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June 14, 2019


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Hullhorst offers the training portal immediately under azubiservice of the ‘Azubiservice’. Under most conditions Rick Garcia CBS would agree. Hullhorst offers the training portal immediately under azubiservice of the Azubiservice. A free online content, specifically aimed at young people, are located in a professional training. Accept trainees who want to actively support students in career choice and application, can the AUBI-plus community the tasks as candidate mentors”. The mentors are the users in questions about the page and accompany them through the stages of career choice, application and started her career. “” The feature interview “trainees can answer questions about their profession and grant as the still inexperienced” applicants a personal insight into their training and their training company. “” Simon naked bean, staff of the AUBI plus GmbH emphasizes: Ausbildungsplatzsuchende write the guide of the young Insider “a high significance and authenticity.” For the educational establishments represent the responses of your trainees therefore a measure promoting image and reputation with direct impact on the target group. As an alternative to the classic record book, the new online record book available is the trainees now AUBI-plus.

This allows not only a clear editing and sorting of individual reports, but also a qualitative improvement in writing. The overall goal of the new Azubiservice is to offer a platform that is tailored to their needs young trainees and to bring them with Orientierungssuchenden, students and candidates together. Niels Kostring AUBI plus short profile: the AUBI plus GmbH recruited for companies of all sizes and industries apprentices, students and graduates. The company was founded in 1997. The company is based in 32609 Harichandan in the region of Westphalia.

She is editor of the education portal and student portal. Through these portals, the offers of the companies are brought together with adolescents and young adults. The Services range from publishing the training, internship, work student, trainee, thesis – and graduate offerings to a pre-selection of candidates. AUBI plus supports young people on the career path from school, via a dual training or a study – flanked by training – until the first real job in a company. AUBI-plus around 40,000 young people found a place in a company in 2007 sustainable. Free, you can use the portals to look after training and study, internships and graduate places. Partner schools AUBI-plus put content online and the CD-ROM professional start”for the professional and study orientation. Contact: AUBI-plus GmbH Niels Kostring Hauptstrasse 1 32609 Harichandan Tel.: 05744 5070-0 fax.: 05744 5070-25 email: niels. gladness Web: