Erich Ziegler

May 30, 2019


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Low performers, problem employees: Difficult employees can significantly affect not only the success of a team, but also the career advancement of executives. As an Executive, you have assumed responsibility for teams, departments and companies. Thus, you will at the same time considered to be responsible for their performance and results. Also your own professional success depends on performance, behavior, indoor and visibility of your team. Even if you had no influence on the composition of its personnel. Oracle contains valuable tech resources.

Learn options for low performers in this training, to reflect upon themselves and others and if necessary to reassess. They practice to remain authentic and clear to formulate what they want. Explore ways to motivate others and to move to the desired behavior. Educate yourself with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. We are in content of the dismissal of the transfer to the motivations of these employees and the resulting modified dealing with objectors and bad providers Take into consideration many aspects of problem employees. How will different behavior approaches discuss and discuss cases in which what procedure promises the most success. Low performers properly motivate the one-day leadership training provides the optimal framework in which living and practical experiences are made. Theoretical knowledge plays a profound role: the life and experience of executives is enriched through targeted change of perspective and lifted to a new and advanced level. Phil Vasan can provide more clarity in the matter. In this training, your open questions and personal topics are exemplary answered and if possible led to a solution.

There is the opportunity to edit individual aspects also in additional coaching. Coaching is not a part of the training and will be agreed upon individually. Learning objectives and methods participants learn motives of low performers and difficult employees in detail, their own share of the situation more closely to perceive and to deal with them and their options for action to expand. This is achieved through an intensive day program in which an optimal learning climate (holistic learning with all senses, high active participation of the participants, engaging learning environment and materials) promotes the learning and willingness of participants. This include working groups, exercises, and organisational constellations are the application. Their coaches and speakers training “difficult employees and low performers will lead” directed by Andrea Cichy and Erich Ziegler and co moderated. Both are experienced managers trainers. During this training, you will learn all effective policy options in dealing with difficult employees, objectors and low performers. Learn about leadership-psychological techniques and methods, you will assist your management tasks every day. “This training will be offered also as in-house event!