Employer Branding

August 4, 2020


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Event series ‘Analytics meets community’ is already arranged in the fourth round for the fourth time in a row the STRIMacademy as a STRIMgroup company a survey convoy with experience sharing and WebEx Conference on employer branding and recruiting”for including interested recruiters and recruiter of large and medium-sized enterprises. Starting point for the profound engagement with the challenging theme of Ausbildungsrecruitments is the current demand market: more educational companies courting declining suitable candidates. But today, the need for qualified staff in the area of apprenticeships is higher than ever. And exactly at this point is the STRIMacademy. Learn more at this site: toddler clothing. The Internet-based information and communication channels an ever-greater importance. The participants learn how to significantly increase your Recruitingerfolg by the inclusion of Web-based technologies and attract so the right candidate for your company and win. The high number of Application inputs is not only more efficient increasingly using so-called online assessments, but can be done through the inclusion of more comprehensive tests also high quality.

These and other topics are the focus of this year’s survey convoy, which will take his statements as in the previous years with a two-day Exchange of experience at Hotel Schloss Edesheim..