What Career Is Right For Me? Looking For The Right Profession

May 30, 2019


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Should I do an apprenticeship, training or should I study? Helpless many school leavers face the question after a suitable profession: I do an apprenticeship, training or should I study? The offer on the professional market is infinitely great. Not everyone knows about his special dream profession. But, where are the true talents and interests? What professional objectives are and how can they be reached? What are the prospects on the labour market after completion of study or training? What career is right for me? To answer these questions, there is professional help. 1. the Agency advises the local employment agency free school leavers. “Every Berufssuchende has the right to receive such advice, even if not as seeking employment” is logged. Because the interest in a vocational guidance is very large, it is important to apply for an appointment.

According to an interview with a personal adviser this sends appropriate abroad. Can request a free trial of the psychological Service, the employment agency, are requested. This defines the skills, strengths, interests and inclinations of the Berufssuchenden more accurately and helps when deciding between study and training. The vocational information center created by the employment agency (BIZ) offers students the opportunity to self information. Helpful and informative brochures, computer programs, and rapid tests help in the search for the dream job. “2.

advice on the Internet the Federal Agency offers various portals that can help students and graduates at the career choice in the Internet: on berufenet.de” they can check the requirements, conditions and pathways of a profession. Planet beruf.de”provides the same information but only for occupations and professions universe” focuses on the students up to the 10th grade. In the light of the low budget of the most Berufssuchenden, also a free vocational guidance can be found on the Internet. finest-job.com”, offers lots of information on the subject of vocational guidance, also a career test comprehensive 70 questions. This determined character and inclinations of the seeker, but not the skills. Nevertheless, arise quite suitable vocational or study proposals. On the Internet there are paid professional advice of from different vendors. This is to ensure all cases on a good assessment of the Stiftung Warentest. 3 there are independent consulting Institute also a number of independent institutions that offer individual guidance for students and school leavers. The procedure is similar to the employment agency and includes tests and discussions on the definition of interests and talents. These are however subject to a charge. The prices for such service vary from Institute to Institute. Before of school leavers the above advice claim takes one, or more, it would be in any case to be advisable for example previously himself about some points in the clear: what can I do particularly well, where are my skills (languages, be creative, think logically, organize and so on) what interests me (people, politics, computers, history, countries and so on) what I wish me for my professional life (much travel, help, create with your hands, be artistically active and so on) how I want to work (flexible working hours hired, independently and so on) as can I learn best (practical or schulisch – theoretically, abroad or in the hometown and so on) all these aspects can be very helpful for a pre-selection of the direction of a professional be. Ultimately, it is the Berufssuchende themselves who must make the decision. All advice centres, free or paid, can only assist, to set priorities and detailed information about the training and career paths to give, as well as the future opportunities in the labour market. Creative career