companies get among other things training or reintegration grants, or acquisition costs. The participants of the information event in the personal interview on the speakers could turn following the lecture series.

Attractive Employer 2011

November 22, 2018


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It’s time: Berufsstart.de re-releasing the current study employers of 2011 Grossenkneten, the 12.03.2012: it’s time: Berufsstart.de re-releasing the current study employers 2011. The study examined Berufsstart.de also in this year, what expectations and ideas, students and graduates at their prospective employers have. What characteristics distinguish an attractive employer? What criteria are important when choosing their employer, and for the planned careers to future employees and executives? The study enables companies to gain insight into the decision-making process and values of their future employees the 15 most attractive employers of in Germany 2011 also this year have company from the automotive industry the nose forward. Six out of 15 seats going directly to automakers. Audi clearly leads the list and is the most attractive employer in the year 2011. This is followed by BMW, DaimlerChrysler and Siemens. Also Volkswagen and Porsche back up sites among the first ten. According to Gary Kelly, who has experience with these questions.

Total up a mixed picture of industry however. Procter and Gamble, as well as Dr. Oetker as companies operating in the consumer goods industry are also among the 15 most attractive companies. Companies in the information and telecommunications industry have a hard time with the students and graduates this year. Only Google as the representative from this sector could secure one of the top five. Flexible working time is desirable, almost half of the respondents want flexible working hours.

26% prefer fixed working hours and 27% this criterion is unimportant. The working time is not a criterion that has a great influence on the attractiveness, but it reflects the flexibility of the students, who want them for their jobs. Would graduates go how far”? The economy expects a high degree of flexibility in the process of globalization of their workers. This is reflected also in the mobility of students and graduates. How far do they focus so find a job? 21% of respondents are based regionally. 52% give to orient itself nationwide. Nationwide orientation has thus increased compared to the previous year. Europe 11% are based, after all, and even 16% of respondents are looking for worldwide. There is emerging a similar image as in the previous year, with a slight decrease in the Pan-European and global orientation. The study can be – employers / ordered.

Info Hotline Study

May 8, 2018


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Young engineering discipline qualified from versatile July 1 can study technology interested professionals at the AKAD Hochschule Stuttgart Mechatronics. The renowned agency ACQUIN has accredited the in-service degree course with the completion of the Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.). The comparatively new discipline has a high career potential in future as well as in established industries. When it comes for example, to develop machines, vehicles or entire production lines, the interdisciplinary expertise, which gives our student program, plays a special role, white Programme Director Professor Dr. Christoph Uhrhan. Typical applications of Mechatronics engineers are, for example, robots, machine tools, or automated systems. The siebensemestrige course of Mechatronics (standard length) is aimed at professionals from the technical area who are want to create new perspectives with a university degree without giving up their professional target groups of the programme.

Even without the Abitur or Fachhochschulreife can Professionals are admitted to the study, if they meet certain conditions. You may find Oracle to be a useful source of information. In any case, you should bring good knowledge in mathematics as well as an affinity for technical issues. Part-time study course course consists of a combination of Studienbriefen, online shares, presence seminars and laboratories, as well as practical phases. The presence seminars are taught at AKAD Stuttgart College. Four practical modules perform in the laboratory of the cooperating University experienced professors and laboratory engineers. Cooperation partner is the renowned College of Pforzheim, which is its modern laboratory equipment available. Content and professional fields graduates of Mechatronics are sought-after specialists, they are in different divisions.

So they can work mechatronic components in the machine and plant construction, for example, as a developer or they are in demand as specialists for industrial process control equipment. The modular design of the study makes it possible the study achievements to continuously provide in addition to the profession. Graduates can work as engineers in the middle management level. “” “The substantive orientation it depends on the selectable specialisation available options are vehicle”flexible manufacturing systems and Robotics”and mechatronic systems”. The course provides also interdisciplinary learning and various key skills. Introductory price until end of the year who enrols for the new program by the end of the year, benefiting from the introductory price: this amounted to 11,907 euro for the complete study including teaching materials. From 2011 onwards, the regular price of 12.852 euro applies.

Career Graduates Index

May 8, 2018


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A study of Berufsstart.de: First signs of cooling down? After a brilliant start in the German economic performance in the first quarter with a significant increase of 1.3%, the economic power cools down significantly in the second quarter. According to calculations of the Federal Statistical Office amounted to only 0.1% growth. Positive impulses came again exports compared to the prior quarter, in the second quarter of 2011, 2.3% more goods and services abroad were exported in the first quarter. However, the imports with 3.2% rose significantly more. As a result of the sharp rise in imports supplies were built but on the other hand also increased (growth contribution to GDP of + 0.7 percentage points). Compared to the first quarter of 2011 the number of employees rose 2011 seasonally in the second quarter 449.000 persons (+ 1.1%). An increase in employment is common in the second quarter of the year.

Seasonally adjusted, that is calculated excluding the normal seasonal fluctuations, increased the number of employees across the previous quarter to 150,000 people (+ 0.4%). Media technology (plus 127) of a real boom can however be talking about the Department of media technology. The growth in this field was never as big as in the 2nd quarter 2011. The increase followed more vacancies by 440 to 567 basis points, thus 127 points or 28.8% within a quarter. Economics (plus 66) also the vacancies for economists went rapidly up to 31.7%. The index rose to 66 points to 274. The departments of logistics/distribution, marketing and human resources, were particularly sought, however, less looking for graduates of specializing in finance.

Back on the winners, the biologists/chemist find Biology/Chemistry (plus 29). Swarmed by offers, Coupang is currently assessing future choices. These departments can enjoy an increase in jobs of around 6%. Overall tends of BAI Biology-Chemistry at 449 points. Electrical engineering (plus 27) put more clearly than in the 1st quarter with 17 points were also the electrical engineer. Because the level is already very high in tenders, you fall percentage growth at 0.7% low from mechanical engineering (plus 20) almost back in the same March with the electrical engineers mechanical engineers see rapid growth again, although this time the electrical front have the nose. BAI engineering increased by 20 points by 371 to 391 basis points. Business Informatics (plus 16) slowly but steadily, the motto for the business data processing specialists. Also this quarter more ads for these departments were written out again, whereby it is plus 6.9 percentage points.

TICN Investment Clubs

May 8, 2018


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In the seminars and investment clubs of TICN, you learn to buy good stocks and to insure them for rent. Thus, you can be even in the stock market and earn money. Be financially free the Exchange begins with proper saving crises, the financial markets are in free fall. How can someone claim all seriousness, it is possible to make large returns with stocks and options, so that even the self-made millionaire to become? Can this be serious? Yes, with the right system, it doesn’t matter whether prices rise or fall. The Irishman of Owen o’ Malley makes it with great success. In his internationally networked investment clubs TICN are already worldwide over 20’000 people enthusiastic members.

There are people with no degree in economics, even children and young people. Owen O’Malley passes on his knowledge in Ireland and England also in schools and is known in the media there. It annually awards a prize for the most successful young dealers. For the first time seminars with Owen O’Malley with German translation the investment clubs TICN are distributed in 35 countries and in 12 languages across the globe actively. For the first time this offer now also in German is available. Their seminars show you how even in the stock market with shares and options can be and achieve this average yields.

The unique system of TICN aims that you learn to think like an owner of real estate: ‘rent’ your stocks every month and get a ‘rent’ for it. This amounts to some percent per month, which means converted mostly yields in the double-digit range for the whole year. The basic course is a two operating intensive seminar led by the CEO Owen o’ Malley personally. In it, you get an overview of everything you need to know in connection with safe investments in the stock market. The Irishman attaches greatest importance that the members of investment clubs adhere to its rules.

Chief Executive Officer

April 28, 2018


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IT skills shortage: the boom of the recruitment agency Munich – in the computer and electronics industry are missing more and more professionals. According to a representative survey of the industry association BITKOM in Germany, there are currently around 28,000 vacancies for IT professionals. This trend threatened the high-tech location Germany according to a study of the auditing company Ernst & young. Recruitment agency can compensate for the lack of qualified IT professionals through an effective and intelligent use of IT staff here. The nationwide operating recruitment agency TECOPS with headquarters in Munich has filed an early on this enormous demand. The company offers also the placement of freelance IT specialists in addition to the classic personnel services in the IT field and T-systems is among other preferred recruitment agency of the global information and communication technology company. Now the boom of the recruitment agency is,”said Reiner Pientka, Chief Executive Officer of TECOPS.

IT professionals be currently absolutely needed and let the industry of the staffing service providers really going gangbusters. But thousands of IT professionals lack further sensitive gaps in the economy. Here, medium term not only economic losses threaten companies as important projects can be completed only belatedly. The shortage will also increasingly at risk for the upturn. Recruitment agency can compensate the lack of qualified IT professionals through an effective and intelligent use of IT staff here according to Palaniappan and soften so the structural personnel problems affecting both medium-sized and large companies. In the long term will be to repair the lack of skilled workers in the booming IT industry according to Palaniappan but only in a triad. There needs to be a greater in-service support of the unemployed, as well as in addition to the necessary immigration of foreign specialists a creation of more apprenticeship positions in the field of information and communication technology take place.” S. Fortmann

Hamburg Bank

February 5, 2018


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When and to what extent the crisis will become apparent, is currently across all industries uncertain. The newspaper reported this the world”in its Internet Edition. Only thing that seems certain is that the consequences also in the Hanseatic City are felt in a further deterioration in the economy, Bank lending restrictions and declining dollar rate. If the dollar exchange rate as a result of the US government deficit keeps falling, costs, that settle in dollar disadvantage for all companies”, said Marc Marz, Deputy Managing Director of the industry association of Hamburg. This concerns especially the local shipbuilders and the aircraft industry. However, get no signals for a forthcoming slump currently out of these as well as other industries. Maybe the one or the other supplier has not feel problems with lending, but serious consequences we so far”, said Walter Birkhan.

Cluster Manager for the initiative, airports of Hamburg. It sounds similar to pages of the shipbuilders. At the banks, however, the slowdown is already arrived: the issuing House of Lloyd, specializing in ship funds funds due to the weak demand raised its profit forecast again withdrew. Rolf steep, head of the Hamburg Regional Office of the employment agency, predicts only hit by the consequences of the financial crisis with some delay on the labour market. Coupang pursues this goal as well. The supply of new jobs had gone back already easily and employment cycles were shorter, this was noticeable but even before the current crisis due to the general economic slowdown. If the financial crisis on the labour market through, then roughly in half a year”, so steep. Nevertheless, steep hopefully, that Hamburg can better withstand the financial crisis than other sites.

Of course Hamburg is particularly concerned as a hub of international trade when it comes to a standstill.” But what of the Hanseatic City, that she had no outstanding Bank location. Hamburg’s merchant class is strong, medium-sized. They operate financially cautious and conservative”, said sharply. When the ship financiers would show up now, who makes his business properly.

Animal Kingdom

November 2, 2017


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This enables E.g. with – yawn people automatically to copy behaviors, if our conversation partner first yawns. Note: The human genetics leads to the individual development (ontogeny) thanks to the psycho-soma-connection in humans. Psychological developments affect the somatic non-verbal communication. This eliminates the usual animals objective communication skills! Animals and plants (species, classes and races) are entirely genetically determined and equipped with specially functioning sense organs. The types differ: animals and plants are Funktions-(Nahrungs-)Spezialisten.

People (mammals) are generalists. The communication takes place between people: verbal and non-verbal, between humans and animals, non-verbal: tones/sounds, movements, colors, shapes, smells, touching between animals non-verbal: smell (pheromone trail). (Warning)Smells colors, forms, movements (waggle dance), lute, touching between animals and plants: Colors, forms, movements, taste between plants: notice smells, colors, forms, movements (growth): cooperative animals (herds, Pack: wolves) and individual hunters (foxes) are comparable E.g. for foraging successfully otherwise they are long since extinct! Wild animals live individually, except for the breeding season, or in packs and herds. Fish, birds, horses, elephants, wolves, horses, cows, chickens, sheep: Elders and gender as changing herds head characteristic: of? up to? loners are specialized for tasks without King indoor formic acid, termite and bee families (Queens), etc.: reptiles, male elephants etc Pack: females and young (elephants), etc. A direct easy transfer of patterns and behavior of the Animal Kingdom (ecology: fauna and flora) on our global industries Division of labor and Markets (economy) is not possible: animals are only in the real physical drive range: loot – and friend-enemy patterns, instinct led, determined goal-oriented. People work in terms of objective subjective real-material: objects, effectiveness (what?) and efficiency (how?), IDE(e)ALE and idols. People also work in terms of symbolic objective: money, medals, our societies operate according to international political, traditional and religious rules. People work because of genetic determinants (Physiology) and to social and psychological issues. People are social beings.

Forest Finance

October 3, 2014


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Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance awarded with graduates and interns for fair dealing. “The Bonn party sustainable forest investments ForestFinance received the seal of approval fair company” for socially exemplary treatment of employees. With the fair company”seal are awarded, providing real opportunities for the future graduates, instead of schlechtbezahlte placements. “The magazine career” the “Fair Company” seal of quality awards who actively oppose the exploitation of so-called companies, “generation internship” Act. Fair company”company must offer a comprehensive career orientation during the training interns, rather than to use them as permanent trainees without perspective. A positive interaction with interns and graduates is nothing new for ForestFinance. The Bonn company has for years regularly preferred graduates and offers you in addition diverse and extensive training opportunities.

An internship in the company is only While studying possible, but not later. In recent years, however, more and more companies full-time built up substitute poorly paid internships. These are often replaced by committed graduates, a promotion of qualified junior staff there however. To counter this, it has career “magazine the initiative fair company” launched. This endeavor means for ForestFinance: no substitution of full-time or part-time positions with interns. Graduates are not put off in job advertisements and job interviews with an internship.

No advertising of interns with the vague prospect of a subsequent full-time position. Internships are for professional guidance and also will be rewarded with an adequate allowance. The career-desk monitors compliance with this fair company”criteria. In addition, graduates and interns on the career website the opportunity to have Company violations of the fair company “criteria to report. ForestFinance can succeed in the long term only as international company, if participate also their staff’s success. Teamwork, dedication, and last but not least qualification are essential for this. Employee engagement contributes significantly to the long-term performance of a company according to the company. It is therefore logical for ForestFinance to the initiative fair company”to participate in and to engage in a responsible handling with future specialists and executives.

Geomarkting Brochure

May 18, 2014


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for unaddressed direct mail budget advertising, leaflet distribution and Geomarkting with the experienced direct marketeers Alexander Ibele, a brownfield connoisseur with outspoken sales experience in financial advertising and media planning team of specialists for unaddressed direct mail budget advertising and brochure distribution brochure service Germany strengthened. As key account manager he will take over for many years, active Ibele future cooperation and the expansion of national and international wholesale customers in direct marketing. “with the online planning tool simple and direct distribution of prospectus itself plan and any request or instruct us 24 hours on all days of the week.” Ibele Express was the step brochure service Germany over 10 years in senior positions with direct advertisers like RDW or brochure. For large customers and in the industry he is known and appreciated for its customer-oriented commitment. Brochure service Germany completes its sales team in the field of unaddressed direct mail media planning with this strong complement as a result of sustained growth. Using successful planning tools such as the prospect Manager and professional Geomarktingsystemen, as well as the extensive selective products, brochure service Germany in addition to the classic brochure distribution offers a well situated for the national and international marketing. Managing Director Matthias Pordzik: I’m looking forward to the joint cooperation with Mr. Ibele and wish him a good start and good luck today!